While US huffs and puffs Syrian Army liberates East Qalamoun

Syrian Army establishes control of East Qalamoun after militants’ withdrawal

…from Southfront

Qalamoun jihadis surrender their heavy weapons

[ Editor’s Note: Syria continues to clear jihadi-controlled areas near Damascus, while the US continues its media offensive on Syria, Russia and Iran. Things have quieted down on the Syrian front militarily as the Pentagon licks its wounds from what is growing into a wasteful misuse of military power with its recent missile strike.

The Pentagon did leak that it had to launch a fanny-covering show attack to keep Trump happy and to buttress the Intel community’s long running hoax of the Syrian Army having nothing better to do with its time than to gas innocent civilians in the Damascus suburbs.

Today we also have the Sputnik article on VT that the gassing attack used as the missile attack premise has been exposed as a fraud. US media has helped with damage control in not reporting a word on it.

Mattis is quoted as having told Trump that attacking Russian forces was not a good idea; so these fluff, unimportant targets were chosen. That was only partially true, as the strikes were aimed to degrade the Syrian air defenses, something we feel Israel also voted for.

Israel does so love to have the US do its fighting for it, so the Likud Party can brag to its followers how it can lead America around by the nose. But the 100-missiles attack has backfired on Israel, with the real potential of the upgraded S300s going into Syria. Despite the tepid claims by Israel of its relations with Russia suffering, Moscow does not seem to be trembling.

Southfront’s article shows the two US missiles that were recovered, which according to the Pentagon struck their targets, yet were in good enough shape to be an Intel coup for the Russians.

We are waiting for someone to call for an investigation into losing new missile technology over an attack on a fake gassing claim. Don’t hold your breathJim W. Dean ]

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East Qalamoun jihadis surrendered their US-made TOW missiles. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, with Turkey facilitating, furnished the FSA with 1000 of these. As Gordon would say, “Welcome to how the world really works”.

– First published … April 25, 2018

On April 25, according to pro-government sources, the Syrian Army established a full control of the Eastern Qalamoun region in western Syria after a withdrawal of the last batch of militants in the area.

However, the Syrian Defense Ministry still has confirm the control of the region in an official statement.

It’s important to note that a large number of militants remained in the area in the framework of a reconciliation deal reached between Damascus and them. These militants have surrendered weapons and choosen to settle their legal status in the area. Some of them will joint the pro-government National Defense Forces.

The Syrian Army also received a large number of heavy weapons and missiles that had been in the hands of militant groups operating in Eastern Qalamoun. MORE HERE

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8 Replies to “While US huffs and puffs Syrian Army liberates East Qalamoun

  1. Time to compare the US led conflict in Syria to Vietnam – the Americans will cut and run and leave behind their supporters just like they did in Vietnam.

    The US support of terrorists in Syria is well documented – the US has armed, funded, trained and transported terrorists in Syria and every country at the UN knows this.

    In the US by 2023, according to the budget office, interest costs are projected to exceed what the government spends on the military. By 2028, interest payments will reach $915 billion, more than triple the interest costs last year.

    It has been well established that the US Government debt means the Americans will have to start closing military bases around the world in the next decade because they are costing them 156 billion US dollars a year to maintain.

  2. Militants joining pro-governments forces? Risky move since they were backed by globalists who want Assad gone.

    1. President Assad and his Russian and Iranian backers has already won the war. The US can pull out now or pull out down the track – nothing to be gained by staying except the joy of killing more Syrian citizen 🙁

  3. In my opinion the Two fallen Missiles will be studied and Russians will Find that the USA Secrets that Israel sold to the Russians were Accurate . Trust me , the Russians are more Technologically Advanced in these niches than the Americans .

    Not Only just American Missiles will be Verified but the use of other weapons like TOWs or manpads etc in this conflict gave the Feel and Effectiveness of American Equipment , the Russians must have been curious about Effectiveness of American Manufactured Equipment but NOW they know for certain How Flawed and Falsely Propagandised the Equipment is .

    1. The International Bankers have a long history of Technology Transfer to manipulate the Hegelian Balance of Power. The Japanese, for example, are obviously historically well aware of such machinations and discussion of those bankers and their background is fairly open in Japan. This idea of Israel as a conduit for moving pilfered USA Technology is most plausible. Surely, there is a good case for Registering AIPAC as a Foreign Lobby, one of the many reasons JFK got shot, as well as putting all the politicians that signed the loyalty oath on trial for High Treason.

  4. Keep up the Good Work VT, Syria, Russia and Iran. The ZIONISTA land – especially in the GOLAN will be RETURNED to PROPER LEGAL OWNERS = The Syrian People.

  5. The Americans and the world have a real problem. How to get rid os this insane person in the White House?

    1. My money is on Trump being impeached or shot before the next election.

      Cohen, Trump lawyer will roll, he will spill his guts to save himself – just too funny that the FBI raided Cohen’s office, especially given that US intelligence agencies can so easily share information.

      Mueller will go for Trump when he has everything airtight with not a legal loop in sight.

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