This is America—Really

Donald Glover’s “This Is America” is another subversive video which seeks to control the masses, particularly those who have no clue of who actually controls ideological settings of the entertainment industry.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Within a just a few days of its release, Donald Glover’s “This Is America” received more than one hundred million views on YouTube. In a Rolling Stone article, Tre Johnson declared that the video is “a nightmare we can’t afford to look away from.”[1]

The video is packed with references from racism to gun violence in public places and sacred buildings. Yet the inescapable conclusion is that Glover doesn’t want to see things the way they really are, obviously because that would not allow him to manipulate and hypnotize multiplied millions of fans and listeners.

One can safely say that Glover’s “This is America” is Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me from a different angle. Coates, as you recall, was hired by the Atlantic to push the racial narrative, which always gets people distracted from the main issue. As E. Michael Jones points out:

“The racial narrative is an integral part of the Jewish system of political control in this country. By joining the staff of The Atlantic, Coates became their agent in enforcing a system of control known as the Black/Jewish Alliance…”[2]

Coates was, as Jones put it, “their race man.”[3] In 1980, the Atlantic was overtaken by “the Jewish elite” which, according to Jones, “succeeded their WASP counterparts as America’s ruling class, when Mortimer Zuckerman, property magnate and founder of Boston Properties, acquired the magazine.”[4]

The racial narrative, which is littered with an implicitly toxic premise known as “white supremacism,” blinds Glover and others. The same narrative relieves the destroyers of America from moral and historical responsibility. In fact, the movers and shakers of America have been pushing this narrative since the 1960s.

In the video, Glover seems to suggest that blacks are killing blacks by the numbers, and “America” just enjoys it because it brings money, entertainment, and of course prestige.

As Johnson himself puts it “It’s meant trafficking in our pain to get paid even a little, a dynamic steeped into our conjoined history with America.”[5] According to Johnson, Glover is reacting to a culture in which “the black entertainer isn’t a mirror, but a toy. This is America. Shut up and dance.”[6]

Well, Mr. Johnson, culture doesn’t work in a vacuum. In order for a culture to exist or function, it has to have people. And we all know who controls the culture at this present time, particularly the entertainment industry.[7]

If Glover or Johnson even dares to point out that the culture they are revolting against was created by a powerful force which seeks to destroy or undermine America, then Glover would almost certainly not be able to produce “This is America.”

Glover would never mention Murray Friedman’s The Black Jewish Alliance, which essentially points out that Jewish radicals were using blacks to fight “anti-Semitism.” That was one reason why they founded organizations like NAACP. This is not conspiracy theory. Any reputable historian or scholar knows this.[8] As E. Michal Jones again documents in our interview in 2016:

“For 60 years—from 1909 with the founding of the NAACP to 1969 when the FBI shut down the Black Panthers—influential Jews in organizations as diverse as the NAACP and the Communist Party tried to turn the Negro into a revolutionary. They created a monster instead. This is precisely what Tom Watson predicted in the aftermath of the Leo Frank trial:

“The National Pencil Factory, owned by Frank’s people, fought our Child Labor bill fiercely and helped to kill it—and in God’s mysterious way, it cost the Superintendent his life.” In closing ranks behind Frank, the nation’s wealthy Jews had “blown the breath of life into the Monster of Race Hatred; and this Frankenstein, whom you created at such enormous expense, WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!”

Glover suggests in his video that violence has taken the lives of too many black lives, but he fails to describe how this has come about. He cannot describe the South Side of Chicago because that would obviously ruin the entire video:

In 2014 there were 432 homicides in the city of Chicago. During the week beginning October 18, 2015, four people were shot and killed in the city of Chicago and 34 people were shot and wounded. During the month of October 2015, as of October 24, 21 people have been shot and killed and 136 people have been shot and wounded…”

The fact is that this has been a pattern since the 1980s![9] E. Michael Jones writes:

But more importantly for our purposes they infected the Negro with the virus of revolution. The Negroes of the South Side of Chicago now act the way they do because of an idea that was planted in their mind by Jewish revolutionaries.

“The main vehicle for this transformation in the black mind (from rural sharecropper to urban revolutionary) was the civil rights movement, which was the most successful part of the Black-Jewish Alliance, which was the 60-year-long attempt on the part of Jews at organizations like the NAACP and the Communist Party to turn Negroes into revolutionaries.”

Glover’s “This Is America” is another subversive video which seeks to control the masses, particularly those who have no clue of who actually controls ideological settings of the entertainment industry.

But there is something more to the video. It indirectly and inescapably proves that those who control America are dangerous to Americans, including black Americans. Towards the end of the movie, Glover is running frantically in the dark and is being pursued by what appears to be “white supremacists,” gangsters, hoodlums and thugs.

What Glover ended up saying here is that when the movers and shakers of America unleashed racial ideologies in the culture, then people like Glover will be chased down and probably get killed. In other words, the Civil Rights Movement, which was essentially Jewish in ideology, helped destroy both the social fabric in America and the black family in particular. People like Thomas Sowell have come to similar conclusions.

Is that really what Glover and others want? Well, apparently Glover is just going for the ride. He has just gotten a role in the Star Wars franchise, in which he will be portrayed as “pansexual.”

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  1. ” US-First May 20, 2018 at 1:11 pm
    David Odell: Here is an article – an Opinion piece, from today’s Haaretz by Fr. James Martin SJ that might, ”
    He is not saying anything striking unknown in that OP. People are being used to be confused. The more that are in that state the better for the Anglo-Zionists.
    The “But their are good people” issue is well addressed in this comment to which I subscribe when thinking about the Chosen People. CP’s by design place themselves apart from the rest who are outside their group. This is a very unique ideology for a group with huge collective financial power on this Planet. The details are to be found in History and not in the Bible.

