Intel Drop: North Korea as Fake as Trump

If the "secret space program" were real, it would be run from North Korea. But, we all know there is no such thing.

Elon Musk's "alien" Falcon 9

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Suddenly North Korea “surrenders” in the same week where we learn that mob thugs working for Trump seized his laboratory reports and scared the hell out of an office filled with patients.  Our guys say Trump has “something.”  Is it AIDS?

This report just hit but the “robbery” was over a year ago.  Why now?  Is it because this is the week that a very meaty “Trump is gay” report hit VT and went viral, despite bans by Gargle and Fakebook?

Let’s follow this through.

North Korea is now and has been for decades, a CIA “project nation,” the “Hermit Kingdom” has been a “front” for covert US activities in the region as Gaddafi’s Libya was.

Gaddafi hosted US “Gladio” training centers and arms depots from the late 70’s onward with rogue CIA operatives and “Irish terrorists” in fact those who ran the Gladio “stay behind” program from Libya’s “safe haven.”

After 9/11, Gaddafi let the CIA take over, running torture prisons in Libya for thousands and using Libya as a waystation for Afghan drugs under the “rendition” program.

Later, Gaddafi offered Libya as home for Israel’s chemical weapons program and allowed Israel to house nuclear weapons there.  Eventually, Israel, according to sources at the IAEA, moved their nuclear arsenal to the Polisario separatist region of Mali.  Our sources say the weapons used on 9/11 came from Mali stockpiles.

North Korea, however, is quite a story.  This was a Russian client state as was Cuba.  When the Soviet empire crashed, this left Cuba with an agricultural economy and no patron.  North Korea was far worse, totally vulnerable, starvation, few trade partners other than Israel and South Africa, a nation “circling the drain.”

Then came the CIA.  If you wondered why Mike Pompeo, as CIA director, found it so easy to fly to North Korea for secret meetings, something Trump bragged about in a Tweet, frankly Trump should have kept his mouth shut.

The CIA and other agencies have gone in and out of North Korea for years, a safe haven for projects of all kinds that could exist nowhere else on earth.  North Korea, with no surveillance, no spies, no media, is a dream come true, placed in the middle of Asia’s trade routes, overseeing Japan, China and Asian Russian ports.

The rumors have been there all along.  When Elon Musk recently joked that his Falcon 9 rocket was mistaken for an “alien from North Korea,” we got some great video.

What we do know is that North Korea’s economy totally crashed 27 years ago.  They were no longer able to buy fertilizer from Ukraine, urea carbide 47% and ammonium nitrate, without which their depleted soil puts out “nothing.”

The corporate world came to North Korea’s rescue as they did with Cuba.  In Cuba, the drug mobs and Bain Capital propped up the economy, laundering the world’s drug cash through the Cuba/Cayman Islands/Mexico triad.

For North Korea, it is something far more sinister with security briefings for a very few and those “read in” leaving astonished or skeptical.  Is “X Files” playing out in North Korea or is it something worse?

What we do know, is that North Korea, like Osama bin Laden, is a “branded boondoggle” for “cardboard Lotharios.”  Bin Laden had been dead since 2001 when he was “re-killed” just before totally unreliable, meaning “honest” General Petraeus took over the CIA.

If Petraeus had taken credit for “re-killing” bin Laden, he might be president.  Oh.  Wait, he isn’t a mobster, moron and Israeli shill, so he had to be destroyed.  If only he were here now, ready to enter the oval office, how many would choose him over Hillary or “light loafer’ed Donald?”

What we do know is that “burning down” North Korea as a secret CIA asset is a move of desperation by those who run Trump.  North Korea was invaluable, whatever the reason.

South Korea had just jailed their US controlled mobster president, the last of the Yakusa “Park” family, that pushed Korea to a civil war in the late 1940’s, culminating in what we call the “Korean War,” which was, in reality, a civil uprising against US occupation of South Korea on behalf of former Japanese collaborators.  300,000 South Koreans were killed by the US backed dictatorship between 1946 and 1950, before war “broke out.”

Korea was the real “Vietnam” and every word we were told of it is a lie, just like today.

