Censored from MSM, Both US and Russia: Rudy’s Ties to Opioid Peddler Exposed

Rudy Giuliani won deal for OxyContin maker to continue sales of drug behind opioid deaths

 Connecticut-based Purdue Pharma is facing a wave of civil lawsuits as New York, Texas and five other states have joined a growing number actions against the company. Photograph: Douglas Healey/AP

Editor’s note:  It isn’t just that Rudy is and always has been, along with Trump, a mob associate.  Our sources say Purdue and the entire oxy/opioid industry is mob run, not Italian mob but “Kosher Nostra,” where Rudy, Trump and Roy Cohn “made their bones….”

The story behind the story is the coverup.  This is a big news story, just like the US Supreme Court decision yesterday to overrule state laws protecting workers from wage and hour fraud.  Nothing in the news on either of these.

What we also see is that Sputnik and RT also are boycotting these stories as well, the big news in the US, hot stories, government peddling drugs, workers being cheated by the millions.

Who has that power?  Who can dictate both to the US MSM and Russia as well? Do we now understand why Israel can order the US and Russia around by the “short hairs?”

Is the RKM/Rothschild Khazarian Mafia that powerful?  From the Guardian, which did report the story:


The US government secured a criminal conviction against Purdue Pharma in the mid-2000s but failed to curb sales of the drug after Giuliani reached a deal to avoid a bar on Purdue doing business

The US government missed the opportunity to curb sales of the drug that kickstarted the opioid epidemic when it secured the only criminal conviction against the maker of OxyContin a decade ago.

Purdue Pharma hired Rudolph Giuliani, the former New York mayor and now Donald Trump’s lawyer, to head off a federal investigation in the mid-2000s into the company’s marketing of the powerful prescription painkiller at the centre of an epidemic estimated to have claimed at least 300,000 lives.

While Giuliani was not able to prevent the criminal conviction over Purdue’s fraudulent claims for OxyContin’s safety and effectiveness, he was able to reach a deal to avoid a bar on Purdue doing business with the federal government which would have killed a large part of the multibillion-dollar market for the drug.

The former New York mayor also secured an agreement that greatly restricted further prosecution of the pharmaceutical company and kept its senior executives out of prison.

The US attorney who led the investigation, John Brownlee, has defended the compromise but also expressed surprise that Purdue did not face stronger action from federal regulators and further criminal investigation given its central role in the rise of the epidemic.

Read more at UK Guardian

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  1. The Rothchilds agent Nuttyaho controls other countries by the Mossad Sampson potion. Just about every country where Israel has a Embassy they have a nuke planted. Dont do what I want, you go up in smoke!

  2. Bingo. You can replace “Russia” with “Israel”, or “Israel” with “Russia”, it doesn’t matter. The long established Soviet Union (of Jews) were a driving force in establishing Israel, notably via Stalin’s NKVD. I see no logical reason (other than the poorly constructed Israel v Russia psyop) that Russia aren’t the ones pulling the strings here. If anything it’s Israel working FOR Russia. Israel doing it’s part destroying the US from the inside.

  3. Mothers little helper, has evolved to Mothers Executive CEO in charge of World Wide Narcotics Sales. The criminal ring, is now complete, with the threat of being “Haspeled”. All facets of a drug cartel completely legalized. Drooliani ? Jewliani ? There’s a lot to work with. I am looking at one intriguing prospect, Zephyr Rain Teachout, for NY AG. She has what I call the right time formula, but, tentacles of all sizes must be examined. The NY AG spot is critical, perhaps one of the most critical top cop spots in the world.

    I am interested why Erdogan does not bring up the record increase in opium production in Afghanistan along with the nuclear mentions.

    If we ask the average person on the street, they think we are in Afghanistan for women rights. The British created Malala Yousafzai ambassador interview with Lettermen, has some decent nuggets if you listen closely. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have convinced her to work with brown wrapping paper.

    • Well video proof of the “destroyed” part of “seized and destroyed”, is always desirable, but it says nothing of Erdogan. 400 tons of opium is a lot ,.. the end remark pays homage to the standard line of consideration of the amount of money it makes,.. as if that is a valid consideration. This tells me , the political stance is, “well, it’s complicated”. My suspicion is Erdogan likes drug money. and Trump does too

    • If they seized 400 tons, then . If we randomly assume 1200 tons are being moved, it requires State assistance of some kind. The quantity is likely more,.. and it doesn’t fit into suitcases. I find it interesting that they are going after processing plants, rather than ports or the fields themselves, in an militarily occupied country.
      This would indicate multi-State sponsorship and facilitation. The easiest route to laundering would be a country that sells it legally.

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