Earth Day 2018: Global Peace Song Award Winners gather at famed Church

Global Peace Song Award winners to gather at famed First Congregational Church of Los Angeles on April 22 to receive awards for their music and videos and celebrate Earth Day


The second annual Global Peace Song Awards ceremonies will be emceed by actress Karen Lorre and hosted by Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman), famed Zeitgeist Film series producer Peter Joseph and Sangeeta Kaur, last year’s Grand Prize winner of the contest.

LOS ANGELES – April 22nd, 2018 — Hundreds are expected to gather at the First Congregation Church in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 22nd from 3 to 5 pm for the second annual Global Peace Song Award (GPSA) winners ceremonies and Earth Day celebration.  The event will feature numerous live musical performances by contest winners, some of which, will be accompanied by the Church’s world-famed pipe organ and renown keyboardist, Christoph Bull.

The GPSA is thought to be the first-ever worldwide contest to find the most spiritually inspired musicians, songs , nd videos that promote the message of world peace.  The contest was originally launched three years ago on September 21 (the UN International Day of Peace). The GPSA is the brainchild of Steve Robertson, who is also the Founder/CEO of that is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Famed Jury Panel members for the 2017 GPSA contest consisted of: Stewart Copeland (Grammy Winner, The Police), Randy Copus (New Age group 2002), Jonathan Elias (Elias Arts/The Prayer Cycle albums), Trinh Hoang Hai (Entrepreneur and Musician), David Joyce (Grammy Winner best Jazz Vocal group), Peter Joseph (Zeitgeist movie producer), Sangeeta Kaur (singer/composer/producer), Tim Kring (TV producer Touch & Heroes), Steve Robertson (Founder of, Joanne Shenandoah (Native American Singer/Songwriter), Ralph Simon (business executive, co-founder of Zomba Group and Jive Records) and Peter Yarrow (legendary Folk Singer & Peace Activist of Peter, Paul & Mary) and advisory board member Stefan Heger.

During this second year of competition the 2017 GPSA had ten different categories of music: New Age, World, Acoustic / Contemporary, Folk, Country, Classical/A Cappella/Opera, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock & Pop, one Music Video category, a Social Media most “Reaches” and “Likes” category and one overall Grand Prize Winner.

All Contestants had three ways to win:

1) Jury Panel voting that consisted of famed jury members who voted on songs from the genres of music they were most known for.

2) Public Voting enabled each of the 11 category finalists to invite the public to vote on their songs or videos.

3) And the last way to win was through social media,  in essence, to become the musician or video with most overall Facebook likes and reaches.

Winners of each music category will win a wide variety of valued prizes ranging from a recording session with 5 time Grammy Winner Alfonso Rodenas (valued at $15,000) to having award winning singers/musicians perform on their next song, to a music industry webinar on the “Music Contracts Do’s and Don’ts” by Burgundy Morgan esq. and how to market, sell and distribute your music by Suzanne Doucet, a full radio full radio interview and press release with media promotion from Shayne Locke of Soul Traveller Radio, album art work by famed artists Greg Spalenka and Syamarani Dasi, an invitation to perform at upcoming Project Peace On Earth worldwide concerts, a commemorative trophy and much more.

All prizes of the Global Peace Song Awards were designed to empower the winning musicians to further their creative talents, music careers and the ability to financially succeed in the world of music.

Sangeeta Kaur and Trinh Hoang Hai of the Empowerment With Arts Foundation is the GPSA’s presenting sponsor. They stated, “We believe that music is the pathway to the heart and empowers a state of inner peace which in turn will lead to world peace.”

The First Congregational Church is sponsoring the event through providing their beautiful sanctuary and world-fame pipe organ.  Associate Minister Laura Fregin said, “We are proud and honored to be associated with the Global Peace Song Awards and support their mission of finding and promoting the world’s most spiritually inspired musicians, spoken word poets and video producers whose messages guide us to a more peaceful and ecologically sustainable world.”