Now, North Korea, as a CIA “monster farm” is being burned down to save Trump from jail.  He still has damage to do until his masters “accident” him out of the way.

Let’s finish up by looking at efforts to deal with Trump’s new “gay/Aids” problem.

It is getting hard to “not see.”  Yesterday, Rudi Giuliani, the ultimate hired gun, reputed mastermind, according to our sources, of 9/11, supposedly exposed Trump for paying off a porn queen, laundering the cash through alleged “lawyer,” Michael Cohen.

This, of course, came only 48 hours before Trump himself was “outed” for not just being a gay president but a “whiny, pissy little bitch” of a gay president.  The MSM was scared off from the story but VT’s sourcing hit so hard that Rudy was called in for “damage control.”  It began with putting Trump, for no reason whatsoever, at imaginary risk for silencing an equally imaginary sex partner.

No Rudy has leaked more names, more payoffs, more imaginary sex partners.  Everyone was suckered, sick of Trump’s whining, ready to gloat at him being “outed” as a super-masculine “pussy grabber” as opposed to being a heavily closeted member of the “other team.”

Why do you think he has dumped so heavily on gays in the military?  Take a moment and check Rudy’s own history.  Then check on Pompeo, new utterly unqualified Sec of State, Bolton, all of them.  America, as with Bush 43, has a pure “circle jerk” cabinet.

Now to North Korea and a shock that won’t shock those who have known or suspected all along.

Two years ago, North Korea couldn’t get a missile over Japan without it blowing up.  Then, all of a sudden, they have ICBM’s with up to 11,000km (this is classified) range.

With not quite enough cash to design a really good 9mm pistol, North Korea built a hydrogen bomb and modern ICBM assembly facility with the requisite industrial base, an end cost over a 2 year period of nearly $800 billion dollars, all done on a budget of $25 million a year.

You gotta respect that kind of math.

These missiles have advanced engines, best in the world, fuel systems and guidance, not “best” but pretty darn good, and they are build in a country that doesn’t have the industrial base to produce, now wait for it, any of the components for building modern ICBMs.

Even Iran, and they have engineering that rival’s Israel and the US, can’t build things like this, but North Korea, in 18 months, suddenly became capable of putting a man on the moon.

Here’s where the lies start.  The CIA claims North Korea has a GNP of $40 billion.  This is insane.  Other skewed estimates go as far as $20 billion.  More realistic estimates are around $8-10 billion.

The GNP of the US is around $20 trillion, slightly smaller than China and double that of India.  Russia’s real GNP is around $2 trillion, about the same as Britain.

The point?

The entire GNP of North Korea would not finance a nuclear and missile program if every cent in the entire nation was spent on these projects.  Typically, 2 percent of GNP is “sustainable” for a highly militarized and efficient economy.  The US spends 3.36 percent, which is entirely “borrowed” cash.

This means, at the highest estimate, the military budget of North Korea could be $200 million with around $25 million to finance a missile and nuclear weapons program.

Here is what we knew a decade ago:

North Korea’s first nuclear weapon had been built in South Africa.  Between 1975 and 1990, South Africa built 10 nukes, testing the first one in September 1979.  They ended their program in negotiations with Britain run by Dr. David Kelly (murdered by MI 6 as told in TV show “Deep State”) and a young David Cameron, later to be Prime Minister.

The US got 6 of the nukes to disassemble, Britain got 3.  One of them exploded in North Korea in 2006, according to VELA, Katanga uranium, Pelandaba processing, 80 millisecond “double-flash.”

Their next nuke as a used American plutonium “pit,” largely PU 240 “decayed” set on a thousand or more tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer.  It “signaled” a “fizzle.”

Now, North Korea is to be our friends, unless Mike Pompeo’s mouth gets in the way.  Either way, they never existed.  We have 28 thousand troops in the South.  How many do we have in the North?  Estimates are 5000 or more there too.

Too many to bring home, too many to kill in helicopter crashes.

Ah, the problems we have running a free and open democracy with so much to hide.


