55 Palestinians massacred by Israeli gunmen


Israeli Snipers have today killed 55 Palestinian Peaceful demonstrators, injuring 2,771.

Seven children were amongst the 55 who were targeted and gunned down by Israeli Snipers today, over 100 other children were wounded.

Since the 30th of March, over 12,000 peaceful demonstrators have been injured by Israeli regime forces, Israel have also killed a total of 108 Palestinians in Gaza during this time period.

No Israelis have been injured by Gaza’s demonstrators, nor have any Israelis been killed.

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  1. “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.” -THE BOXER
    “One can always avoid reality, but what one cannot avoid are the consequences of having avoided reality.” -AYN RAND

  2. Just get used to this type of treatment, and expect it to come to YOUR home, very soon.

    This is what happens when you teach children they are “chosen”.

    You create narcissists.

    This is what happens when you LIE to children, bear false witness against your neighbor, and fill your “chosen” child’s head with paranoid fantasies of genocide and “antisemitism”.

    You create violent, paranoid, narcissists.

    This is what happens when you APPEASE Religious Extremist Zealots and give them an entire COUNTRY (with a military) based on delusional fantasies from a book of fairy tales, and a NON EXISTENT “genocide”.

    You create violent, delusional, Messianic, paranoid, narcissists capable of WAR.

    This is what happens when Christian Zionists and Jewish Dual Israeli citizens control the most powerful global military, as ass-kissing apologists for murderous Israeli behavior.

    You create violent, delusional, Messianic, paranoid, narcissists capable of WAR, who CANNOT be brought to justice or even reasoned with.

    This is historically what happens when Jews are in positions of power, they are the WORST tyrants. Everytime.

    This is the future of Palestine, and eventually, the entire world, including YOU.

    Get used to it.

  3. Props to Turkey’s president Erdagon. The only head of state with the balls to call out Israel for what it is. A terror state.

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