Israel Strikes Syria with Tactical Nuke

This is far from the first time Israel has used nuclear weapons against it's enemies


by Ian Greenhalgh and Jeff Smith

Late on Saturday night, 28th April, a series of airstrikes hit Syria, local time was 10:30pm, about 2 hours after sunset. Of particular interest is the strike that hit a target hear Hama, supposedly an arms depot. This strike produced an explosion of such massive magnitude that it shook the earth violently enough for the tremors to be picked up by seismic monitoring stations in Europe which recorded a magnitude 2.6 earthquake.

An explosion on the earth’s surface, in order to cause tremors between 2 and 3 on the Richter scale, would be between 1.5 and 3 kilotonnes TNT equivalency. Clearly this was a tactical nuclear weapon and the arms depot story is the usual cover automatically issued when there is a suspiciously big bang.

There is very little video available of the explosion, however at 2 mins 36 seconds into the video below, there is a white flash visible:

Although there has been no official statement from either Tel-Aviv or Damascus, it is clear that this strike was carried out by the Israelis. Most likely they used a GBU-28 carried by an F-15 and ‘toss bombed’ onto the target after approaching over Lebanon at low level then climbing to cross the Anti-Lebanon Mountains, releasing the weapon at the apex of their climb then immediately turning and running for home. As you can see in the photos published by Al-Masdar, the target was totally obliterated, this is the aftermath of a tactical nuclear strike – everything reduced to rubble. Note the shipping containers blown around like toys, the blown back trees and a very large shallow crater. Too big for a standard weapon of 1,000lb size. It appears to be a low altitude air blast causing the 2.6 magnitude quake. Every thing was vapourised no soot / carbon present on the ground. Only steel car parts left intact that were melted at high temp. No aluminium meaning that the heat was over 3,000 deg in order to vapourise it away.

A US Air Force (USAF) F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft from the 492nd Fighter Squadron, Royal Air Force (RAF) Lakenheath, United Kingdom (UK) releases a GBU-28 “Bunker Buster” 5,000-pound Laser-Guided Bomb over the Utah Test and Training Range during a weapons evaluation test hosted by the 86th Fighter Weapons Squadron (FWS) from Eglin AFB, Florida (FL).

A big blast like this is over 20,000 lbs so definitely not conventional explosives. Small arms and artillery rounds go off like pop corn in a microwave oven. Conventional blasts throw up lots of dirt with a small fire ball.

These huge plasma fireball/mushroom cloud explosions are small neutron bombs using lots of lithium 6 with a thin outer shell of fissile material. Very clean burn with minimal fallout; After several hours radiation would be almost undetectable above background.

These tactical neutron bombs are likely uranium-based in order to mask their use. They are either older warheads from surplus SS-21 missiles from Russia/Ukraine or newer Israeli-made stuff using the surplus US stocks transferred under Daddy Bush. This is why both sides are quiet on their use. Much of this black market nuclear proliferation happened under Hilary and Tom Countryman at T-section of the US State Dept. This is why Trump fired Countryman and cleaned out T-section – they let the stuff out the back door.

Soviet-era Short-Range Ballistic Missile OTR – 21 “Tochka”. NATO Designation SS-21 “Scarab”. It could carry a small nuclear warhead with an adjustable yield of 5-150 kilotons.

Thus far there has been no official statement on this strike by Damascus, Moscow or Tehran, most likely there never will be any public acknowledgement that a nuke was used, just as there has never been on any of the many other occasions they have been used.

Reported missile strikes in Syria produced earthquake-like results

A series of powerful explosions that rocked military installations in Syria’s Aleppo and Hama provinces were apparently so powerful they were treated as earthquakes by a European monitoring center.

The tremors, ranked as a Magnitude 2.6 quake by the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center, were apparently detected in the aftermath of “powerful explosions” that occurred at the “the arms depot of the 47th brigade of the Syrian army” near Hama in the aftermath of the alleged attack, though the exact cause of this quake has yet to be determined.

According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the missile attacks that apparently hit several Syrian government military bases on Saturday evening might’ve been conducted by Israeli forces, though the country’s representatives have refused to comment on the issue.

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated that Israel would continue to maintain its freedom to operate in Syria.