Vancouver Canada based Hubcast Media has chosen to sponsor the GPSA ceremonies and Earth Day celebration through providing and producing a multi-camera live streaming “HUBcasting™” show for the event.   Peter Young, Founder and CEO of Hubcast Media said, “We’re super excited about supporting the GlobalPeaceSongAwards ceremonies and I certainly share in Steve Robertson’s passion for creating peace through music.   We’re honored to support all of his Project Peace on Earth initiatives.”

Fusicology, a nationwide Los Angeles based social media company, with some 67K subscribers and over 50K social media followers, will partner with Hubcast media as the GPSA distribution platform for the event’s live streaming feed.   Fusicology Founder Asya Shein, said of their company’s decision to sponsor the GPSA show, “We are in the business of garnering community engagement and interaction for participating talent, media and partners with targeted content and posts to social platform.  We are passionate about music and supporting musicians, music video producers, poets and filmmakers who are creating uplifting and inspirational content. The GPSA ceremonies and the work of Project Peace On Earth are a perfect fit with our company’s mission and nationwide promotional outreach.”

MTC-MelliTV, a worldwide broadcast entity which utilizes the Galaxy 19 satellite and Roku reach to America, Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East, and an estimated 20 million homes, will also be distributing the Hubcast Media live streaming feed.  The MelliTV feed will also be carried by its affiliate network of some 500 websites worldwide. Shan Hashemizadeh, CEO of MTC-MelliTV said, “It is an honor to be part of the Global Peace Song Awards, to donate our broadcast services and do our part in helping to share the healing and peace inspiring power of music throughout our network’s reach.”


GPSA Founder Steve Robertson stated “It is a profound honor to offer the GPSA contest to musicians, spoken word poets and video producers around the world and to give them the opportunity to share their visions of peace with major Jury panel members who are thought-leaders in the world of Music, TV, and Politics.  It is an honor to provide a way for these talented geniuses to bring their insights about the power of love and peace to our world.   We are excited to announce all of the following Global Peace Song Awards presented by Project Peace on Earth and sponsored by Empower with Art Productions and the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.  Our 2017 Winners are:

NEW AGE MUSIC: The JURY VOTED winner is: Radhika Vekaria of Her Departure for her song “Awake”. The PUBLIC VOTING winner in the NEW AGE category is SEAY and her song “We Are One”.

ACOUSTIC / CONTEMPORARY MUSIC: The JURY VOTED winner is: Stefan Crane and his song “Looking for Love”. The PUBLIC VOTING winner in the ACOUSTIC/ CONTEMPORARY category is Diane Durrett & Melissa Junebug and their song “The River Sings”.

WORLD MUSIC: The JURY VOTED winner is: Priya Deepika and her song “Hear In My Heart”. The PUBLIC VOTING winner in the WORLD MUSIC category is Dan Aykroyd, Alan White, Rupam Sarmah, Ruth Weber,  Alexander Kariotis, The Disciple Singers and their song “Enlighten Your Soul”.

FOLK MUSIC: The JURY VOTED winner is: Shawn Gallaway and his song “I Choose Love”. The PUBLIC VOTING winner in the FOLK MUSIC category is Radhika Vekaria of Her Departure and her song “Act of God”.

COUNTRY MUSIC: The JURY VOTED winner is: Lonnie Park and his song “Link of Chain”. The PUBLIC VOTING winner in the COUNTRY MUSIC category is Diane Durrett and her song “Be Somebody’s Angel”.

CLASSICAL, OPERA, A CAPPELLA MUSIC: The JURY VOTED winner is: Shoshana Michel and her song “When Leaves Dance”. The PUBLIC VOTING winner in CLASSICAL, OPERA, A CAPPELLA MUSIC category is Fadi Awad and his song “We Are Here”.