  2. “David Odell May 20, 2018 at 12:06 pm
    Art reflects existing societal issues when it is political. It doesn’t cause them. ”
    Art is on a pedestal from which it convincingly says “Look, this is the way.”. Example, advertising which is an Art of modifying behavior. If it didn’t work they wouldn’t spend millions on using it.

    • Art is not propaganda. Propaganda is intentionally misleading, while art is an individual expression of inspiration or emotion. Glover didn’t gun down the church choir , Dylan Roof did. This is America., is a simple truth, not a suggestion. One of the harms of taking art out of education is a separation between society and raw idea. Inspiration , is to “breathe in from the air “. If that is not seeking God, then what is ?
      A good art instructor will never teach to emulate other artists, but to seek what is in your heart and put it on the canvas. The journey of the self is to determine what is in the heart in the purist form. That is not propaganda. If a propagandist uses symbolism or attractants, that is not art, it is emulation. I have never considered realist portraits or mass production as art. Advertising , likewise has a sales agenda, I would hardly call that art. ,… It should have, Lucidity, Leanness, Exactitude, and Humor. Originality. Of Origin.

  3. I thought Glover’s video was genius. It’s fine art, and it is political. Growing up in a small all white town my first encounter with a black person was around 6 or 7, with 2 other siblings and our mother on a casual stop at the corner store. We all exited the car and made it halfway to the entrance when my mother started screaming at us to get back in the car. We didn’t know why, and all were just,.. why ? why ? what is going on ??
    Once back in the car, our mother still reluctant to tell us why, finally relented after we persistent enough, and she pointed towards a car that had pulled up at the pump. A large very black man exited the car, and there was a paused silence as we all took in the sight. That was my introduction to the black race. My mothers paralyzed fear and my own childish amazement at the sight and my mothers fear. I’m not alone.

    • Fast forward to my boot camp experience, the only thing I really liked about the military, was the social experiment. It is the least racist place in America. I bunked with folks from all over the world during my time, and it felt like being part of the entire human family. Now I keep my own record, by tables. I remember the table, about 20 feet long, I ate lunch with about 25 Chinese family members, as the only guest. That was a table. I played poker and drank at a table with 15 or 20 black men, as the only white guest, that was a table.
      Then There was the time, in 2008, I went to Philly to meet a black friend, and we went to get a drink. We were not served and asked to leave,… and that was a table. The empty table. The sad table. The angry table.
      We have to have the conversation. We all have to sit down at the table.

    • What Mr Alexis probably trying to point up is

      The root cause of all these problems highlighted in Donald Glover’s mtv.

      You just need to look at the music vidoes being peddled by Youtube to understand the real problem. Most of the mv from Black artistes are mostly abt sex drugs vices and violence. If black youths in America grow up watching those craps and think its cool, what do you think will happen next, the result will be the stuffs that shown in Glover’s video.

      The real core problem is the music industry and the pusher which is Google.

    • Art reflects existing societal issues when it is political. It doesn’t cause them. The root problem is systemic racism in America and a general fear of Black people by White people. Google and the music industry can be accused of many things, causing racism is not one of them. Denial is a prison, and racism is a jailer.
      Those who refuse to acknowledge that a problem exists are either sheltered or cowardly racists. The small minded has brought us, Rock and Roll was the devil, Reagan was the anti-christ, the Devil made me do it, and now , what racism ? ,.. a bit of deeper esoteric knowledge for you,.. the mystic factions of the Catholic Church and other particular eugenics folks, are terrified of the power of the unified Black spirit, and the unified power of the Native American spirit, because those groups have more soul in their pinkies than Christianity does in it’s entirety. Ignorance is the source of racism.

    • David Odell: Here is an article – an Opinion piece, from today’s Haaretz by Fr. James Martin SJ that might, if you are prepared to read it, find some common ground. I always read your posts with interest but am mystified by your constant harping against Catholicism in general over what I can only assume were/are personal gripes over close encounters with those of the faith off at a tangent and plowing a lone furrow among the tares and snares of the Devil. In fact I encourage all VT readers to cast an eye over it as Fr. Martin is a rare, rare find. Evangelical/Zionists like Hagee and Hinn should cringe at his rational logic.

    • US-First ,.. My position on Catholicism is based on a quite lengthy study. What keeps me going, is that the information I have indexed and correlated is not published anywhere, so it is not personal and I have no personal gripes about Catholics, I even have volunteered my services at times, and still have Catholics as friends. But, there are different levels of information, between the congregation, and the upper management.
      I speak to the upper management. There are things they know and never say in public, and things that are said in private. If the congregants knew, they would chase them all out. Mostly, folks just think I have a personal beef, I can assure you that is not the case. I have evidence enough for any court willing to hear it. Of the irrefutable type.

    • Art reflects existing societal issues when it is political. It doesn’t cause them.

      nonsense. as any b-grade psychologist/ neurologist knows, when the cognitive and imagination differ, the imagination wins every time. art by-passes the cognitive mind, and feeds the imagination directly.

      and as jews show with their bible, their the best at storyboarding .

    • high rpm,.. The Bible is propaganda, in that it is intentionally misleading. It was art before group after group of agenda driven folks manipulated it. It is a time teaching story, and the components are subtley hypnotic due to the adherence to the flow of natural time. Is today different than tomorrow ? Will people have a different set of ideas today than yesterday ? Indeed they do, and the schedule is known and provable. It has been so for millennia. It is not new. By placing names and places strategically throughout the text, a false historical narrative was created. The stories were meant to be Obviously myth. so that could not happen.

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