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Natalie Portman to Israel: Go screw yourself!

… from Sputnik News, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: Natalie Portman, whether she meant to or not, by her action has waived the green flag to others in liberal Hollywood land to stand against the injustice to the Palestinians.

I just finished a Press TV taped segment on her stepping forward where I mentioned she had also put others on the spot in terms of their remaining silent being an endorsement of what Israel has been doing.

She was a good bookend to Roger Water’s on stage challenge in Barcelona to the illegal FrUK-US missile attack on Syria. It’s been a good week in that regard.

The Zionists had it coming, with the Likud leadership taking the offensive stating that the soldiers that were shooting unarmed “fence protesters” should be given medals. Ouch! Lieberman and Netanyahu stepped forward with their big smiles to celebrate the event.

Righteous Jews around the world were wringing their hands at the whole ugly spectacle. They knew that if anyone was shooting oppressed Jews down like this, international Jewry would be screaming for their public executions, and renting ISIS head choppers to do it.

So VT salutes Ms. Portman and gives another high five to Roger Waters. Dear Hollywood, please keep them coming. Spring is here so have no fear Jim W. Dean ]

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A face only a mother could love

– First published … April 20, 2018

After the Oscar-winning actress and one of the most committed daughters of Israel refused to fetch the “Jewish Nobel Prize,” worth $2 million in Israel, due to her distress over the “recent events”, local MP demands more distress for her. Major storm on Twitter follows her decision.

MP Oren Hazan, representing the center-right Likud party in the Knesset, demanded that the Hollywood star Natalie Portman be stripped of her Israeli citizenship after she blew off the ceremony of the Genesis Prize, dubbed the “Jewish Nobel.”

“Portman has no problems exploiting her Jewish roots to promote her career as well as expressing her pride for deferring from service [in Jewish Army]. And there are respected people who thought that she deserves the award, named the ‘Jewish Nobel Prize.’ But this is ‘The End’ title: Minister [Aryeh] Deri should take away her Israeli citizenship,” Hazan posted on Twitter.

The American actress, who was born in Israel with the name Hershlag and has been known for her commitment to her Jewish heritage, initially agreed to come to Israel this June to get $2 million for being “an inspiration to the next generation of Jews” for her professional achievements; later, however, she backed out of it.

The statement of Portman’s publicist, distributed by the organizing foundation, reads that “[r]ecent events in Israel have been extremely distressing to her and she does not feel comfortable participating in any public events in Israel,” and “she cannot in good conscience move forward with the ceremony.”

The announcement doesn’t specify what exactly made Portman change her mind. But her decision followed the latest violent clashes on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, where the Israeli defense forces opened fire on Palestinian protesters, killing several. The move was condemned by the UN and the EU as disproportionally violent.

READ MORE: More Violence, Hundreds of Palestinians Wounded At Gaza-Israel Border Protest

After Portman’s refusal, the Genesis Prize Foundation decided to cancel the ceremony, stating that the organizers “fear that Ms. Portman’s decision will cause our philanthropic initiative to be politicized, something we have worked hard for the past five years to avoid.” However, it remains unclear if the actress would still get the 2 million dollar prize.

While the Foundation said it was “very saddened” with Portman’s decision, Culture Minister Miri Regev also expressed her regret. According to the newspaper Times of Israel, she said that that the Hollywood star had “fallen like ripe fruit into the hands of BDS [the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] campaign supporters, whose goal is to isolate the Jewish state.”

“Natalie, a Jewish actress who was born in Israel, joins those who relate to the story of the success and the wondrous rebirth of Israel as a story of darkness,” she said.

The range of emotions on Twitter also varies from full support to anger and disappointment.

Some praise her move as a brave act.

​Some slammed her for “caving in to political correctness” and expressed disappointment.

​Others found her not decisive enough.

​Incidentally, the award money was doubled specifically for Portman this year. The Genesis Prize, which is to “honor individuals who serve as an inspiration to the next generation of Jews through their outstanding professional achievement along with their commitment to Jewish values and the Jewish people,” usually equals $1 million.