  1. We have Cuba, then N. Korea, outed as CIA assets. Wouldn’t be surprisedf about Iran whose Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini spent his exile in the arms of the Rothschild in France? Would be interesting, if not downright enlightening to see Gordon & Ian’s take on that aspect. Make it all the more explosive by weaving in how BRICS is NWO 2; due to 3 of it’s 4 components (Britain – run by the City; India – also in the City’s pocket; China placing funds of many Adelson-types through Macao).

    • Iran, too fits the bill. I too became a closed society after the overthrow of the King (Perhaps just like Korean war). It also sits on a very strategic place. It has strategic defense ties with India, which has been groomed by US in the last decade with increasing fervor.

      No other country has trash talked US like Iran. We are not very forgiving of people who malign the US, and at the minimum US has at least delivered a slap on the face of such nations. Look at almost every other country. Despite such open anti-US rhetoric, there is not only an absence of any action against Iran, they are in fact rewarded by release of huge monitory payments and industrial deals. Some say that it was their money to begin with, I ask any other case where we paid back the spoils of war?

      Obama personally appeared to be beholden to Iran, he went after other countries, but played footsie with Iran. It might have been because of his faith as a Shiite, or some other reason. I don’t see any pressing reason for making the Nuclear deal with them, when the entire program could have been dismantled.

      I have to admit that there is a strong case for a deep state in the US, and it is not working in the interest of the people. Why do we end up electing the most unlikely people, starting with Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama and now Trump. The only exception was the Bush senior who was agency, however he was well qualified to be the president, but he was thrown out after one term.

    • @Nasir, you are right on many counts. Iran seems to play the role of justifying billions in aid to Israel and billions in sales to Saudi Arabia. With it’s strategic alliancesd with India, total silence on Hindutva fascism & sidelining Kashmiri rights, Iran has been pushing moderate Sunnis of Pakistan into the Saudi camp.

      We must also remember that the Barak portion of Obama’s name is Jewish. There are no Shia sects in Indonesia to merit calling him a Shia Muslim. Although there were Bohri & Ismaili (Amal Clooney, Agha Khan) Shias in East Africa. Should be interesting to see Obama’s maternal ancerstry. Michelle’s brother is reputed to be a rabbi. Obama’s fathers tribe, the Luo were active supporters of the British. They were rewarded with trusted positions, such as garrison cooks. Otherwise an enemy would poision the troops. Malaysia’s freedom movement did that – and much more – to the British. As did Indonesia’s Merdeka movement to the Dutch. (Which is why they, as well as the Moro) welcomed the Japanese)

  2. Okay, I think that nothing other than Gordon’s Hypothesis can explain the almost comical folding of the North Korean turn on a dime. Yesterday, I listened to snippets of a cross-section of news. I pick up the following:

    1. North Korea suddenly changed its tune from a very rigid to that of a waxy submission. This on the heals of lesson of Iraq and Libya.

    2. I learned that not only the last Agency director went to North Korea, his counterpart during Obama admin also did the same thing. Why was it so easy for them to go meet with them in secret?

    3. I have not looked at this angle closely, however I will not be surprised if there were many more trips, corresponding to the timeline mentioned by Gordon. People might wish to look for travel logs and plane flight plans, and perhaps compare it with “vacations”, “sick time”, or other “retreats” and conferences.

    4. If the narrative about the closed life, in NK is actually close to the truth, it will indeed be a WND, nuclear, bio, and chemical weapons developer’s wet dream.

    5. Once people have a free hand, there maybe cases of rendition etc. I don not see why they will not make the most of their investment/opportunity.

    6. Yesterday, I head someone (and ex Director of the agency), making positive statements about a deep state in the US and how it is made of good law abiding people. It was shocking.

    Considering all the above salient features, the Gordon Hypothesis does not seem too far-fetched. This story might have legs. Considering, public statements of high quality counterfeit USD that NK is accused to be printed. Who better to do it that the people who have the plates, and want to print and fund rouge operations with no transparency. The congress, can be bought with this money, right arms can be twisted to bring pressure to bear on the institutions right here at home.

