Iran Denies Golan Attack, False Flag, to Justify “Response,” Like Hitler and Poland

Middle East is on the brink on a new round of escalation


..from SouthFront

On May 8, President Donald Trump officially announced that Washington is withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal because it had failed to protect America’s national security interest. Trump directed his administration to immediately begin the process of re-imposing related sanctions against Iran, including in the energy, petrochemical, and financial sectors.

He said that the agreement had failed to deal with Iran’s missile program, had given Teheran access to cash, which it allegedly uses for its own extraterritorial operations, including funding Hezbollah, supporting the Assad government in Syria, Shia militias in Iraq and the Houthis in Yemen. Trump pointed out that his decision is also based on intelligence provided by Israel alleging past efforts by Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

The White House also released an initial list of demands that Iran needs to meet if the possibility of relaunching the nuclear agreement is to be considered.

On May 9, Trump also threatened with “very severe consequences” if Iran restarts its nuclear program, which was suspended in the framework of the deal from which the US is withdrawing.

At the same time, the key US ally in the Middle East, Israel, carried out a series of strikes on alleged Iranian targets in Syria.

On May 8, Israel launched missiles at the area of al-Kiswah near Damacsus. Two of them were intercepted by the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF), but the rest of them hit their target.

On May 9, using as a pretext rocket shelling from southern Syria aimed at the Golan Heights, Israel carried out a massive strike on Iranian forces’ positions as well as positions of the SADF in southern Syria, the Damascus countryside and the province of Homs.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Israel launched more than 70 air-to-surface and tactical missiles, more than a half of which were intercepted by the SADF.

According to Israel, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) launched no less than 20 rockets at Israeli targets in the Golan Heights earlier on the same day thus surprisingly resulting in no casualties but forcing Israel to respond.

Mohammad Javad Jamali Nobandegani, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee, described the Golan Heights shelling as a false flag. He said that Israel’s accusations against Iran are “a lie” and added that “Israel’s history of carrying out unprovoked attacks in Syria has been well-documented.”

Following the strike on Syria, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman claimed that nearly all Iranian infrastructure in the country had been destroyed. However, considering photos and videos from the ground such a result seems unlikely.

Washington supported the Israeli move by saying that “the Iranian regime cannot be trusted. Israel absolutely has a sovereign right to defend itself and we support them in whatever efforts they have in order to defend themselves”.

Summing up the recent developments it becomes clear that the Middle East is on the brink on a new round of escalation. Israel and the US are undertaking coordinated efforts to pressure Iran into abandoning its sovereign foreign policy in the region and key programs, like the missile program, which it sees as a key factor in its national security policy. This goal cannot be achieved by solely diplomatic and economic measures so the Israeli-US block is steadily expanding its, so far limited, military actions.

SOURCESouth Front

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  1. Off topic re the survey; “if Trump is forced to resign with evidence beyond resnble doubt”….Evidence of wht? “Collusion w/Russ” to rob election fm the Evil Wench tht wnted to impose “no-fly zone _shooting down everyone but the US/Isrl-“? You do know tht if Trump goes the even bigger Zio_shill Pence becomes Pres., right? Well, mybe they’re eqully horrible on foreign policy…There ws NO collusion…Trump won, the Deep Stte stole NV, NH, CO but were prevented fm steling enough for the Evil Wench to win…Why so obsessed w/Trump when the other cndidte ws Clinton & Pence is just like McCn/Romney..?

    • Charlotte: There was Zionist mob collusion. The list of joos that helped put Trump in the White House is longer than the Great Wall and Trump is the Deep State’s b!tch

    • I’m not saying Killery would have been better. I’m just saying Trump is probably the biggest zio-stooge ever to disgrace the White House

  2. Whether this is verification or not, of my interpretation of yesterdays news that Israel fired first, is anyone’s guess. Everything points in the direction of Israeli aggression with USA support. for those who may yet be wondering how Israeli jets entered Syrian airspace for the amount of time needed to do the dirty deed consider the following. What if the Israeli jets entered from the west, over Syria’s shared border with Iraq and, what if the USA allowed Israel’s air force to mimic USAF transponder signals? Thus Syria believed the Israeli’s jets to be property of the USA which, of course they are not allowed to defend against. This explains much. How long Syria will allow Israel to get away with this shite is anyone’s guess.

  3. The US being one of five permanent members of the UN, will simply veto any motion which seeks to hold Israel accountable for anything. I guess that’s one of the perks of owning the US President, Congress, Supreme Court, media outlets, publishing house, etc. When you own all of these things, you can silence all criticism and avoid being prosecuted for anything…


    Looks like the stage is set. So if this is ever going to take place it is likely to be now.

    Israel has said Iran is not holding up its part of the JCPOA agreement and Trump has pulled the US out of the deal.

    North Korea is having friendly talks with the US so it cannot be blamed.

    The US dollar is likely to go up instead of down because China’s yuan oil and gold deal has not really taken off yet. It will be too late in the decades to do the attack if the US dollar is likely to go massively down as a result of the attack.

    You already have Israel hitting Iranian positions in Syria and being accepted by the international community. Russia is not stepping in the stop the attacks and the media is saying that the US and Russia were warned about the attacks before Israel did them.

    You have a US president who is considered incompetent who no one will blame Israel for ignoring when it ‘retaliates’ against the nuclear false flag by hitting Iran with nuclear weapons, which is of course the whole purpose.

    And of course nearly 300 members of the US Congress have signed a letter of unconditional support for Israel so that they can do the false flag on the US and no one is going to hold Israel accountable. Hope the attack is not done on Europe to try and start a war between the Europeans and Iran which Israel desperately wants.

    Israel is desperate to get a lot more land in the Midde East and the western backed terrorists in Syria have lost the fight and are packing their bags and leaving. The US does not have a UN mandate to have its military in Syria but of course the location will be handy if the US goes to war against Iran which will not happen unless Israel can give the US the right push.

    • LOB2065 Good comment, unfortunately likely correct. So far as I am concerned, the United States of America has hit rock bottom in my lifetime since 1939. Most citizens do not even have a clue.

    • If Israel uses nuclear weapons on Iran they might have the upper hand for a while, but Jewish people all over the world will face retribution for decades if not centuries. Outside of the “west”, the Zionists have lost the information/propaganda war, and even in the “west” cracks are appearing.

      I would not sell life insurance to members of Zionist puppet governments in the Arab world if Israel takes such action either.

  5. “the Iranian regime cannot be trusted. Israel absolutely has a sovereign right to defend itself and we support them in whatever efforts they have in order to defend themselves”

    Even if Iran had launched those missiles at the Golan Heights, (which apparently they didn’t) nothing written in interenatioal law gives Israel the right to defend it’s illegal occupation of the Golan Heights. If Israel gets attacked in the Golan Heights, it’s their fault for being there. If anything, Syria has the sovereign right to defend the Golan Heights against Israel’s illegal occupation. USG claims have no merit.

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