Becoming More Beautiful and Fit


Note: Getting More Beautiful and Fit/Congres International d’Esthetique & Spa

By Jane Rosenstein     Paris, France

The 48th show of make-up, skin care and spa products , Congrès International d’Esthetique & Spa was held from Aoril 7-9, 2018 in Paris, France at the Porte de Versailles Convention Centre. Despite a transportation strike on some of the trains, crowds came to the show.

With approximately 28,000 attendees and 250 exhibitors, it was a very interesting show. New products were presented that help women become more beautiful and fit including some for weight reduction.

Salon owners and also students were very interested to learn new ideas and see the new colors.

Not only were products presented and sold but there were also interesting presentations on how to grow businesses in these fields such as beauty salons and seminars.  Participants came to see the new products and buy their favorite products that they have been using and to learn about new products including permanent make up and spa products and also learn about messages.

I was surprised to see Myriam Raoux from Art Deco there. I met her a few years ago when they exibited at a show that is no longer taking place.  Art Deco is a professional make up line.

The presentations of body painting were very enjoyable and gave make up artists the opportunities to show off their talents.


Make Up Forever, a professional make up company, had a very large stand with their professional consultants advising buyers. They had a good turnout for the event.  As in previous years,  they had an amazing body painting competition. 

This show was very enjoyable and educational.


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  1. And even weirder is that women pay for such a look. !!!??!!
    Is it any wonder western societies are in such trouble.

  2. Weird, totally weird. None of those women look very attractive at all to me. What’s with all that make up anyway?
    On the other hand I see far too many women especially young women in their teens grossly over weight. By that I mean really fat. How fat was she? She was standing on a street corner one time and a cop came along and said,” Alright, break it up.”
    It’s a shame so many of these girls are going to have a difficult time in life being so overweight, from finding a husband and eventually paying the price of obesity which includes diabetes, heart problems and even cancer. Not to mention what it does to their self esteem. How does it affect their fertility?
    The America diet is too rich in sugars, starch and wheat products which are bad for health. Too much soda pop, pizza, beer and other junk foods make up the diets of Americans.
    Americans are paying the price.

  3. Strange modern look at the beauty…. Avatars. Aggressive, emancipated outlook. Disgusting… Women are turned into experiment hamsters by fashion corporations. Sorry, but i’m retro in this question.
    P.s. God save Russia, please, from such “fashion”!

    • Andrew, they sure don’t look attractive to me either. Russian women on the other hand are very beautiful. If I were younger…….
      American women, especially in their teens and twenties have become weird. Tatoos, body piercings, orange and green hair. Lovely isn’t it? Is it any wonder boys won’t date them. It’s almost like they don’t want a relationship with a boy……lesbianism is the in thing in America.

    • JohnZ, this fashion is for podium. It’s a business, based on woman’s desire to be beautiful and consumer the fashion goods. Russian (but not only) women are really beatiful and very femine. If it is ok for USA lady to go outside in casual clothes or even the sleeping suit (pijama?), Russian lady will always go out to the shop like on a date. It is moveton for ’em to look not perfect. It is Russian style.
      As for overweight and fat people – since youth it becomes a kind of tragedy. Hard to find a man. We don’t like fat people. And we prefer good hand-made, natural food, but not the fast-food. Well, the new generation will show what they want to be.

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