Those who get the prize may donate it to the charities of their choice. It was established by Russian businessmen with Jewish roots, including the banker Mikhail Friedman. The list of recipients of $1 million prize includes artist Anish Kapoor, violinist Itzhak Perlman, former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg and Hollywood star Michael Douglas.


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27 Replies to “Natalie Portman to Israel: Go screw yourself!

  1. Israeli government and state institutions are a bunch of anti-semites. Because they claim ownership of every Jew’s conscience around the world. May they be aware that many Jews around the world are sick of their twisted propaganda just like the rest.

  2. Ms Portman has a conscience. At least she had acted upon an injustice or on what she believes.USA double standards are obnoxious, to try to convince the world that they want to protect people against president Assad….yet they do not bomb Israel to protect the Palestinians !!! wow…Justice has been politicise to such an extent that the jungle law is the norm ( the stronger is right) That the UN and others “complained or disagreed!” with what Israel is doing….it is NOT ENOUGH…there should be responsibility and consequences of ones actions never mind which country.

  3. I guess Ms. Portman didn’t listen to any of Woody Allen’s jewish advice – ” Take the Money and Run”, he used to say. I never liked that guy but I remember that phrase – must be a jewish, universal saying.

  4. I dunno about that minus three Johnny. There is a high co-realtionship between high IQ and female orgasmic behaviour. I have found Jewish females quite bright and fun to be with.

  5. Right, I follow you…. let’s me see… 0 – 3 = -3 and giving her 3 points back… -3 + 3 = 0

  6. During the Initial Passive Resistance Protests, the IDF did not just shoot “several protesters” but deliberately sniped “The Ringleaders” i.e. Palestinian Leadership c.f. “Martyrs”. Then they issued new rules of engagement.

    Every sniper is trained to look for Officers and kill the leadership. The VC in Vietnam did not wear insignia of rank for that very reason. This is Israel’s Crime. Using a Peaceful Protest to Murder Palestinian Young Leadership. Go Straight to Hell Israel. Do Not Pass Go. Just Collect The Approbium of All The World. Boil in Excrement. Sons of Whores. Kiss-Im-Muck.

  7. FrUk US. Is that F _ _k Us, Frig Us, along the lines of the Nuland EU comment? Fracas perhaps? The AIPAC controlled USA seems to think that International Law does not apply to THEM and that they can F _ _ k anybody over at will? Might Is Right, Dog Eat Dog (as advocated by Business International, Obama’s Alma Mata and incorporated into the Rothschild’s Economist Intelligence Unit), the Law of The Jungle – Drone Strikes and Coups All Around. Talk about The Beast.
    The French have still got a lot of ground to make up with New Zealand after their Terrorist Military blew up the Rainbow Warrior and then used Financial and Political Muscle to allow the only two Terrorists that got caught to get off with a slap on the back of the hand with a wet bus ticket. Hardly Water Boarding. To think that my father went to defend their colony during WW2 and they repaid that by polluting the Southern Hemisphere with Nuclear Air Bursts – as children we could see the Red Sky in The North from the local hills after our Science Teacher told us to look.
    President Macron, the Rothschild Agent, is a most unimpressive figure.

    1. The UK is telling lies as per normal. The heat is on for the Royals to maintain leadership of the English Speaking Peoples, because that is what the Commonwealth is and if you think the USA is not in it then you do not understand history.
      POTUS45 is hardly the 0.45″ Calibre 1911 Colt that the US Army brought in so that they could knock Philippinos backwards when they shot and killed them. Four point five inches hand size perhaps? Hence the unfortunate predilection for minors.

    2. Have you seen the picture of Rothschild poking his finger at the chest of a most uncomfortable looking Prince Charles. Psychic Interdiction – very symbolic. Have you seen the despondant look on Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II’s face after she was stood up when she went to visit the Royal Mint and was met by Functionaries? Are the British Royals just Military Figureheads for The City of London, along the lines of the Ten Arrows of Huns, the Royals are Germans after all, with the Three Arrows of Khazars calling the shots for the Seven Arrows of Huns. If The Royals go to The City, they have to walk behind the Lord Mayor and wear military attire. The City has a representative behind The Speaker in the House of Commons – watch yer back matey.

