Germany responds to USA’s ultimatum about Nord Stream 2 project

The import of liquefied natural gas from the United States will not grow, even if Germany exits the  Nord Stream-2 project, German Minister of Economy and Energy Peter Altmeier said.


“The US is looking for sales markets. We can understand this, and we are prepared to take effort to ensure this gas reaches Germany easier. Presently, however, it remains much more expensive than the gas delivered via the pipeline,” the minister told ARD.

In addition, if the US does not change its tactics of behaviour and continues thinking only of its economic interests, then Europe will act similarly, the minister added.

Earlier, Us officials said that the United Stats may impose sanctions on the companies involved in the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project. US Assistant Secretary of State Sandra Oudkirk said that Washington could consider retaliatory measures within the framework of Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act. She explained the US position as follows: the construction of the gas pipeline will strengthen Europe’s dependence on the Russian natural gas.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany regards the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as a safe economic project for Europe.

Nord Stream is an offshore natural gas pipeline from Vyborg in the Russian Federation to Greifswald in Germany that is owned and operated by Nord Stream AG. The project includes two parallel lines. The first line was laid by May 2011 and was inaugurated on 8 November 2011. The second line was laid in 2011-2012 and was inaugurated on 8 October 2012. At 1,222 kilometres (759 mi) in length, it is the longest sub-sea pipeline in the world, surpassing the Langeled pipeline. It has an annual capacity of 55 billion cubic metres (1.9 trillion cubic feet), but its capacity is planned to be doubled to 110 billion cubic metres (3.9 trillion cubic feet) by 2019, by laying two additional lines.

SOURCEPravda Report

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  1. Germany in terms of geopolitics is surely the most stupid and silly European country of the 20th century. Now, things might have changed in the 21st century but US/British propaganda, coercions, bullying or assasinations haven’t. Germany has always been in the most dangerous crossfire (along with the Poles and somewhat French) of two separate lunatic policies, which nowadays since the fall USSR has come down to only one lunatic policy. In the simplest terms try telling US not to frack or buy Canadian or Mexican gas and oil and see what happens. The British gas and oil projects have brought upon Europe only misery and tragedy decade after decade. You don’t have to be an expert or a Eurocentric to figure that one out.

  2. It’s not spoken about very often, but the current massive changes in the world have to do with the fact that the east takes over slowly but constantly in economic terms and (see Russia) also in military terms. We are in the middle (not the beginning) of this major shift and fight.

    Western countries, formerly led by the US, could successfully expand their markets and dollarise everything they could put their hands on in every country one after the other which they conquered.

    In Syria, this recently was challenged, in Venezuela they use all illegal tricks through Colombia to succeed in subduing the country at all costs. Germany is also in the European middle of this fight. Due to the fact that the current government does “it’s best” to destroy the country instead of working for the people, it will – if nothing noticeable will happen to the betterment in the near future – bring this country and with it the EU to it’s knees. Yes, they are so dumb. There is not one single person in this government who knows about anything about the real life, about economy, about education, about health care . They the dumbest people I can imagine, the higher up the more stupid, that’s the real situation.

    • Everything worked smoothly for them and they supplied Hillary with some Million of Dollars to no effect – they where and are simply shocked, they never thought this would happened and it happened.

      England will leave, because May will be replaced soon. The next Tornado comes from Italy, watch it unfold life. France is everything but stable, living in a quasi dictatorial state, mostly not spoken about but true. They all need our money, otherwise they will collapse under their own debt weight, in reality they already defaulted economically. Italy will radically change it’s policy towards Russia and sanctions, with regards to the EU, the UN/US forced migration and more. Germany now is the nation everybody in the world laughs about.

      No one but us is so dumb to willingly destroy it’s own country and no one takes notice, it’s a big joke.

  3. Germany, Japan and, S. Korea are colonies of the USA. Each are infested with US military bases. The leading politicians are always pre-approved by Washington. Now, after 75 years of occupation does anyone really believe the USA has any plans to leave those countries to their own devices.? This is why there will be no deal with DPRK. Occupied vassal states, that’s all they are. End of story.

  4. I agree with JohnZ. These other countries must join hands and tell both the U.S. and Israel to shove it. Boycott both of these out law countries. Do not sell or buy anything from either the U.S. or Israel.
    Stop trading in dollars. The U.S. is bankrupt morally and fiscally and Israel is not far behind. Both are likely all hot air and no bite. The EU should push the corrupt US out. Israel lover liar con artist draft dodger Trump is nothing but a big mouth bully. Give him enough rope to hang himself.

  5. Could some well informed reader please let it be known, what the price
    LNG gas is that the USA charges Europe and what the Russians charge ????

    • Pipeline gas from Russia approx. $200 per 1000 cubic meters. Its price changes on several factors (winter, summer, the volume of concentrated gas in the stores of a EU country). The LNG by tankers is about 30% higher price.

  6. Throughout the coldest times of the cold war period up until now, Russia has been a reliable energy supplier for Germany (formerly directly paid per Mannesmann pipelines from Germany). The interesting part in the gas deal will be the payment, it could be done in Euros instead of dollars, which might be also true for the Iranian oil supply.

    An EU regulation was just activated, which sheelds the German buyers from losses through possible sanctions. This was directly done after Trump published his treads against towards Germany especially.

    Sincs WWII, Germany is not allowed to have his own oil business (which is not known by the people). Trump now forces Germany to look eastwards. This seems to be part of Trump’s strategy, because LNG gas from the US would always cost much more and we know now, that no one can rely on agreements with the US any more (additionally, the infrastructure for this would cost vast amounts of money).

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