JAZZ MUSIC: The JURY VOTED winner is: Darren English and his song “Pledge for Peace”. The PUBLIC VOTING winner in the JAZZ category is Babel and the group’s song “Vacío”.

HIP HOP MUSIC: The JURY VOTED winner is: Brainpower and his song “All The Same” (featuring Orange Grove). The PUBLIC VOTING winner in the HIP HOP category is Roman Lee Norfleet and his song “The Cycle”.

ROCK / POP MUSIC: The JURY VOTED winner is a tie between Kristen Speller and her song “Phoenix Rising Up” and Bob Sima and his song “The Movers, The Shakers & the Peacemakers”. The PUBLIC VOTING winner in the ROCK / POP category is Nicki Kris and her song “Together We Stand”.

MUSIC VIDEO: The JURY VOTED winner is: Jennifer Thomas and her music video “Alleluia”. The PUBLIC VOTING winner in the MUSIC VIDEO category is Melissa Junebug & Calvin Burgamy and their music video “The River Sings.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook winner with most “likes” is: SEAY and her song “We Are One”. The Facebook winner with the most “reaches” is Babel and the group’s song “Vacío”.

THE OVERALL GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the Global Peace Song Awards is Radhika Vekaria of Her Departure for her songs “Awake” and “Act of God”.

GPSA is in the process of producing, and will soon release, a 2016 and 2017 winners compilation album entitled “Music for World Peace.”

Robertson further states; “I want to express my most sincere thanks to all GPSA participants and winners. Each of you makes a difference in our world with your inspiring music and videos that help show ways to peace.  We also want to express our heartfelt thanks to all of our GPSA Jury Panel members and documentation team lead by Fritz Heede, Shannon Terry and Eric Walsh, Monique … and our coordinating producer Michael Sinanis… Your caring, time and support have helped to make this dream of the GPSA contest and award ceremonies a reality.”

Lastly, Robertson stated; “We are excited to announce that Sangeeta Kaur and Trinh Hoang Hai are joining us as 2018 Jury Panel members.”

He continues, “I also, I want to remind all musicians and video producers that June 1, 2018 is the last submittal day for our current 2018 Global Peace Song Awards contest. Please go to our website: and be sure to carefully review our new submittal guidelines and Prizes.”

Interviews can be arranged with GPSA the founder Steve Robertson and select Jury Panel members and winning musicians and music video producer upon request.

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Author Details
Steve Robertson is the Founder and CEO of (PPoE) and the

Robertson is also the Founder and CEO of, and the campaigns. 

The Steering Committee and Advisory Board consist of 41 world-famed/Grammy-winning musicians, Academy award-winning filmmakers, Emmy winning TV producers, top scientists, doctors, higher-education scholars, human rights and world-thought leaders in the areas of consciousness and spiritual development. 

Robertson has produced three international peace concerts from and for Bethlehem Palestine on Christmas Day and for the Middle East/Global Peace out to some 80 million homes worldwide which featured Grammy-winning musicians, famed celebrities, and thought-leaders. 

Overview of Steve Robertson’s/PPoE achievements to date: 

In 2009, Robertson lead a nationwide bus tour called “Peace Has Begun” that served to frame the word “peace” as a verb for social good and promote the planned annual Project Peace on Earth global musical prayer concerts.  The bus was a traveling media studio that featured two broadcast journalists who interviewed people on their commitment and actions towards inner and outer peace.

In September of 2010, Steve lead a medical mission, with famed eye surgeon Paul Dougherty MD, to Hebron Palestine which resulted in the restoration of eyesight (40 free cataract surgeries) to elderly people.  Michael Garcia, former VP of Development for HBO traveled with the Medical Mission to film a documentary called “Visions of Peace.”

  On November 25th, 2011, Robertson, Executive Produced a promotional aerial image, in conjunction with John Quigley (PPOE Advisory Board), additional PPoE Middle East Production team members and a UNRWA team, that consisted of some 1000 Palestinian refugee children forming the Picasso Peace Dove image and spelling out the words “Love All” both in English and Arabic. 

