Shamefully Predicted: School Shooting in Houston, Downed Plane in Havana


Editor’s note:  A VT study group, checking the probability of the wild hypothesis that school shootings might be staged simply to flush cash into the media, predicted the date and time of today’s shooting with uncanny accuracy.

The hypothesis, that the MSM has a symbiotic relationship with state sponsored intelligence/terror groups, under broader control of world organized crime (RKM as per Preston James) would think so little of human life as to stage killings, has come closer to fact than ever before.

We do know, for an absolute fact, that the 9/11 dead were real and done for the same reason.  Same folks invaded Iraq and have killed millions, 15,000 of them US service men and women, with 65,000 suicides and over 400,000 disabled.

The count for “collateral damage” is endlessly higher and growing each day with US bombing in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and several unnamed target countries, killing an average of 50 civilians a day.

Simply put, assuming the US, as a puppet state, would not kill a dozen or a thousand children, for any reason whatsoever, without a thought, is assuming that those in power in the organized crime sub-capitol of Washington are actually human.

They are not.  From Russia Today:


Ten people were killed and ten more injured in a shooting at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas, Friday morning, Texas Governor Greg Abbott confirmed that afternoon.

He called the shooting “one of the most heinous attacks that we’ve ever seen in the history of Texas schools.”

Earlier in the day, police arrested a male believed to be a student at the school in connection with the shooting, and another possible student is being detained as a person of interest. “One is in custody, a second one detained. An injured police officer is being treated, the extent of his injuries are unknown,” Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said in a press briefing earlier in the day.

Law enforcement officials have identified one of the suspects as 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis.

According to CNN affiliate KTRK, a gunman walked into an art class and began shooting from what looked like a shotgun. Abbott reported that the shooter had a shotgun and a revolver, both of which were legally obtained by his father.

Abbott confirmed that explosive devices had been found in the shooter’s house and vehicle, saying police had found a Molotov cocktail and a carbon dioxide explosive device. Ensuring the safety of investigators means searching premises with these devices must proceed slowly, he said.

The governor also revealed that the shooter had turned himself in, despite having written in journals about wanting to commit the crime and wanting to commit suicide, and that a third person of interest had been detained.

At the same time, US President Donald Trump has responded to the incident via Twitter.

Speaking during an event at the White House, Trump said that his administration would do everything in its power to stop shootings in US schools and keep firearms out of the hand of people who pose threats.

Earlier in the day, US federal authorities from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) said it was responding to a school shooting in Sante Fe. The school said in an earlier message it was on lockdown following an incident with an active shooter.

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The incident in Sante Fe is the most recent in a series of deadly shootings at US schools, including a massacre at a high school in southern Florida in February, when a former student killed 17 people with an assault rifle that was purchased legally.

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  1. So, the young man had been making unwanted advances on one of the young women who was shot, for 4 months, and a few days earlier in class, the young woman, had stood up and publicly rejected his advances once and for all. At the time, she had stated that it was an example to her younger sister of how to handle a bully, or unwanted male domination.
    This was a targeted shooting triggered by affairs of the heart, exacerbated by the young mans humiliation and inability to handle rejection, and general misplaced aggression by wanton power. We have a violent culture, reinforced by our constant exertion of physical power over any country we decide is next. Not to mention our primary religious base, teaches death and suffering leads to salvation and is OK with all of it.

    • David, What about the parents of this young man? Where were they? Was he on multiple psychotropic mediations? What as a society are US kids, teenagers being taught about life in general? I feel anger, and sadness at the loss of lives in these shootings, but I knew that another shooting would take place, as they have become a “regular”, predictable feature of the MSM, even common place! Perhaps this is part of the “idea” behind all these shootings…to desensitize the US public to body counts, and to push for more and more laws, regulations, surveillance, and yes gun control as well. PS: I know there will be no security camera footage shown to the public as well…unless It’s been “sanitized” for public consumption. – John

  2. Fake as **ck. No way someone shot in the head is let out of a hospital in four hours, no matter how “clean” the bullet travels through. In the unlikely event it misses the brain and bone, there are essential blood vessels there, clotting to watch for, major nerves and huge muscles/tendons that would inevitably be damaged, and need immobilization and protection. No way the kid could whip his head around as he does to show the supposed entrance and exit. No way the hair wouldn’t be shaved off! No way a bandage would be SCOTCH TAPED to the HAIR. EPIC FAIL!

  3. A supposedly highly intelligent boy shot 10 victims and severely injured others, including policemen, a terrible act of violence.

    After I read the book “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare” by Michael A. Hoffman II, my perception of there mass shootings and their deep purpose of “revealing the method” totally changed forever. It might be of interest also for others to look deeper behind the curtain of such “events”.

