Zionism: Theology of Murder – Israel Turns 70

Time for the #OneStateMovement!


Israel is NOT a Jewish State! It’s a Zionist State! Zionism is Theology of Murder and has nothing to do with Judaism or G-D.

As Israel’s celebrate its 70th anniversary with US planning to move its embassy to Jerusalem in fulfillment of President Trump promise to AIPAC in return for funding his campaign, the Palestinian also celebrate in different way 70 years of “exile”.

No need to state here what went wrong and how back in 47-48, but to speak of where Israel and where the Palestinian are. Perhaps a balance sheet should tell us the story.

More than 4 million Palestinians who trace their birthplace and home to Palestine( present day Israel) are now in permeant exile. More than one million Palestinians were jailed by Israel since 1948. More than 550 villages completely wiped out destroyed to make room for Israeli/Jewish towns, cities and Kibbutz. Many places of worship and cemeteries (with the Jewish Museum of Tolerance sitting on top of a destroyed Muslim cemetery) where desecrated either destroyed or turned into bars and nightclubs.

However, all of this pale to what happened since 1992 when Arafat and the PLO signed and executed Oslo Accord granting Israeli full unconditional recognition with Israel recognizing the PLO as the sole legal representatives of Israeli Occupation with the Palestinian people.

Since Oslo and in exchange for unconditional loyal service to the Occupation even funding it, Israel on the other hand rewarded the Palestinians with the followings:

  • Completing an Apartheid Wall of 708 Km with the Apartheid Wall eating the Occupied West Bank at 85% of the length cutting deep in the West Bank 18 Km deep.
  • More than 500,000 Palestinians became guests of the Israeli jails at one time or the other some spending years without charge or simply on the basis of administrative detention.
  • More than 550 “security checkpoints” where millions of Palestinians must pass through to get to work or go from one village to another daily humiliation treated worse than cattle’s in the Chicago Stock Yard.
  • According to the UN Office of Humanitarian Affairs more than 1094 homes were destroyed (2016) mostly based on accusation of lacking a building permit. An Israeli Jew does not need a permit to steal land and take over and put a caravan on top of it and reclaim it while a Palestinians must wait 10 years to get a permit to build additional room to his house.
  • Israel set the records for the Palestinians it killed and murdered and since 2000 more than 7,065 Palestinians were murdered compared to 1,101 Israeli killed.
  • The numbers of Israeli Settlements also increased dramatically causing Minister Lieberman to brag that building settlements are at its highest since 1992, with more than 380,000 settlers occupying prime land stolen outright.
  • More than 80,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from Jerusalem with more to come.
  • Israeli Defense Forces continue to have free hands in every single inch of the West Bank with total coordinated support by the Palestinian Security Forces.
  • Israel while it withdrew its settlers and army, it locked down Gaza with total isolation, siege and blockade similar to that of Berlin 1948-49 and the Nazi siege of the Warsaw Ghetto, with Gaza under siege for over 10 years and over 2 million in virtual prisons.
  • Since Oslo, Israeli waged three deadly relentless attacks on Gaza killing over 10,000 and wounding 20,000 and destroying over 35,000 homes.

Not sure while the PLO continues to manage the Israeli Occupation and pays for it, while to refuses to allow people to make their own decision and rise up in a civil unarmed relentless revolution demanding nothing less than equal citizenship and rights in every parts of Palestine including present day Israel. Yes, with Jerusalem, united and open capital of Israelis and Palestinians.

Time for the #OneStateMovement!

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  1. Great article. Unfortunately, there seems to something in the Middle East water because both Judaism and Islam are nearly identical in their dysfunctional politics. Of course, they will never ADMIT to that, but both camps had long ago fallen victim to letting their politics control their religion. That policy may have worked 4,000 years ago, but it was already outdated when post-Mohammed clerics started “cooking the books” for political purposes, and certainly, the Jews had no excuse whatsoever; after 4,000 years, they should have learned to walk by now.

    I had always questioned how segregationist the Abrahamic religions were against their surrounding pagan neighbors. One would have thought that, if these people were TRULY practicing what they preached, they would have striven to actually BE that beacon of light that others needed to find their path. Instead, all they did was abuse their religions to reinforce their greed and hostility. [loud klaxon sound inserted here]

    Seeing the introductory photo of the orthodox Jews opposing Zionism, I have at least some hope. Barring that, the only good Israeli seems to be the one being pushed off a bridge with an anchor chained to his ankle; alongside politicians, lawyers, the Rothschild family, and the rest of that foul ilk.

  2. Israel At 70 – Psalm 90:10

    The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.

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