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Damascus Fully Freed of Militants as Syrian Army Clears Last Stronghold

 DAMASCUS (Sputnik) – The Syrian Army has liberated the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, located south of Damascus, from terrorists, a security services source told Sputnik.

Damascus is completely freed from militants as Syrian Army clears the last stronghold, according to the source.

“The Syrian Army has liberated the Yarmouk camp south of Damascus and hoisted the Syrian flag there,” the source said.

Syrian state television says the Syrian army has taken control of the Daesh-help Al-Hajar Al-Aswad district South of Damascus.

The Syrian army is clearing out the last remaining blocks of the recently liberated Yarmouk camp, located in the south of Damascus, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

A Syrian officer said that the soldiers should inspect every building in the camp in order to find potential suicide attackers or snipers to avoid violence in the future.Earlier, the Syrian government forces regained control over the eastern neighborhoods of the district of Yarmouk located south of Damascus. The operation was launched after the liberation of Eastern Ghouta on Damascus’ outskirts from militants. with the last remaining town, Douma, being retaken from militants on April 12.

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Yarmouk refugee camp and surrounding settlements were the last strongholds of Daesh* and al-Nusra Front terrorists near Damascus. Since an armed conflict broke out in Syria in 2011, the Yarmouk refugee camp for Palestinian and Syrian refugees had been regularly taken over by different militant groups, which has resulted in catastrophic humanitarian conditions for the refugees. Currently, some 18,000 refugees live in the camp.

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    1. a Middlê Eâst spêciâlist and formêr vicê châirman of the CIA’s Nâtional Intêlligence Council, say

  1. All these foreign elements are spies and saboteurs and doing exactly what the septics, poms and frogs do, should be summarily executed.

  2. The Syrian army should detain foreign soldiers as they could be Intelligence officers of various countries like the US, S Arabia, Israel and the EU and are involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity. The actual intelligence officers should ‘debriefed’ by the Syrians and then handed over to the Russian military for further ‘debriefing’.

  3. This is also from Sputnik :
    « Al Shalli went on to say that the Syrian army had detained hundreds
    of foreign intelligence officers, including from the United States, the
    United Kingdom, Arab states and Israel.

    “For example, there are about 300 only French soldiers of different
    ranks. We see attempts to pressure the Syrian government to free
    the captive foreign soldiers. But these dreams are not destined to
    come true, because now the odds are in favor of the government’s
    forces and its allies,” he stressed. »

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