Spielberg urges mandatory holocaust education theme parks


Expanding his recent call for mandatory holocaust education, Edward Bernays Award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg yesterday demanded that the US government build thousands of Holocaust World theme parks.

“They would basically be like Jurassic Park, taking you back in time and terrifying the living daylights out of you,” Spielberg explained. He added that instead of killer dinosaurs, the parks would feature AI-driven Nazi androids who would round up visitors, strip them of their clothing, and herd them into ultra-realistic gas chambers.
Spielberg cited polls showing that a substantial number of Americans do not know or care about the holocaust, while a few even question some of its most sacred historical details. “The best way to make sure that no American ever, ever forgets the holocaust, not even for one single millisecond, is to strip the entire population naked and herd them all into gas chambers,” the celebrated director of Schindler’s List asserted. “And what better way to do so than by using that quintessentially American institution, the cheesy theme park, pioneered by that nasty old anti-Semite Walt Disney? After all, theme parks and other schlocky immersion experiences like my movies are where goys get what passes for education.”

When a skeptical reporter asked whether Americans would be willing to pay to undergo a terrifying and degrading “authentic gas chamber experience,” Spielberg explained that the theme parks would have to be rolled out as mandatory entertainment: “Every high school student in America should be required to spend a year studying the holocaust. They will be assigned the leading defenses of the sacred official version, namely Denying History by Shermer and Grobman and Denying the Holocaust by Lipstadt, alongside Debating the Holocaust by Thomas Dalton. Then the students will be bussed to a nearby Holocaust Theme Park, stripped naked, and herded into gas chambers. The ones who think Dalton raises any legitimate questions will be sent to special gas chambers equipped with shower heads that emit real Zyklon B. AI-driven Nazi androids will dispose of their bodies by burning them, burying them in marshes, digging them up, burning them again, and burying them again, leaving no forensic traces and providing a ‘final solution’ to the problem of holocaust skepticism.”

Turning to other subjects, Spielberg said that negotiations are underway with Jared Kushner, who hopes to sell 666 5th Avenue and use the proceeds to finance an erotic remake of Schindler’s List. The proposed film would star “Stormtroopin’ Stormy” Daniels and currently has the working title Schindler’s Lust.  Executive Producer Donald Trump could not be reached for comment.


  1. Also, mandatory holocaust education should be allowed only if there is revisionist education. We can study history but, to make it mandatory for our children have to study the Jewish holocaust history, which is full of holes, is dangerous to the point there should be a law against it, or anything approaching it. Already we are taught there is only one version of this

  2. I’ve already commented but for some reason it disappeared
    , Since then I had this thought. I’m ok with with Spielberg having his holocaust theme park as long as there is a revisionist theme park too. As this is such a serious subject and, the obvious intent is to influence a population’s viewpoint, we need some simple rules. What I have in mind is this’; everything must be equal, location for location (ideally next to each other, cost of construction dollar for dollar, square foot for square foot, marketing or advertisement spending, dollar for ad dollar, media exposure must be regulated’ spot for spot, channel for channel, minute for minute and, all content must be proven and verifiable, side comments must be censored. Obviously Something like this needs much thought but I think we’re all looking for a fair deal so, this idea is acceptable to me.
    Does anyone believe that Spielberg or any of his cronies would agree to this? I’d like to know.

  3. News just in from wikipedia.org.

    In 1896 in an effort to form a Jewish state some Western European bankers sent Theodor Herzl as their emissary to buy Palestine from Turkey, but it was not for sale. “Herzl presented this proposal to the Grand Vizier:
    Jews would pay the Turkish foreign debt & attempt to help regulate Turkish finances if they were given Palestine as a Jewish homeland under Turkish rule.”

    “But, if the time comes that our people’s life in Eretz Yisrael will develop to a point where we are taking their place, either slightly or significantly, the natives are not going to just step aside so easily.”

    “We can’t ignore the fact that ahead of us is a great war and this war is going to need significant preparation.”

  4. The Eichmann clones are responsible for the Palestinian Holocaust, this constant propaganda from their supporters is/will cause jews world wide nothing but harm….

  5. Worse than that. Bibi just bought our Congress. They are in that Swamp it Trump ever gets around to it. Stop protecting the traitors.

  6. Never intended to mention this but since he brought it up it is tie to ask: does he have any idea, in an historical global perspective, the tragedy is not unique. But in its totality of deaths the Jewish number is far from unique.Nearly 50 million people died. Did he ever see video of other similar tragedies of tribal genocide? The most recent one, in Asia, was done with Israeli provided weapons.

  7. Enough words this Shithole knows he is full of it . Retire go away the hungry bastard has enough money to last 6 million years

  8. The most despicable acts of anti-Semitism today are the occupation of Palestine & the abuse of Palestinians by Israel.