      When Prince Charles gets to be Head of Commonwealth as he almost certainly will, then he has to show some True Leadership and Authority. Putin studies a Philosopher who advocates for a Philosopher King and Putin acts accordingly. Better to have a Benevolent Philosopher King than Malevolent Oligarchs. At least then The People know who to take out – of Head of The Commonwealth that is.

      Time to Man Up Chucky Boy!

    3. Me Thinks White Man Speaks With Forked Tongue. My Faith tells me that: “the world is ruled by The Prince of Lies”.

    4. Check out what Sir Laurens van der Post had to say on such matters. He was Prince Charles’ Guru.

    5. Tanistry bears a mention here. Primogeniture is stable, but the Habsburgs ended up with a Moron on the Throne of Spain – one can’t help but see a parallel with an Effete system producing POTUS45. Charles got a Third when he went to Oxford, I’m not sure if his A Levels gained him academic admission, but possibly not despite the very best tutors. Female succession also introduces instablility and perhaps bigger families and a wider gene pool for leaders should be looked at. Does ths spiel counter Prince Phillip’s facitious remark that he would like to reincarnate as a virus to wipe out the Hoi Poloi?

    6. POTUS45 is hardly the 0.45″ Calibre 1911 Colt…..

      Hmmm… I’d rather have Dirty Harry’s Smith & Wesson model 29 .44 magnum 🙂

  8. I respect the right of Israel to exist. I also respect the right of Palestinians to also exist. And I don’t know why in hell the rest of the world not only has to witness these unnecessary atrocities between the two, and also fund this stupidity with our precious tax dollars. Is it THAT hard–as HUMANS–to peacefully coexist??? Grow a pair, grow up, and grow together! Please, for the love of God!! I’m an Irish-American, and we lived through it.

    My tax dollars (rubles, yuan, whatever) can best be spent at home. Go away and leave us alone…enough!

    1. If the zionist entity have right to exist then also Hitler and the nazi germany had the right to exist….

    2. Negativity breeds negativity.

      And everyone is a sinner, no one is exempt.

      The only person not mentioned in all this fighting and negotiations is God Himself.

      As neighbors, we are counseled to work together. If one still seeks to harm, let God judge him. As humans, we are bound to watch over and love one another. And as individuals, we take our directions from God, educating ourselves in His ways.

      In the interim, I must provide for my own strong defense to serve notice to others breeding negativity and injury. I will not strike first, but woe to him who seeks first to wound and offend. I am only stopped in retaliation by the hand of God.

      I live in peace and don’t want to be part of, nor pay for, the current nonsense….and it is nonsense

    3. J Griffin,

      with regards to your tax dollars, US aid to Israel is literally illegal, as determined by the Symington Amendment. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symington_Amendment

      The US government breaks it’s own laws by providing a rogue nuclear state with billions of US tax dollars. Replenishing the weapons arsenal of an apartheid state so they can continue their onslaught against a defenseless population is totally unjustifiable. Not to mention, the US always rushes to Israel’s defense at the UN. That’s what happens when Israeli lobbyists are not recognized by FARA and are allowed to buy and sell American politicians.

  9. To Culture Minister Miri Regev…get a life you useless propaganda spitting prostitute. Yeah, all is good until someone starts thinking for themselves…then they are ‘compromised’.

  10. I recall very young Natalie saying favorite Arab cuss word was “Kiss-Im-Muck”- in Arabic means “your mom’s private parts”; which is worst one can say to an Arab.

    But we all grow up right? And so if this is mature responsible Natalie Portman, then she just won a new fan. I will now spread word Natalie is NOT only a great actress but solid leader and role model for all of us including but NOT limited to Israeli’s, Palestinians, Jews, Christians, and Muslims worldwide.


    1. Maybe…. also with this move she have given quite self promotion playing the role of good joo…

  11. So in real terms she is supporting the people of Israel and acting as a role model. She is taking a stand for her people against those who have usurped her country. Those same people who have usurped my country and yours.

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