“We have no intention to attack Russia or to interfere in domestic Syrian issues. But if somebody thinks that it is possible to launch missiles or to attack Israel or even our aircraft, have no doubt we will respond, and we will respond very forcefully,” he said at an annual Jerusalem Post conference.


Suspected Israeli attack completely destroys Syrian missile base in Hama

A powerful attack was carried out last night against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the Hama countryside that killed more than 30 soldiers.

The attack completely destroyed the Brigade 47 Base, causing a massive explosion that could be heard throughout much of the country.

According to a Syrian military source, the attack was carried out by the Israeli Air Force; however, the latter has yet to comment on the allegations.

The military source added that the attack was believed to have been carried out by an Israeli F-35 fighter jet, as the remnants of glide bombs were found at the site.

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  1. So it was a weapons depot!

    One can clearly hear the crackers in the background in the LiveLeak clip!

    • No, it was a command and control centre, the missile stockpile story is just a cover.

    • A lot is known about the first generation nuclear weapons, such as were used against Japan at the end of WW II. But what are “tactikal nuces”? How do they affect people and the environment? The photos show people walking about without protective suits, and the ground is strewn with broken planks – unburned. A tremendous pressure wave was there – that‘s for sure.

  2. maybe there’s a mercenary airforce somewhere which if paid well will nuke Tel-Aviv. use the same mountains to hide the approach. same tactic but in reverse.

  3. There is video on You Tube of the blast with, characteristic pixel flashes. Yesterday Gordon said Syria has the S300 operational and, gave it as the reason the US didn’t supply air support to the SDF. If Gordon is correct how does a lone missile get through?
    Also yesterday, I read an article in which Israel claimed responsibility for the strike and, using the excuse it was an Iranian base and, proudly said they killed over 100 Iranians. Iran denied the claim.
    Timing is everything and, Everything fits neatly with Benji the Nutty-yahoo’s Mossad exposé designed to gather public support for Trump to crush the JCPOA or, worse. “And the beat goes on”

    • Maybe it wasn’t a missil but a SDB, GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb 250 lb precision-guided glide bomb with low radar profile….

  4. The inability of the Russian government to comprehend the US/Israeli/neoconservative alliance and what this means for the Middle East, together with the indecisiveness of the Russian government about supplying Syria with the S-300 air defence system, has enabled the crisis to escalate with last night’s as of yet unclaimed attack on Syrian military positions with what appears to have been “bunker buster” bombs, an escalation.
    The attacks last night killed Iranians, and the next attack might kill Russian military personnel. At some point the Russian government might tire of its humiliation, in which case Israeli and US aircraft will begin falling from the sky and attacks on “rebel” positions will claim US lives.
    The Russian government’s inability to comprehend that peace is not the Israeli/American agenda and that neither in the US nor Israel is there any good will on which Russia can build an agreement to bring peace to Syria and the Middle East means the crisis will continue to build until war is upon us.

    The Syrian Crisis Escalates
    Paul Craig Roberts

    • Can you read and comprehend what’s written in the article ?
      And who told you 1) “… inability of the Russian government to comprehend the US/Israeli/neoconservative alliance ” 2) ” indecisiveness of the Russian government about supplying Syria with the S-300 air defence system ” ?
      Russia knows perfectly well who is who . S- 300 IS on the ground in Syria ! It was NOT Iranian milit. base and Iranians were NOT killed !
      Have you seen the chart ? Israeli aircraft DIDN’T cross Syrian border . It was over Lebanon .
      Russia is trying to avoid war with Rothschild (Israel is part of it ) cabal . China will do that, without Russia . —

    • Paul Craig Roberts:
      @ finch
      If what you are saying is correct, then Paul Craig Roberts’s opinion is not … the article “The Syrian Crisis Escalates” appeared in:

      But, I must ask, do you understand the “Israel Strikes Syria with Tactical Nuke”, subject? Maybe it is Netanyahu’s confused psychotic paranoia and greed. We could ask the Simpson script writers. But, what’s the use of stirring that can of worms …?