    • I have long been aware that NK was a facade, a complete fake. It’s simply not sustainable without a lot of outside support to have a nation that is largely agricultural with poor, rocky and mountainous terrain to cultivate that can afford to have a huge army with supporting huge military-industrial complex – someone else is paying for it. Also, it seemed pretty obvious to me that much of what we are shown of NK is fake, I bet when they parade those big missiles through Pyongyang, they are all cardboard and papier mache fakes, in fact, in some recent instances, they can be seen to be fake if the details are examined, thanks to the level of detail present in modern digital photographs. Then there are other known facts, firstly, NK has a massive prison camp system, hundreds of camps containing millions of people, escapees have told of the incredibly harsh conditions and most tellingly of all, of the inhumane experiments carried out there, worse than the infamous Unit 731 carried out in Manchuria during the Japanese occupation. Secondly, there is the illegal activities on an international scale – NK is producing drugs on an industrial scale, primarily things like amphetamines and ecstasy, but also bootleg pharmaceuticals; and they are turning up all over the globe on the illegal market; the CIA runs the global drugs trade so if NK drugs are a major part of that trade then NK has to have a cosy relationship with the CIA. It doesn’t surprise me too much for NK to be a CIA vassal as I have long been aware that Cuba was too, ever since I learned that Fidel Castro had been a CIA agent all along, working for them as early as 1948 when he was part of the hit team that murdered Colombian presidential hopeful Gaitan and sent that nation spiralling into decades of violence.

    • Aaaaahkk,., ok BUT, North Korea, is a proud people. Under siege. so, if the government has relations with the CIA, it could be read in many directions. The thing Iranians and Americans need to understand is why did the Catholic colonizers intend to go there ? So, the core of intention and objective to proceed with colonizing, is to cover up the pious fraud, which holds the US and Britain in hand. The world is not run by money, it is run by belief. Market confidence. A perpetuation of an age old fraud,. This reveals that their maps were wrong and thereby a fraud. They were working with stolen information and set a course to cover it up. The west Indies.
      Instead they found America and immediately set into practice domination. And, set,.. and who is set ??
      I contend that North Korea still has knowledge of a simple type that illustrates the lie of the Bible and the correlations of the 36 DECANS AND THE 20 DAYS. And that is why the catholics sought originally to conquer it and subdue it in order to protect their lie. Japan and China have it. The Maya have it . The Chinese have it. The original Americans have it. The British elites have it. The Iranians have it. The Russians have it. The Catholics and Protestants do not have it. The Cambodians have it. The Indonesians have it. Lots of people have it. It cannot be taken and it cannot be absconded with. It is divine. The Jews do not have it. There,.. I have said it, and it is the same as NPT, put up or shut up . Show your knowledge or admit your ignorance.

  3. Gordon, Why can you not just accept a compliment? It was a compliment. If you look at my previous comments on your articles, you will see that it was actually a very generous one at that.

    The “tone” was that of “wondrous amazement”: I had given up on you entirely after many years of trying to find that diamond in the rough that everyone else seemed to be able to see, but I never saw one single tiny sparkle. Your article showed me a glimmer yesterday, and I acknowledged it sincerely. It is not that I am no longer cross with you for all the hours I have spent trying to decipher your garbled ramblings, tall claims, and non-news.

    Logically, when you do well you will get credit–with a tongue-in-cheek comment to make sure that you do not become complacent.

    As for being a boy, I am still young at heart. I know you are older but not that old where you have memories from 1898, I don’t think anyone from that time is alive yet:-)

    Take the compliment now, show some grace. Write better, and you will get more.



  4. Another excellent intel drop. No wonder I kept getting a strange nagging feeling in the back of my brain all the while becoming evermore the wearier of all this talk about evil N.K. The real evil lies before us. It is in our own backyard and like the 900Lb. gorilla in our living room, yet, there are those who refuse to acknowledge its existence. North Korea, Like Syria and the rest of the middle east isn’t the problem. The problem lies with the zionistas, the CIA and certain mobsters dressed in corporate costumes. These are the ones responsible for all the evil that is being done in this world.
    True lies and video tape. People willing to murder millions for profit or out of abject racism(israel). Journalists murdered to shut the story down or as a warning to others.
    America brought down. The west headed for history’s trash heap.
    Was it self induced or driven like a mule, half crazed from abuse and neglect?
    One thing is for sure: the truth is like a phantom, a will ‘O the wisp in America. Pursue it and it only seems to fade off into the distance, yet there are those who manage to surround and encapsulate it.
    Exposing such machinations as this can get people disappeared or suicided.
    Stay safe Gordon.
    I know you know how.

