Gift from Russian People: Syria to Receive S300 “Stealth Killer” Missiles Free


Russia is to start supplying S-300 air defence systems to Syria in the near future. The shipments will be conducted free of charge, the Kommersant newspaper wrote adding that Russia is determined to take a swift effort to create the echeloned air defence system for Syria.

The question about the transfer of S-300 systems to Syria remains “mostly political” and has been practically resolved. Components of S-300 systems, including radar stations, transport vehicles, command posts and missile launchers, will be delivered to Syria by military transport aircraft or vessels of the Russian Navy. It is possible that Russia will deliver the systems that have already been used in the Russian Armed Forces.

On April 14, the Western coalition fired 103 missiles on Syria, but Syrian air defence forces shot down 71 of those missiles.

VIAPravda Report


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  1. In 2016, I read that Germany alone claimed to have deposited 1,500 metric tons in US. Apparently, Germany tried to retrieve 674 tonnes of its gold, but the Fed told German authorities it can’t be done. Naturally German authorities requested permission to send officials to do an audit, to make sure their gold is there. Federal reserve officials denied Germany’s request. Germany decided to send agents over anyways and upon their arrival, they are shown a couple bars of gold and they were not allowed to see anything else. Germany once again inquired as to what is going on. In response the Fed agreed to send Germany’s 674 tons of gold back, by the year 2020.

    After the return of 5 tons, the repatriation process stops. Not only does it stop, the 5 tons that were returned, was a lesser grade than what was deposited. Again, Germany inquired into what is going on. The fed replied that hurricane sandy had flooded the floor that held the german gold, and that the salt water had badly damaged their gold. They also suggested that some got “washed away”. The fed claimed they would have to melt and re-pour the gold to determine how much was left after the hurricane. The Federal reserve estimated that 5 tonnes is what remained after “loss and damage.” From 1,500 tons to 5 tons. Although Germany’s insurance did cover hurricane damage, it did not cover flood damage.

    I’ve also heard of the Fed sending China gold plated tungsten, instead of gold….

  2. It is a blessing we have the internet and it’s informations. It is encouraging to read the articles and the comments in the free press. If this had been available one hundred years earlier, this world would be a much better place to-day. Let’s hope we will succeed in getting rid of the political criminals, parasites and their entourage for the benefit of humanity. Thanks to the many, brave people, free or in jail, for their fight and telling the truth without any personal gain, often vice versa sacrifiecing all they own to accomplish this aim.

    • The Internet can swing both ways. For example, awhile ago the people of California voted on a ballot initiative to label GMOs – Monsanto fought this like an insane gorilla, and the initiative was defeated. And being one of the people that developed the modern internet (at Stanford),a long time ago I predicted that the Internet will be assimilated by the Borg and be of little consequence in important matters, and certainly will not be the great powerhouse fighting for people’s issues.

  3. “But the Deep State really are starting to FEAR Trump, and they they cannot just ‘take him out’ like JFK.”

    ROTFL! You still don’t realize that the whole Orange Clown preidential campaign was a calculated bait and switch fraud against “the people”? Orange Clown is a “deep cover” or “sleeper” agent for the “deep state” who’s been groomed and “waiting in the wings” for his masters’ beck and call, which finally came when Obama failed to deliver the goods to his masters.

    Orange Clown’s a treacherous, treasonous, anti-American Trojan horse that lied his way inside the gates. Orange Clown takes his orders from the same handlers that Obama did.

    It’s quite clear that Obama and his handlers conspired to put Trump in the White House. Obama’s attack on the Syrian army at Deir Ezzor, in Sept. 2016, just weeks before the election, damaged Hillary Clinton’s election prospects.

    There’s no way that Obama and his handlers didn’t realize that their risky gambit would have a negative effect on Clinton’s campaign. Thus I have to assume that it was a calculated act of sabotage, designed to swing the election to Trump.

    I’m sure that the looming prospect of war with Russia was responsible for motivating some people to vote for Trump – not necessarily because they thought much of Trump – but mainly because they wanted to keep warmonger Clinton out of the White House.

    I believe the apparent fact that 12% of Sanders supporters voted for Trump proves my point (and if they hadn’t, Clinton apparently would’ve won).

    From Newsweek:

    “According to the analysis of the 2016 Cooperative Congressional Election Survey, fewer than 80 percent of those who voted for Sanders, an independent, in the Democratic primary did the same for Clinton when she faced off against Trump a few months later. What’s more, 12 percent of those who backed Sanders actually cast a vote for Trump.

    The impact of those votes was significant. In each of the three states that ultimately swung the election for Trump—Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania—Trump’s margin of victory over Clinton was smaller than the number of Sanders voters who gave him their vote.

    Sanders -> Trump voters…
    WI: 51k
    MI: 47k
    PA: 116k

    Trump win margin…
    WI: 22k
    MI: 10k
    PA: 44k”

    It seems clear that the “deep state” wanted Trump over Clinton for several reasons, importantly including the fact Trump would be able to drastically increase the U.S. military “footprint” inside Syria, very quickly after being sworn-in, before anyone would realize he’s liar and a complete fraud; something that Clinton wouldn’t have been able to do.

    Trump’s a demon-possessed liar, con man, anti-American traitor. mass-murderer and proud front man for the “deep state”.

  4. The triangle layout wont fly by it self. If it lost power It would have a glide path about like a leaf falling from a tree. It needs a computer at the controls just to stay stable. Only way to get it down intact is under control.

  5. A Certified Used Anti Missile system is OK as long as it comes with a 7 year unlimited warranty. Russia must do the installation and, training for as long as it takes the Syrian techs to learn how to operate the S300. Otherwise the Israeli’s will blow them up with prejudice and, with out consequences, or remorse.
    How about today’s Trump and Macron show? Little Big Man debuts Mini Macron. Trump’s very own Mini Me. Can’t decide if it was Punch and Judy or, puppet theater of the absurd.
    Response to mb’s question; Did they really launch 103 missiles? Has Putin been known to lie?

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