Exclusive: Israeli Assassins in Turkey Now, Erdogan Targeted

The US now believes that it cannot attack Iran without killing Erdogan first and that Putin, without Erdogan at his side, will back away from supporting Assad or offering further arms sales to Iran.


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor with VT Istanbul

Yesterday, Turkey’s President Erdoğan, in a surprise move, expelled the American and Israeli ambassadors, ostensibly for their role in the the attacks on Gaza protesters leaving up to 3000 dead and wounded.

There is a backstory here, of a plot between Trump and his neocon handlers and their master, Netanyahu. Erdogan has found another plot and identified the US and Israel. We outline below what we know.

A coup is in the planning to begin with the killing of Erdogan. Israel is planning it; we get it from everywhere, particularly our contacts in the Turkish Army.

This began long before Erdogan expelled the American and Israeli ambassadors.

Erdogan simply had enough; when he saw Kushner and Ivanka smiling while 3000 people were being gunned down by the IDF, he exploded.

From Russia Today:

“Israel has told Turkey’s consul to leave the Jewish state, according to the Israeli foreign ministry. It comes after Ankara ordered Israel’s ambassador out of Turkey over the violence in Gaza.

A spokesman for the ministry said the consul had been summoned and was told to return to Turkey “for consultations for a period of time,” Reuters reported.

It came just after Turkey told Israel’s ambassador to leave the country. “The Israeli ambassador was told that our envoy to Israel was called back for consultations, and was informed that it would be appropriate for him to go back to his country for some time,” a Turkish Foreign Ministry source said.

Eitan Na’eh

The Israeli ambassador, Eitan Naeh, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Ankara on Tuesday, according to Haaretz. He has served in the position since October 2015.

It comes after Turkey recalled its own ambassadors in Israel and the United States “for consultations” over the violence on Monday. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan referred to the crackdown by Israeli forces as “genocide” and called Israel a “terrorist state,” while reaffirming his country’s commitment to standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

His statements prompted a response from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who accused the Turkish president of being “among Hamas’ biggest supporters…there is no doubt that he well understands terrorism and slaughter…I suggest that he not preach morality to us.”

Erdogan then tweeted that Netanyahu is the leader of an ‘apartheid state that has occupied a defenseless people’s lands for 60+ years in violation of UN resolutions.'”

Only the British are standing with Erdogan, pulling him away from the US. Across Turkey feeling against the US is running high, in the street, in government, across the region.

We also expect Erdogan to reach out to President Assad; this is a rumor, that Turkey and Russia will join together in aiding the liberation of Idlib province.

Eventually, Israel will be targeted, more than simply Hezbollah, but pushed into a land war that will test the resolve of Israel’s military allies in the Persian Gulf, along with her primary backer, Saudi Arabia.

Gulf war I

One thing that has upset the region was seeing Netanyahu on the dais with Putin on V Day in Moscow – Netanyahu with his hand insultingly on Putin’s back, as though President Putin were a small child.

Or was Putin showing Israel its fate at the hands of resurgent Russian military power? We wait and see.

Erdogan has been one of the most enigmatic personalities of our time. Turkey, an economic powerhouse of NATO, highly industrialized and strategically placed, has been treated like a “street whore” by the US. There is little question that the US was behind the 2016 coup against Erdogan.

What has now become clear is that Erdogan now accepts that the US has covertly built a Kurdish-based terror organization inside Turkey, flooding it with American weapons.

The US now believes that it cannot attack Iran without killing Erdogan first, and that Putin, without Erdogan at his side, will back away from supporting Assad or offering further arms sales to Iran, particularly 4th and 5th generation fighter aircraft capable of operating against and even inside Saudi airspace.

© Mahmud Hams / AFP

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  2. I can’t imagine that they really think, that Putin is relying on Erdogan for anything, and that he will back off without his support!

  3. Erdogan better have well trusted guards covering his six. Body armor will only be effective if they don’t use high power armor piercing bullets, otherwise it’s a head shot. Or maybe his limo gets trashed.
    The Mossad are effective at assassination .
    They’ve had years of practice.

    • Maybe the joo’s use a nano nuke like they’ve used before with Hariri caravan in Beirut….

  4. “The US now believes that it cannot attack Iran without killing Erdogan first and that Putin, without Erdogan at his side, will back away from supporting Assad or offering further arms sales to Iran.”
    And this is what’s called “Trump-think!”