  9. Dr. Barrett with an awesomely sarcastic article. Loved it.

    I’ll save everyone here time by not making a comment on the Olocaust-Hay, since most of mine disappear.

  10. …an erotic remake of Schindler’s List. The proposed film would star “Stormtroopin’ Stormy” Daniels and currently has the working title Schindler’s Lust…

    According to the film Stan Helsing, the actual title is Schindler’s Fist.

    Perhaps, if you’d substitute a selfie, with tongue firmly embedded in cheek, for the stock photo, people would take the hint that you are engaging in satire.

  11. SPIELBERG needs to look at the plight of the Syrian people. Rather than being transported to camps, their cities and homes are being made into camps with the US TOW missiles that congress approved. They have decimated Syria and its infrastructure.

    Concentrations camps come home to roost for the Syrian people. Spielberg needs to be balanced….a human is a human. Nobody deserves to have their country intentionally decimated like that.

  12. When the Jewish controlled colony USA awakens and prohibits double citizenships or political rule of the faceless tribe all hell will break loose once a Golden calf worshipper opens his lying kosher oral cavity for further Jewish propaganda. Until then just do what America always has done: Take Jewish orders and follow them. When Israel is all fenced in, boycotted and isolated by the international community the free loading country of milk(ing) and honey ISrael will become a free of charge Theme park itself. Just a sponsor is needed for the rubber bullets which Palestinian kids will fire on the crowd behind the fence for their amusement until they have returned to a one face tribe, responsible for their own actions and not hiding behind their enemies.
    The “mountain of games” that Spielberg pretends to be will soon be out of ideas. I wish the names of these traitors would be in original Yiddish and not mocking the German or any other language of their enemies with their opposing slime.

  13. “required to spend a year studying the holocaust” – is Spielberg out of his freakin mind! Today’s high school kids can barely read, coherent writing is definitely a challenge, and anything math is just plain ignored. And besides, there is plenty of evidence to question exactly what was the holocaust – it is pretty well established that far fewer died than what is claimed by various Jewish groups.

    • On education. If we are going to do that lets get to the cause of it.I have this nasty habit to always ask myself: “how did that come about?” So, along the historical road I came upon that part where Jewish people escaping the Romans ended up in Germany. They did well there at first made lots of money.Then Hitler came along with this new idea. Well, and this is not criticism but fact, Jews are always on the look out for money, so they went along with Hitler and his plans. Then one day Hitler found out that some Jewish people were already negotiating with Britain and other ally , to switch side and help the Ally win the war in EXCHANGE for Palestine to be their Israel. Well that really did not sit well with Hitler at all and he set out to make sure they would not be around to enjoy he fruits of their betrayal. It turned out to be more that “and eye for and eye”. When two evils come together it is bad for the world.

  14. How about a Palestinian holocaust Museum in Ghaza? There is no need for infra structure! You just get there and you will be scared. American women should be extra careful, Israeli buldozers like to run over them. As for guys and if you are up to it, you can exerience live rubber bullets, shot at you by the most moral army. So they say.

  15. US high school students can also pay a discount schooltrip visits to liberated areas of Syria or Iraq to witness fresh Holocausts in-live. I have no problem with perpetual reminders of Jewish Holocaust(s), only with pretending that there are no other such tragedies and even some ongoing as we write and speak. Tragedies should not be made into games.

  16. Spielberg. “Spiel” – elaborate or glib speech or story, typically one used by a salesperson. “Berg” – mountain.

    So this dude comes out with a Mountain of Chutzpah – ‘insolence’, ‘cheek’ or ‘audacity’. It seems as though the world is run on that. Just more lies really. Where have I heard that?

    “The world is ruled by the Prince of Lies”.

    • An alternative scenario would be to issue a list of every film that Spielberg has ever made and put it on a proscibed list for every school child to boycott. This guy is a raving lunatic.

      Introduce “Comparative Genocides” as a subject for study and tote up the historical worldwide numbers.

  17. What’s wrong with ” Like ” button ? Why “error “? Can anyone explain ? Censorship ?

  18. Why is there a holocaust museum in the United States for Jews, but not Native Americans or African Americans?
    Guess we know who calls the shots in this country.

    • In NYC Museum of Natural History there is a section on Native Americans’ holocaust. 3-5 min. and you are done .

    • Zionist jews took over your country in 1913 with the creation of the Fed Reserve, with unlimited funds for jewish propaganda, and terrorism.
      Their are hundreds of museums all over the US, and Menora’s as well. When a country is taken over, symbols of the new victors are placed every where, and the defeated counties symbols taken down, Christian themes etc.

  19. Also surprised about the Giro d’Italia having the first stages in Israël. Maybe not mix politics and sports … but still.

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