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Is Trump Using Secret Service to Cover Pedophile Crimes?

Editor’s note:  Thinking of posting a nasty tweet about Trump or even going to prosecutors about Trump and Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged history of child sex trafficking and murder?

Think again, the “Secret Service” is now rented out to the National Enquirer, a Trump front, that pays them to knock on doors and twist arms or worse.

Is the Secret Service killing for Trump and the Russian mobster friends that own many of the heavily guarded at taxpayer expense luxury condos in Trump properties?

Our answer is “probably yes” to “we have been told but are afraid to publish it.”
Americans can no longer be sure who they are talking to when they go to authorities, a tabloid paid thug or the Secret Service, or are they one in the same?

By Kenneth P. Vogel, Eric Lipton and Jim Rutenberg, NY Times

WASHINGTON — The former Secret Service agent who leads the security detail for Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, worked on assignments for the tabloid news publisher American Media Inc. during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to records and interviews.

The security official, Pasquale Perrotta, had received a waiver from the E.P.A. under the Obama administration to hold outside employment, but the work has now become the subject of scrutiny in both the agency and Congress.

A.M.I.’s chairman, David J. Pecker, is a friend of President Trump’s, and his publications — The National Enquirer and Radar chief among them — have put an emphasis on helping Mr. Trump and hurting his rivals, including endorsing his presidential bid. The company’s payment in August 2016 to Karen McDougal, the former Playboy model who claimed to have had an affair with Mr. Trump, has been drawn into a federal investigation of Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen.

Mr. Perrotta declined to discuss the nature of his assignments for A.M.I. According to several people familiar with his work and documents reviewed by The New York Times, some of the activities included physical security, cybersecurity and investigative services involving litigation.

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16 Replies to “Is Trump Using Secret Service to Cover Pedophile Crimes?

  1. Johnny America.
    We worked out Brietbart’s Isreali agenda in the UK a few years ago. It was their fabricated so called news on those evil Muslims that was easy to suss out.
    Only those “Biffers”,EDL, Britain First, UKIPPER supporters, loved their made up nonsense that lapped it up because it suited their idiology.

  2. Well said Mother; I’ve never thought about organised crime as what we see now. As Lyell said, “The present is the key to the past.” Ain’t it so. Thank you.

  3. P.S. And when I write Kosher Nostra, I mean that. Remember when all the G-men went after the Italian/Sicilian mafia? LMGAO. Under the guise (and I mean that literally) of Jayne Edgar Hoover, the FBI went after Italians, the stereo-type was put out and enforced and reinforced. That was because all the Moe Greens (a’la The Godfather) were doing just what Khazarian Zionists do . . . encroach on other peoples’ territories. Oh, right . . . they don’t {rolling eyes}
    And the FBI put out the red herrings for the boob tube feeders . . . the Italian mafia.
    Who runs Vegas now?
    Sheldon Adelson, the Zionist who has his lips wrapped around Bibi, Inc’s schmeckle.
    The secret societies JFK and RFK were eyeing weren’t the Italian/Sicilian mafia. They were the Zionist brood of snakes. Jayne Edgar Hoover knew that.
    The Italians/Sicilians would not — repeat NOT — kill another Catholic.
    Kennedy was trying to be another St. Patrick . . . chasing the snakes out of Ireland. OH COME ON! He was their token hit on that. The Satanic brood of vipers.

  4. “The United States Secret Service is one of the oldest federal law enforcement agencies in the country and ranks among the most elite in the world. With its origin dating back to the end of the American Civil War, the Secret Service was originally founded to combat the then-widespread counterfeiting of U.S. currency. In 1901, the agency was asked to begin its protective mission after the assassination of President William McKinley – the third sitting U.S. President to be assassinated. Today, the Secret Service proudly continues to protect both national leaders and visiting foreign dignitaries while helping to secure the nation’s financial infrastructure through financial and cybercrime investigations.
    Only In Lala Land!!

  5. Oh come on . . . the oldest trick in the book.
    You bust up your “competitors” racket, then you control even more of that particular action.
    That’s not how mafia (namely, Kosher Nostra) operates???
    They aren’t exactly arresting the trafficked . . . they’re arresting those doing the trafficking.
    Those trafficked are still going to be involved in the flesh trade.
    COME ON!
    As Katt Williams would say “It’s Pimpin Pimpin”
    Side B: It’s hard out here, for a Pimp. There’s a whole lotta bitches . . . jumping ship

  6. Same happens in the U.K.
    Peadophiles within Westminster, the establishment are protected.
    Number one tool for blackmail of MP’s is child abuse.
    Time after time child abuse investigations are shut down by the powers that be.

  7. Most likely both are full of shit. There is no honest media left, mainstream or alternative.

  8. Could Anyone reflect on How , When , Why , By Who AND For What purpose was the ” Secret Service ” created ? How come these are incharge of President’s Security ?

    1. The evolution of security agencies is based on autonomy and control for the preferences of competing political powers. Bob the democrat does not trust George the Republicans previous hires, because they could act as moles. When one institution becomes insulated from political influence of a particular group, another agency is formed to regain autonomy or political control. Currently the number and sheer size of them all is probably 80% over what we actually need as a small country with defensible shorelines and friendly neighbors.
      The secret service, is simply specifically autonomous for the President and high level officials. Things like diplomatic travel and vacations and golf courses are extremely dangerous when you act like a retard to the rest of the world. If we didn’t do that, our security needs would fall by over 80%.

    2. Thank You David Odell , But What I was trying to get at What is the Relation of ” Secret Service ” and the ” Federal Reserve ” I think I read somewhere that After the establishment of the ” Federal Reserve ” the ” Secret Service ” was created to enforce the Fed Res onto the President .(whoever the President may be )

    3. David Odell , big truth that of… “diplomatic travel and vacations and golf courses are extremely dangerous when you act like a retard to the rest of the world…” A guy say me once time he found in a bus travel at the Austria President, travelling like a other standard citizen…

  9. Look what happened to Kathy Griffin, and that was a comedian.

    The Demagoguery of the Dotardians drives the clown bus through crowds of people.

    Jonathon Pollard for Ambassador to Israel ! Yea !

  10. It’s all getting darker and darker. The Trumpettes will soon enough realize the mistake they made….or will they? Or will they even admit to it?
    tRump is a thug. A N.Y. City mobster with a monster mentality.
    Even Al Capone had admirers.

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