Can Pyongyang trust Washington? Ask Native American Chief Red Eagle



  1. The heart felt letter of the Secretary of the Army addressing the history of the Army and the Native Americans regarding the review of the Standing Rock decision, was poignant and accurate and poised to make history, and then he was fired and replaced by trump, and the pipe went through. The corporation of the US has kept no treaties. I will not fight for any leader who does not keep their word, and no good military person would either. They are either ignorant or useless. Religious domination places belief before life. Therefore it is evil.

  2. Bolton’s daring chutzpah culminated in reported recommendation to N.K., to follow an example of Lybia,
    when the good boy Gaddafi publicly terminated his country’s nuclear research, financed French president
    election and deposited Lybian oil money in the US – finally to get tortured and killed,while his country
    subsided from the top to the bottom of African countries, or as per Bolton, to the “prosperous democracy”??
    I understand that even Trump meekly admonished Bolton of his: …”we predict your future little rocket
    man… we have a bigger button after all”. And if we would cancel whatever Agreement we make w. you
    (after you gave the last neutron of your nuclear weapons to us), as we do now with Iran, well, our girl
    Heather would inform you that you are not honest players!
    Now, Pentagon doesn’t even consider cancellation of in coming major military maneuvers with S.K. in
    the border areas w. N.K., despite a moderate plea from N.K. administration. Or as the “funny” joke
    comes around – Mattis to Trump: “Mr. President N.K. have no Walmarts only “Targets”?

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