  5. Has Erdoğan wised up to the situation that no country (at least in the region) can survive long-term if the State of Israel continues to exist?

    Does he have a viable first strike option (e.g. nuclear weapons bought on the black market, Russian assistance in taking out the Israeli Dolphin submarines)? Even if not, why not go down fighting instead of quietly submitting?

  6. If Putin has joined Netanyahu we are all done aren’t we? The body language was disturbing.

  7. A good and insightful read! Now the Kurds . . .? Geez, if it’s not one Zionist/Israhelli backed splinter group, it’s another. Curds in the Turkey? HA . . . Israhell can dish the dirt, and call everyone “nazis” and “anti-semite” . . . but when the black mirror is on them . . . they want to kill everyone.

    But don’t worry . . . they’ll raise interest rates and choke the US turkey . . . again. They create the instability . . . cause oil/gas prices to rise, due to the instability THEY/ZION causes in the Middle East. This will increase shipping costs, which will increase . . . EVERYTHING!

    Let’s get this party started! Zion Fleishmen (flesh) eaters will rise up. The Sec. of the Treasury, the Zionist that went to Israhall with Ivanka and her wife, Jared, Steve MyNewChin . . . he put his teeth in to the necks of SENIORS, and sucked their life blood in his take over of the “reverse mortgage” brokerages. He had no problem doing that, and then he became the SOT?!?! POS!
    Close your eyes . . . and get hit with the stick, right Odell?

    The Vulture of the Reverse Mortgages . . . and his Zionist/Israhelli banksters are seen circling over the US Embassy in Jewusalem — waiting for their Zion buddies to create instability . . . so they can raise interest rates, and watch more U.S. citizens became carrion. They don’t call it a pound of flesh, for nothing! This is their culture, they set it up this way

    • I love the smell of splinter groups in the morning!

      Three cheers for instability!

      To every business that wants to remain SOLVENT during the next round of Zion bitch slapping . . . watch your back, the Stars (of David) at Night, are big and bright . . . stab, stab, stab . . . deep in the heart of Texas. Texas oil men had a Schmeckle suck-feast going on. A Lady Bird in the hand, was worth two in the Bush . . . but then they bought the BUSH! From JFK’s assassination in Dallas, Texas, to Texas VP Lyndon BJ’s cream rising to the top of the Presidential pyramid scheme to him Schmeckle sucking KissMyAssinger (the foreign-born Zionist who lead LBJ around by the nose like a prize heifer — which lead U.S. service men to their deaths in Vietnam — not to mention the millions of people torn apart in Cambodia, and Vietnam) . . . to the Texas Bushmen who bombed out Iraq (twice) with their stooge Hussein in charge, and going in to the opium trade with the Taliban. Having U.S. Marines with flame throwers torch Afghanistan farmers’ field — because they too, were just following orders! Yeah — keep doing Bibi, Inc’s bidding. Keep sucking that fat Schmeckle. Remember kids, Khazars were a PHALLIC worshiping / warshipping INBRED tribe. And it shows . . .
      They spawned the AskeNAZIs,
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  8. Gordon, we are seeing Putin’s strategic diplomacy at work here. Some time ago I mentioned the resurgence of a CENTO-type organization. Except that it would be Russia (RF), not the USA, putting it together.

  9. A couple curious points. Turkey paid off it’s debt to the IMF and now loans money. I can’t find much on Erdogan speaking out about the 2014 Gaza massacre at that time, though that was his election year.
    He is also currently moving to assert a position over economic controls. This out today..http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/turkish-lira-slides-after-erdogan-says-he-wants-greater-economic-control-131813
    Is Erdogan better at being Trump than Trump ? It is hard to argue he has not done well , but it’s like letting the cat out after filling the bird feeder, where he floods education with money, then censors what is taught.
    The IMF page,..https://dsbb.imf.org/sdds/dqaf-base/country/TUR/category/EXD00
    mentions”oracle based software”,.. and outlines public access and secrecy of data “No one other than the relevant Treasury department staff has access to the data prior to their release to the public. The data are kept confidential until their release to the public.”
    I am merely suggesting, he may have multiple angles here.

  10. I don’t believe Putin want sale to Iran for now his only 5th generation fighter aircraft…. It’s very risky if this plane crash on enemy territory and zionist entity and US can grab your parts….

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