Israeli Lawmakers Move to Recognize Armenian Genocide – Reports

The bill on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide was introduced by a member of the Israeli Knesset, Itzik Shmuli, amid Turkey’s and Israel’s recall of their respective envoys.

The lawmaker pointed to the fact that Israel to this day has shied away from recognizing the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire. At the same time, Shmuli noted, the Armenian Genocide is a historical fact recognized by 29 states in the world.

“We won’t accept moralizing from the anti-Semitic Turkish butcher who bombs thousands of Kurds in northwest Syria every day, and whose country is responsible for the genocide of the Armenian people and the historic horrors toward the Assyrians,” Shmuli said as quoted be the Jerusalem Post.

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Moreover, it was reported that a similar bill was going to be filed by Knesset MP Amir Ohana (Likud).

Palestinian demonstrators burn tyres near the Gaza-Israel border, east of Gaza City, as Palestinians readied for protests over the inauguration of the US embassy following its controversial move to Jerusalem on May 14, 0218

According to different estimates, over one million Armenians were killed or starved to death by the Ottoman Empire during and after World War I. Turkey has repeatedly denied accusations of committing the mass murder of Armenians, claiming that the victims of the tragedy were both Turks and Armenians.Earlier, in response to Israel’s ongoing violent suppression of Palestinian protesters in Gaza, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recalled his country’s ambassadors to both the US and Israel.

The US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was announced in December 2017 prompting a storm of criticism from international observers as well as fierce protests in the Arab world.

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6 Replies to “Israeli Lawmakers Move to Recognize Armenian Genocide – Reports

  1. LS…

    The criminals who killed the Armenians are the same Ashkenazi Khazarian who live in Israel today !

  2. Yesterday this article was published on VT:”

    And today, I read this article.

    LMGAO — well, well. If little shit Shmuli didn’t carry his putz dangling sword forward with this nasty litch slap “recognizing” this.

    Why now, Schmeckle Sucking Shmuli? Why now?!?

    Oh, right . . . Edrogan said something your boyz in the hood didn’t like. So you’re talking smack now about the Armenian genocide? How about your own? Is early onset Alzheimer already manifesting? Didn’t you just machine gun down Palestinians on Monday? Didn’t you just MAKE DEAD over 50 people, and wounded . . . how many?

    And why you’re tap dancing the HORA on all the Armenian graves — using their souls for your fvcked up propaganda machine: Pointing one genocidal finger at Turkey, while three genocidal fingers point back at YOU! WHAT FVCKING CHUTZPAH! And while you’re at it, why not toss into your bitches heBrew how the U.S. bombed all the supply lines that were in place during WWII . . . technically the US bombing the supply lines to the labor/work camps helped starve out your people! Oh, the irony. The US “liberated” the starving Jews in the death camps . . . and who created that chain reaction? That’s why Germany lost . . . U.S. carved out the supply lines to the work camps. Hmmmmmm . . . is that how you guilt U.S. into $10,000,000 a day?

    1. You wanted Israhell so badly . . . now you got it!
      פאַרמאַכן די באַרען אַרויף
      Farmakhn di baren aroyf!

      FVCK YOU Israhell . . . why not tell everyone how the real “history” of Israhell came to be . . . think “tanked” by your Zionist Elders. You “pawn” brokers . . . You pawned brokered your own people! Yes, you did! And you know it. When the men on the cheesboard . . . get up . . . and tell you where to go!

      Go ask Alice, in Chains . . . I think she’ll know.

      No wonder people are jailed in Germany for uttering a word against your delusions. You’re too afraid the real reason Yiddish speaking German Jews were rounded up by your own Yiddish speaking AshkeNAZI German Jewish soldiers might leak out. The pawn brokers were the Rabbis. They went to Vichy France. And it wasn’t the “death” camps you have scripted as the narrative. It was the work camps that millions of Jews went to. They turned in to “death” camps, when the supply lines were bombed. Gosh, WAR is such a dirty conscript of the dark side.

      And this remnant of fact is why my nation isn’t about to lay down for Rabbis, Priests, or John Hoggee. . . separation of church and state is a good thing. Fear of FEMA camps . . . as that idiot in Alaska would say “You betcha!”

      War is HELL bltches!
      Wake up and smell the . . . reality!

      Fool me once . . . shame on me.
      Fool me twice . . . FVCK Israhell

    2. All the mic’d up Zionists in Israhell “recognizing” . . . Armenia, on the heels of the IDF “turkey shoot” WOW. And here I was thinking Jewish comedians had much better timing than this. Go figure . . .

      If I was an Armenian I’d be pissed off that they’re using the souls of my dead family for their “get back” bltch slap, news tap dance . . . throwing the attention off of their May 14, 2018 genocide of Palestinians and using the “recognition” of Armenia’s beef with Turkey . . . to do so

      WOW — what CHUTZPAH.

      Here’s the thing you Kippah wearing arsehats . . . Recep Tayyip Erdoğan — like him or not . . . did not cause the Armenian genocide. He wasn’t even a gleam in his Father’s eye when it happened. Matter of fact, his Father wasn’t even a gleam in his Father’s eye when it happened.

      What Erdogan did on Monday had absolutely nothing to do with him even being around in that time.

      This is the double-speak, bvllshit that these Babylonian/Talmudist/Khazars/Bolsheviks/Zionists do . . . all the time.

      Case in point: label one recent political event (their IDF “turkey shoot” on Monday with an historical NON-FVCKING-sequitur.

      Erdogan had nothing to do with what happened almost 100 years ago.
      But the minute Zion speaks, people listen?!?
      Oh, right . . . they own the means of production — Bolshevik/Communism 101. Namely, the TV boob-tube.

      Now they got Armenia nursing at their teat on this media blitz. And Israhell’s sound bite of Turkey does one thing.

    3. The ill-timed “Recognition” is a TRIGGER . . . and they pulled it!

      Israhell is using the souls of the Armenians to wash their hands clean of their own “turkey shoot” ?!?!?!?

      Erdogan called home Turkey’s Ambassadors on Monday. Most Nations should call their Ambassadors back home for what happened on Monday. Good call Erdogan — like him, or not.

      But I’m calling FOWL . . . on Israhell and suggest they master-baste their own Butterballs a little more, ’cause their meat is drying out.

      And remember kids . . . you can’t spell AskeNAZI without the NAZI.

  3. Israel wondered why we, the Russians, didn’t keep up the Trumps idiotizm about Jerusalem. I got contraversial question: why israel didn’t recognize the Russian Crimea? Southern Ossetia? Double face Janus bastards…

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