    Truthful investigation of the crime scene will most likely not occur, as happened so often before. On the other hand, a simplistic approach towards shut down of the Second Amendment is much too short sighted.

    It seems as if the society is not yet enough prepared for the real functioning of the deep “magic” here and its profound molding of the minds, which always is happening without any notice by the targets, the people.

    As Gordon often states, and so it goes.

  4. Ordinary citizens must take a critical and cynical view of this and all similar events. So far as I know, even when not formally under oath, it is a crime for any citizen to falsely report any information to any government agency. Yet the converse is not true. Government can and does routinely lie to citizens either directly or covertly through the lying media. Therefore citizens must not accept anything about this or any other event at face value from lying media unless and until every statement is scientifically verified through rigorous evidence produced by an open, honest, timely and objective examination of the crime scene following all the well established rules of crime scene investigations. Citizen’s committees must also be permitted independent access to every bit of evidence of the crime scene immediately, not just government paid con artists. For example, the secret criminal CIA has routinely lied to citizens about events and facts since its inception before WWII in the earlier form of the Office of Security Services under the criminal outlaw General Donovan, who paid a professional military hit man $10,000 to plan and murder General George Patton following the end of WWII in 1945. The published history books are full of lies about the truth of this event. “Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”. If ordinary citizens are required to always tell the government the truth, why is government permitted to lie to citizens? Con’t.:

    • Con’t. from above: If ordinary citizens do not have full access to every crime scene to verify the facts and truth, then nothing reported from government can or must be believed by citizens period. Government has become the evil professional liar, propagandist and con artist. Do not believe one word reported by anyone about or from government because they lie and cheat and steal just like any common criminal. Government must be held to the same or higher standard of honesty and integrity as any ordinary citizen. Otherwise just say NO! Before any statement is released to the public, the government official must be fully identified and state: “The following statement is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God under the criminal penalties of perjury which can be enforced by any citizen’s Grand Jury”. Citizens must be provided full access to any and all crime scenes or nothing can by believed from government liars and propaganda artists.
      “A 1786 essay refers to an early, non-English form of the familiar saying “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Wrote George Horne, an English divine: “When a man deceives me once, says the Italian proverb, it is his fault; when twice, it is mine.”

  5. Synchronicity can be baffling. Remember a nearly identical incident happened on the same day as Sandy Hook in Chenpeng china, with numerous specific details similar to Sandy Hook. Dec 14 2012
    Crime prediction is going to have to be dealt with head on, because it is coming. The ancient ethics, which applied to predictions of horrible things, decided to issue blanket warnings for certain times, rather than give the specific prediction, because they could not determine, if the prediction played a part in the causation of the idea. Dec 14 2012 certainly would have been in a 3 day period of high warning. Today also. And of course the problem will start when the predictive program goes live, that prevention also prevents results and lack of results prevents funding and attention. Thus, inevitably, warnings is the limit. I believe the intuitive protector bears, earlier this year en mass prevented a catastrophe with NK.

    • Johnny, My whole thing with people using their real names, is a matter of self confidence , lack of fear, and the integrity to stand behind what you say. That’s why authors and public officials do it, and I think the same should apply in general especially concerning serious matters, and military affairs. The exception would be someone who cannot reveal their name due to safety, but most people hide their real names, because they are either afraid, or they would never say such things in person or using their real name.
      I do not subscribe to predestination, with a caveat, conditions exist outside human perception that affect all things, and the problem is, the schedule is not taught in either academia, or religion. Calendrics is a much different animal than astrology, and in fact was the foundation and origin of astrology. So, humans ability to shape their own destiny, is often limited by the knowledge of what factors influence or shape it in the first place. A society based on faith is fine, as long as the faith is not apprehended by frauds, which its currently the case.

    • Johnny, I do not hold back or change my views whether I use my name or not. And neither should you.
      If anonymity is allowing you to be free, I would dispute that. It is freer to be yourself, and I haven’t seen anything you have posted that would prevent it. “vulnerabilities” and “rather keep guarded” are words to describe fear. In my opinion , the unfounded type.

  6. Again the FBI has assumed the role of lead investigator. Where does their authority to usurp the state of Texas’s come from? What federal laws were broken? What federal law allows this encroachment of state’s rights.

  7. First report from NPR mentioned a shotgun. I thought that interesting as, previously the weapon is always reported as an AR15. True to form but, 10 minutes later the same NPR report changed to the assailant used an AR15 also, a shotgun and, a pistol.
    The good news is the suspect is alive and, in custody. The bad news is he will never be available to an unbiased civilian interrogation. And, the beat goes on.

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