      Regardless the confusion is obvious. Confusion and complicated confusion is a Saudi game as well. Some might say DISTRACTION/DEFLECTION. Robert’s article does highlight confusion as a propaganda tool.

      and, I bet you, the Russian military tacticians understand confusion as a propaganda tool. , in hind sight anyway I would say …

  5. Please God . . . can you do a little Old Testament on Bibi, Inc. right about now?
    And the “white” warlords of Europe, can you put a little wrath on them as well?
    And lookie here . . . Theresa “Bloody Mary” May has her hands soaking in it! Blood, that is.
    Beyond evil, these swine keep stealing other people’s lunch money . . . and the zero tolerance is left at the grammar school playground. These bully’s grow up and do it to sovereign nations and everybody wants to look the other way, when something wicked this way comes. Who, but rich WASPs and Zionuts, are doing this? I hope they enjoy their blood money. Poor people don’t care if the stock market crashes. Rich white people do.
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    He didn’t notice that the lights had changed
    A crowd of people stood and stared
    They’d seen his face before
    Nobody was really sure if he was from the House of Lords”

    Ho fvcking hum . . . another day in the life.

  6. They have tactile NUKES and as Imperial Zionists have no compunction for restraint in using them. Like USA in nuking somebody is not an immediate and long-term disgrace. Does America REALLY regret nuking Japan TWICE when it was NOT NEEDED MILITARILY to end WWII ??? No. Nixon nearly used Tactile nukes in Vietnam or Cambodia. They were just afraid that the Chinese would enter the war on North Vietnam’s side. Netanyahooya has no morals about anything; since internationally with the genocide of Palestinians since the first Zionists stepped into Palestine it has been a forever war; that is escalating so that no Arab will be alive within borders of Greater Israel. The UN and the rest of the world isn’t willing to stand up against them. period. They will continue until a group of courageous nations build a “coalition of the willing” to combat Greater Israel to at least slow the slaughter.

    • Those ‘feely touchy’ nukes are an issue. It’s the tactical ones you have to watch out for.

  7. So when does someone respond by using a few tactical nuclear weapons on Israeli military facilities?

    Sadly, mostly a rhetorical question.

    • Why a tactical nuclear weapons on zionist entity military facilities??? …
      Better a strategic nuke 50 megaton over Tel-Aviv…..

    • Rome sacked them once . . . for playing bad in the sand box. It’ll happen again. I Can. Not. Wait!
      New York city is going to be hit with a second wave of 9/11 fall out. The health problems. Pulmonary disease, WTC cough . . . the first responders got it immediately. And Rudy with the Red Cheeks DENIED their benefits. They had to fight for health care/benefits.
      Rudy with the Red Cheeks . . . ace boon coon to Humpty Trumpty . . . all NYC Kosher Nostra Zionists.
      How can they LAUGH at “we’re going to war?” It’s NOT a laughing matter.
      But, there you have it! 7 nations in 5 years . . .
      9/11 is how they wanted to light the cannon on WWIII . . . and they got Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. They are current fvcking Syria, and Lebanon is their weakest link. But Beirut was always their little bitch. Remember how many died in the barrack attack? That was all done with intent and purpose.
      And if the New York Jews don’t realize that it was ISRAHELL zionists — once again — who sold them up the river, they are idiots! Babylonian/Talmudist/Khazars/Bolsheviks/Zionists. They got Israhell after they (the Rabbis) sold the YIDDISH speaking German Jews to the work camps. The original AshkeNAZIs were the YIDDISH speaking German Jewish soldiers going in to the Shtetl to convince those folks to leave their homes, family, neighborhoods . . . the Rabbis brokered the deal.
      The Zionist wanted “Israel” so badly, they created WW I. When they didn’t get that, they found drunk Winston Churhill and made him a star, and WW II got them their land. The Balfour Declaration.
      The Zionist wanted WW III so badly . . . they bitch slapped the U.S. on 9/11.
      The Zionists are very sick and should be dealt with. When people come to their senses, and wake up . . . there will be hell to pay. And the CITIZENS of the U.S. will wake up in collective consciousness and finally . . . FINALLY . . . GET IT! And Rome will sack the place . . . again.
      Millions will become ill in the coming years with the toxic dust from 9/11. It doesn’t bother the Zionists . . . they sent millions to their death in WW I, WW II . . . each and every one of the brokers of death, the war merchants . . . want their pound of flesh.

  8. Is not very clear than zionist entity haved used in this particular case a tactical nuke, the devastation caused that it’s showed in pictures and the blast in video shows no the effects of a nuke. There doesn’t look in the pictures the high temperature effects caused by a nuke….

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