Endgame Convergence: The closing of 2018



Endgame Convergence: The closing of 2018
By: Eric Gajewski

It is hard to believe that we are nearly half way through this year. A year which has shown us that everything on the prophetical level is converging at a rapid rate. Yes, you still have those ignorant who can’t put two and two together but a lot of people are waking up to the times we live in.

Having said that can we not argue that God is being merciful the “house of cards” has not collapse entirely yet? Anyways.

Economically, Socially, Politically and Theologically we are headed for a giant pitfall but will this occur this year or not?

Whether or not that this general collapse occurs this year or not is a serious question to consider when we see so many people not ready spiritually nor as it relates to everyday life.

Pope Benedict XVI just turned 91 and Antipope Francis keeps spewing more and more heresy whether it is in his latest pathetic “Apostolic Letter” or it is the charade he pulled involving the young boy and his atheist father. Talk about a stunt! My goodness the Novus ordites are getting desperate and this latest piece of “Masterpiece theatre” which only adds to our argument that the Church has been subverted by Cathlolic wanna-be’s.

Let me discuss each area further, talk about some recent current events and provide analysis.

BXVI is getting old. He is old but we have had older Popes like Leo XIII. I have argued in times past that we might have to suffer through another 5+ years of Antipope Francis. (http://tradcatknight.blogspot.com/2017/01/how-long-might-we-suffer-antipope.html)

Even though there is some talk of his retirement I am sure it is only “preparatory” for his eventual “stepping aside” as opposed to anything immediate in this upcoming year. I could be wrong.

All indications seem to be that he will be there for the Amazonian Synod in 2019 which should be another spectacle for further novelty.

We must continue to pray that Pope Benedict XVI and “conservative “Cardinals wake up before it is too late and renounce Vatican II and their errors. After all we are being punished by God for all the heresy and compromise that we find ourselves saturated in these days.

It is hard to imagine BXVI living another 5+ years but God will keep him alive as along as He wants as this formal schism approaches us.

Fatima Warning on Defcon 1. Given New World Order puppet Trump’s recent moves in Syria it is not hard to see just how close we are to “Russia becoming the scourge of all nations”. In the last 24 hours more US warships are headed to Syria as Russia is likewise sending more armory into the area.
Add to this NATO now is preparing more troops (35,000) for the eventual war with Russia.

We must remember although Russia is not converted the USA, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Israel are not the “good guys”. Far from it.

We are now being warned of possible cyber attacks from either ISIS or Russia. If you are not preparing to live off grid you are going to be behind the eight ball for sure.

Are we not living in some sadistic soap opera or not? This is all a part of the new world order endgame in which we are the guinea pigs as they continue to brainwash us via the TV.

Folks, we have to seriously ramp up our efforts to appease a very angry God. I can’t imagine what it looks like from His perspective. We have God’s assurance through Our Lady at Fatima that when the dust settles Christendom wins and that the false religions and heretics will fade away as if they never were.

By the way, have you noticed the heretics suggesting the “consecration of Russia has been done as asked” are awfully quiet these days? Boy, they look really stupid now.



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  1. Unbelieveable. You may believe in that but do You have trust. Which is the difference between Church Christians who believe in Bible God and Bishop and radical Christians who trust only direct words of Master Jesus. Apocalypse is no words of Jesus but someone who claimed Jesus told him so. Just like traitor St Paul, working for monetary religious complex. Who would be any better to point out about false prophets but a false prophet himself. Old trick.

    First Easter, the last Meal from where radical Christianity starts. Master tells St Peter, You are going to deny me for 3 times. Peter may have thought that I’m no coward. But later on it turned out as Master told. Self delusions are just reflctions of environment. Radical Christianity starts with sitting down in front of Master and admitting that I don’t know myself wheter I’m a coward or traitor or both. From that point ego is death but spirit is free to follow the Truth.

    And of course the Judas case, the man that Church Christians want to gas althouh he already hang himself. Which in fact is a feedback from those self delusions what one wouldn’t ever do and one hates it that one maybe himself. But the bigger one is that with that judgement Church falls on the trap of the Original Sin, the only sin, to put itself on the Place of the God.

    • But don’t judge Nikki Hailey either, shes a political whore who sold the Truth for some silver coins and therefore hang herself (to be figurative).

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