  5. It’s starting to look more and more like everything is a rich man’s grift.

    Any time you want to make a list of Spec Forces Teams that are deep in the poo and should be noted and observed for “aviation mishaps”, we’re here…

    You would think with today’s access to info, we could get an inventory of troop deployments, ascertaining who is accounted for and who is not. The “who is not” list can be statistically compared to “average” troops for causes of death. It might reveal a policy of assassinations.

    I have thought that an official policy of “compromising” and “neutralizing” our most capable soldiers has been in place since the Spec Forces units like Green Berets from Korea and Vietnam came home.

    Some of them came home and “ran amuk”. Richard McCoy Jr. comes to mind.

    My dad had a childhood friend from Cicero who was in Korea, his Father was a Cicero cop and had to be called to “handle” his son on numerous occasions. Jim was known to get drunk and terrorize the neighborhood, mostly destroying taverns and bars, onetime “tearing the bar off the floor” in a drunken rage.

    There were gangsters in the neighborhood who had done things like sledgehammer a baseball bat all the way into an persons body (true story) I shouldn’t have to mention the entrance. When on a bender, they wouldn’t even look Jim in the eyes. King Kong, at 5’9″ tall. Apparently, amazing with a rifle. Took a deer “through the trees” from 200 yards with one shot.

    I don’t know exactly what these Special Forces guys have seen. It’s changes them. If they make it.

    Scene from “The Deer Hunter” (1978).

    [The Deer Hunter is a 1978 American epic war drama film co-written and directed by Michael Cimino about a trio of Russian American steelworkers whose lives are changed forever after they fought in the Vietnam War. The three soldiers are played by Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, and John Savage, with John Cazale (in his final role), Meryl Streep, and George Dzundza playing supporting roles.]

    • I worked with someone from Cicero, the home of the Cicero Social Club……She and her sister were walking home from a movie one time passing through an alley behind a restaurant. Two men were hauling out the back door what appeared to be a bulging carpet rolled up. One of the men told them to get the hell out of here. Exactly what they did.

  6. Adrian, the topic of Gordon Duff’s article is North Korea being a CIA project, not about fake news on German soldiers bayoneting Belgian babies.Go
    Yes, Gordon debunked the “Holocaust”, stating there were only 4.3 million Jews in Europe at the time.
    Gordon, thank you for enlightening me in both of these facts, you, Mike Harris and Prof. Preston James are the best writers and editors when it comes to the topics in which the three of you write.
    Again, thank you, and God bless you.

    • This comes on by the part in Gordon comment…. “From then on, it was the Hun raping Belgian nuns, Saddam and the babies in incubators and now “animal Assad”…. it’s all the same bullshit.

    • The Huns department was cooked up by a nephew of Freud, running an ad agency in New York City, hired by Wilson to come up with some nice juicy propaganda.
      Besides who would want to rape a nun, and a Belgian one at that?

  7. North Korea building an advanced ICBM and a hydrogen bomb on their own is no more ridiculous than ~10,000 gallons of kerosene burning in normal atmosphere turning most of a 110-story building into a pyroclastic cloud of dust.

