Turkey recalls ambassadors from US, Israel after 60 Palestinians killed in Gaza ‘genocide’

Turkish government also declared three days of mourning on Monday


Editor’s note:  US troops occupying Syria are being supplied through Turkey while US air strikes on Syrian cities are being hosted by Turkey as well.  Is Erdogan going to throw the US and its terrorist allies out of Turkey or is all this empty talk?


  1. Ankara is (at least coincidentally) moving toward constituting an “Islamic threat” against Israel all according to Illuminati plans of the Biblical and Koranic End Times.

  2. Are we tired of Zionist Israel yet? Will control over America’s, UK’s and, the EU’s currency, media, politicians, education, pornography, publishing and, the not so minor cash cow holohoax industry … will all this be enough to restrain a tired world population from actually becoming anti-Semite? Have the Zionist Jews just showed the world what they really are and, what they really think of others? Have we had enough?

  3. “Part of the proposal is to overcome the “80–20 rule” that requires the U.S. to purchase 80 percent of its legal opium from India and Turkey to include Afghanistan, by establishing a second-tier system of supply control that complements the current INCB regulated supply and demand system by providing poppy-based medicines to countries who cannot meet their demand under the current regulations. ”

    So is illegal opium getting across the Caspian. to be sold legally from Turkey to the US ?

    • who cares about the legal supply and, contractual agreements for legal opium. illegal opium is where the cash s.

    • Joe, I’ll clarify for the optically challenged. Erdogan has no podium of morality, what he does have, are several points of favorable position regarding negotiating with the US, namely trump, and wants to loot like the others.
      Military access like the article points out, is one, and being only one of 3 countries legally selling opium is another. His silence on Israel is for sale. There are several deals it could influence.
      Erdogan has jailed thousands in his own country where he is a Demagogue, very much the envy of Trump,..who wishes he could do the same,…and has openly assaulted peaceful protestors on camera in the US many times. Erdogan has no problem handling protestors with violence or jail or torture or anything. His vocalization of feigned outrage is just a negotiation veiled in false morality.

    • probably so….just what will it take and why isnt any government willing to stand against israel genocide?

      no one cares?

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