On September 26th, 2012 the UN selected the Picasso Peace Dove and Love All still image photo (out of some 800,000 over the course of the UN) as one of the 49 most iconic images ever captured since the organization’s inception. 

In 2014 Robertson became an Executive Producer and the Artistic Mentor on the Shanti Samsara Environmental Consciousness benefit album. The album, produced by Ricky Kej, was produced at the request of Prime Minister Modi of India, to honor all forms of life from a Vedic and Buddhist perspective.  Prime Minister Modi presented this album during his November 2014 UN Climate Change Conference Keynote Speech in Paris to every Presidential attendee at the event. The 150-page pictorial coffee table book and 2 CD album set involved over 500 musicians and 40 countries.

In November of 2014 Robertson created and Executive Produced the 2 Unite All benefit album to bring surgical teams, medical supplies, and PTSD Therapies into GAZA and the Middle East Region to support greater peace. The album features numerous world-famed Grammy-winning musicians …30 major musicians including Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Philip Lawrence (Burno Mars), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Thomas Bergersen (2 Billion YouTube video hits), Gary Nicholson (Grammy Winner and TX Hall of Fame) and many more.  The album is endorsed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Professor Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone, Vera Baboun (former Mayor of Bethlehem) and many more. 

In 2017 Steve founded the (PSA) worldwide contest which serves as a search for our world’s most enlightened musicians, songs, spoken word poetry and music videos that guide the way to inner peace and outer peace on earth.  PSA Jury Panel Members consist of many world-famed Musicians, Music and TV industry people and Thought-leaders. 

Steve’s acclaimed and recent book, “The Power of Choice, Success and Your Life Purpose” is endorsed by numerous national best selling authors including Gary Zukav (“Seat of the Soul,” 10million + books sold), Don Miguel Ruiz MD (“The Four Agreements”),Caroline Myss PhD (“Anatomy of the Spirit”), Jack Kornfield PhD (founder of the Mindful Meditation Movement, author of “A Path With A Heart”), Larry Dossey MD (recent author of “One Mind” – former Director of the Nat. Inst. for Health, Alternative Medicine Division), Alexander Astin PhD (founder of UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute), Jack Healey (former Exec. Dir. of Amnesty International) and more.

  National Best Selling Authors proclaim:

Steve’s book is … “A TEXTBOOK for the Soul” – Caroline Myss, PhD (National Best-Selling author of “Anatomy of the Spirit”)

“Robertson is a Living Avatar on whose shining example our future may depend.”– Larry Dossey, MD (National Best Selling Author of “One Mind” and “The Power of Prayer”)

Steve book uses…”beautiful metaphors and analogies that lead in every instance to awareness, self-responsibility, and our Divinity” – Gary Zukav (National Best Selling author of “Seat of the Soul”)

Steve’s book is …”required reading for anyone who has longed to find and fulfill their life purpose.” – Don Miguel Ruiz (National Best selling author of “The Four Agreements”)

Steve’s book…”can empower you and help you bring your gifts to the world.” – Jack Kornfield, PhD (National Best Selling Author of “A Path With Heart”)

Steve’s book offers …”rich and spiritually authentic insights into the meaning of life and how to find and live your life purpose.” – Gerald (Jerry) Jampolsky, M.D. and Diane Cirincione, Ph.D. (National Best Selling Authors, Pioneers in the Human Potential Movement)

Steve’s book is …”a treasure trove of timeless wisdom and spiritual guidance.” – Alexander Astin, PhD (Considered the world’s most widely quoted person on Higher Education. Co-founder of UCLA Higher Education Research Institute. Best Selling Author of “Cultivating the Spirit”.)

Steve’s book…”looks at all of us in the eye and asks us to awaken to our own power and force.” Jack Healey, former Executive Director of Amnesty International. Former Franciscan Monk.

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