US Lawmaker: Trump Lied, Congressional Briefing “Provided Zero Real Evidence” Against Assad


Editor’s Note:¬† The embargo on reporting even statements by members of congress by the MSM is humiliating.¬† Give us back the days when¬† we could pretend America had honor.

On Thursday, US Congressman Thomas Massie announced that the US director of national intelligence, the defense secretary and the secretary of state had ‚Äúprovided zero evidence‚ÄĚ showing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against the Syrian people in Douma.

“In briefing to¬†Congress, DNI, SecDef, and SecState provided zero real evidence. Referenced info circulating online. Which means they either chose not to¬†provide proof to¬†Congress or they don’t have conclusive proof that Assad carried out¬†gas attack,” Massie, a Republican representing northern Kentucky, said in¬†a tweet.

“Either way, not good,” the lawmaker concluded.

Douma Evidence?
Douma Evidence?

‚ÄčOn April 13, Massie asserted, “I haven’t read France’s or Britain’s ‚ÄėConstitution,’ but¬†I’ve read ours and nowhere in¬†it is Presidential authority to¬†strike Syria.”

Massie, an engineer by¬†training, is not alone in¬†this assessment. International law professor Francis Boyle told Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear the strikes on¬†Syria violated the war powers clause of¬†the US Constitution, the War Powers Resolution of¬†1973 and the Charter of¬†the United Nations.

Senator Rand Paul, also a Republican representing Kentucky, said earlier this week, “I still look at¬†the attack and say, you know, either Assad must be the dumbest dictator on¬†the planet¬†‚ÄĒ or maybe he didn’t do it. I have yet to¬†see evidence that he did do it.”

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee
US Senator Unsure Whether Syria’s Assad Waged Chemical Attack Against Civilians

The US government has not been forthcoming with¬†its evidence about¬†the so-called chemical attack in¬†Douma that served as¬†a pretext for¬†missile strikes last Friday. When asked if the government has actual samples from¬†Douma showing lethal chemical agents were used, US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Tuesday, “I can’t comment on¬†that.”

And last Thursday, the day before¬†the joint US-UK-France attack, Defense Secretary James Mattis explained, “I cannot tell you that we have evidence, even though we had a lot of¬†media and social media indicators.” The US and its allies maintain that the Douma incident was a chemical attack but¬†Moscow considers it a false flag provocation.


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  1. Trump lied about Douma and, the previous false gas attack.
    Obama lied about everything even, his father but, Libya was huge.
    Hillary lied … excuse me I am limiting this to Presidential lies.
    George Bush lied about WMDs, 9/11 and, much more.
    Bill Clinton a prolific liar in his own right, Kosovo is just one.
    Daddy Bush lied about Desert Storm and, Qaddafi killing babies.
    Reagan told some lies in October and, then went about fibbing about Nicaragua.
    Carter and, Ford must have lies at some point.
    LBJ lied about the Liberty and, of course JFK.
    Lieing is a national sport played by the goobers we think e elect.

  2. It’s time to roll back the clock and, unwind the misnamed Patriot Act, in it’s entirety and, disband Homeland Security. It’s time to force the MSM to cover all news fairly. Lately prime time news has become an advertising venue. Maybe it’s time to break up the media conglomerates. While we’re at it; what do we do with our corrupt politicians? Obama comes out of nowhere and,enters the WH with a net worth of about $1,000,000 gained through gift real estate deals but, now he’s worth half a billion. It’s even worse with the Clinton’s. How about congress? Where after never earning more than $176,000 annually some have net worth’s in the hundreds of millions. Do the math. We’ve been had.

  3. War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, has finally arrived. Your phone spies on you and your car’s movements are tracked. Bald faced lies are repeated Ad Nauseum until they become fact. And to top it off, we have the best POTUS ever. So, lets invade Syria with paid thugs and steal their oil.

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