  8. I could discover with very effort and get a copy of what was stolen from the Doctor’s files and it’s a super secret Donald Trump’s X-Ray than him didn’t want anyone to know…
    Here in exclusive for VT folks…

  9. I could discover with very effort get a copy of what was stolen from the Doctor’s files and it’s a super secret Donald Trump’s X-Ray than him didn’t want anyone to know…
    Here in exclusive by VT folks…

  10. Of course that fat p.o.s. is gay; I’ve been telling people that Melania isn’t really an -ia for months, and they just laugh in my face. Same way Clunkey isn’t married to a ‘normal’ women, either. Just look at the images that haven’t been scrubbed. Closely. Especially the ones taken when the ‘gals’ were off their guard.
    Nothing wrong with being ‘gay’, for sure; but when you’re in a position of ‘public’ trust going around pretending that you are otherwise, and serving a much deeper, much more insidious agenda against our children, then ‘out’ with you, I say. And with extreme prejudice. Have a look at this all who are concerned:

    (the meta-message is fundy Xian, for sure; but the images reveal something else entirely—the real message. This guy has done his research.)

  11. This is an example of why Mark Zuckerstein or Rockefella what ever his name is banned VT from his CIA Facebook. May be VT could get back on signing up to his dating service

    • People are leaving Farcebook. Can’t imagine why….
      Zuckyboy needs to get his azz kicked.

  12. When we mix songs of bare naked truth played in myth, with bare naked truths of our world, it is stark and hope must stay, during trouble. We have to keep the deep truth inspired by art, because treachery and death is attacking it. Art and song is our defense, and our bedrock.
    We hear the cries of children buried beneath rubble. We hear the cries of people behind fences and bars. We hear the cries of people with straps stretched across their mouths. We hear the cries of the ancestors and the ripples of time on the water of all that is. We hear the sounds and vibrations of the good being strangled by the indifferent. We stay to listen and respond. We stay because we have to. Because it is right. The defense of the people is in our heart, and the intelligence to do so is in our prayers. To protect what is right, is not learned, it is inherent and a responsibility by birth. The protectors, are part of what keeps life sacred. Do not lie to us. We will not allow it. We see you. We always see you. We are not a nation or a religious group, we are a segment of life, and you cannot escape us.

  13. I love it– somebody with cred finally said it: NK is/has been CIA’s toy box for some time now. And of course (who was it that stated it previously??) the obvious is in many instances the most difficult to fathom.In the past, when discussing the world’s red-headed step child NK with my more learned friends, my suggestion that NK is the perfect front for CIA shenanigans because it is so isolated from press exposure and any/all outside interference (tourism, commerce etc.) that it’s the PERFECT hideout for that gang of misanthropic reprobates… I mean, what’s not to LIKE there?!

    Oh, and “6 million of Europe’s 4.3 million Jews died in gas chambers with screen doors”… GOOD one! LMAO!!! Sorry, Mr. Duff, gotta steal that one, the miles I anticipate getting out of that one are nearly limitless. TOUCHE!

  14. I have to hand it to you, somehow these bizarre ramblings seem to have a ring to truth to them. I have to give it to you that this scenario is plausible. This is the first time I have read something written by you which is possible, not very probable, but not like other conspiracy theories which are completely incredible. Good on you.


    • The issue here is classic, Nasir. There is a particular form of induced self delusion and arrogance in your tone. Reread your comment. It all reminds me of 1898. America was forced to invade Cuba because the Spanish “were killing their own people,” chlorine gas I suspect.
      Then, of course, the US managed to lose, or at least “misplace,” the USS Maine.
      Everyone bought it.
      From then on, it was the Hun raping Belgian nuns, Saddam and the babies in incubators and now “animal Assad” with 5 dozen instances in between, or more.
      Then again, Israel could eat palestinian babies for amusement and it would be OK because 6 million of Europe’s 4.3 million Jews died in gas chambers with screen doors.
      People, in general, a simply fools.
      All people, until they choose to stop.
      I suggest you choose to stop.

    • Gordon, you forget the 1915 “Bryce Report of Alleged German Atrocities” with illustrations of Germans spearing babies and eating their flesh in Belgium !!!!

    • Amazing how so many people fell for it .
      The domino theory.
      Hitler’s plan to conquer the world
      Ho Chi Min’s plan to devour all of Asia.
      Meanwhile the Pope signs a pact with il Duce.
      America(CIA) puts the worst of the worst in power throughout Latin America and S.E. Asia., Africa, Britain and France.
      All those babies thrown out of the incubators! The horror!

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