US House strips Trump of War Powers on Iran – Story buried

No War with Iran Amendment passes!


…from the National Iranian American Council, Washington, DC

[ Editor’s Note: You just can’t make this stuff up. Congress stepped up to the plate with a surprise unanimous vote attaching an amendment to a Defense authorization bill stating that “no law exists which gives the president power to launch a military strike against the Islamic Republic.”

The National Iranian American Council was the first to publish this yesterday, but I waited until today to get more details. And here they are:

“The unanimous passage of this bipartisan amendment is a strong and timely counter to the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Iran deal and its increasingly hostile rhetoric,” Congressman Keith Ellison said.

“This amendment sends a powerful message that the American people and Members of Congress do not want a war with Iran. Today, Congress acted to reclaim its authority over the use of military force,” he added.

I don’t have words to describe how shocked I am at the unanimous vote. I would have bet a bundle that such a thing in the current Congress would be impossible. Mind blower number two, sort of, it seems there is a total media blackout on this story.

Gosh, who would have the motivation and muscle to do that? Let me know what you think in the commentsJim W. Dean ]

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Panorama of the US Capitol building

– First published … May 23, 2018

Good news! The U.S. House just passed the No War with Iran amendment clarifying that Trump and Pompeo do not have authority to launch war against Iran.

This is a big first step in our efforts to rein in Trump’s push to escalate toward war with Iran. For the first time, a Congressional chamber has clarified that Congress has not authorized military action against Iran, which is all the more vital given the hawkish rhetoric coming out of the White House and State Department.

The amendment – offered by Representatives Keith Ellison (D-MN), Barbara Lee (D-CA), Ro Khanna (D-CA), Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Jim McGovern (D-MA), and Walter Jones (R-NC) – is now in the House’s version of the National Defense Authorization Act. The bill is likely to be passed out of the House later this week.

Our work is not over. The amendment could be stripped out in negotiations with the Senate, as has happened to both productive and dangerous amendments in the past.

We will be in touch with ways you can help ensure that Donald Trump ultimately has to sign the No War with Iran amendment.

Thank you for all that you do.


Jamal Abdi
Executive Director


See the PressTV story on it here.


  1. The press release came from the National Iranian American Council, who we know well. They are in DC and their head guy is a top Iranian expert, work in Congress and was very involved in the JCPOA and the author of several major books on US-Iran geopolitics. If the amendment passed by one vote, there was no need to goose the story by saying it was unanimous. And lastly, if it were a bogus story Israel would have told us already and had trolls in our comments, which it does not. The Lobby is lying low. We published excerpts of the Sandia national labs 2003 report on what brought down the three World Trade Towers, got a ton of reads on VT, but a total blackout in corporate media, and not a call from anyone with a question, and no threats.

  2. A good solid Old Fashioned Straight Right to The Snout of The Lobby. There is Hope for America yet. Now to get the Snouts out of The Trough.

  3. i have checked the annals Congress and National Iranian American Council, I do not see any mention of amendment restricting Trump.s power on Iran

    • Well we will be calling Keith Ellison’s office on Tuesday to thank him, and others, and if they know nothing about it we will print a retraction, but I doubt that would happen. The National Iranian American Council would not blow their credibility by putting out a fake report, that Memorial Day America did not see anyway. VT has down several news interviews on it and no one has called to challenge the story.

    National Television Broadcast.
    5:30 International News Headline Summary:

    North Korea/South Korea meeting.

    American held in Venezuela freed.

    Migrant killed at border.

    Pervert doctor at USC.

    Tropical Storm Alberto.

    Morgan Freeman Sex Harassment Scandal.

    WeinStain Sex Scandal.

    Irish can abort babies.

    Kilauea Volcano.

    School shooting victim released.

    Gas prices higher.(Thank Israel and Trump for that.)

    Glass ceiling shattered with first woman President of the stock market. Not really though, Adena Friedman became CEO of Nasdaq in early 2017. Two of Americas biggest exchanges are led by women. Probably both Jews. Probably not the first with Vaginas, either. Non event, but stokes the war of the sexes. AHoles…

    Swedish Meatball International Incident.

    Something about a black woman not retiring at a Segregated Black University. Must constantly remind black people of the past to keep them enclosed in a mental shtetl of fear, constantly harassed with reminders of oppression. Wonder where they perfected that PSYOP…?

    Amendment to bill limiting Trumps power to go to war with Iran?


    So that unanimously supported Amendment may in fact be against AIPACs influence. Zionist news outlets are keeping it OUT of the public awareness.

    In a court of law, you are required to tell the truth, the WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but the truth.

    If only the press, who have SO MUCH POWER, were held to the same standard.

    • Johnny America , Don’t insult to the whores, they’re more honest that journalists bought by joo’s….

    • @Johnny America I beg your pardon. The whores on the street and the suites have much higher standards than the cheap hoes of the press rooms. Presstitutes sell their truth down the river. Can any hoe stoop lower than that.

  5. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark .
    “No law exists which gives the president power to launch a military strike against Iran …” – What about the power to strike against Russia ? Syria ? Or , may be , Lebanon ? Where should we strike ?
    OK. Let#s bomb N.Korea .

    • They had to be on vacation. We will be calling Ellerson on Tuesday. Everyone should. Not to show a lot of support to him and crew for doing this would be beyond stupid. When to we get a shot like this out of the blue.

  6. Like in Wayne’s World comedy movie but this one is Brigitte’s History comedy video…. Don’t pay any attention as she do it a messed up with dates and facts she mixing a century with another but you don’t worry it’s not important…. it’s funny… 😀

    • Jim: Maybe a back-door foreign media approach would be best by having Iranian or Syrian newsrooms pick up the story. Whatever contacts you have there could help expedite it. It is not like it is old news because it got limited coverage so far.

      Clearly, the Zionist establishment is working frantically round the clock to keep the lid on the story. Nothing else can account for it. None of the Russian outlets either have gone with the story which says what about Zionist influence in and from Moscow? When Haaretz doesn’t carry it in Israel you know the extent of the clamp-down especially given that Haaretz carries an opinion piece today by Congressman Ellison against the gargantuan Gaza sniper fest by gun-toting Israeli goons against protesting Palestinians. Needless to say the piece received some withering responses from readers. You can measure the devastating impact of the story by this corrupt blanket cover – as against the needed blanket coverage, in the media. What an irony: to have to expose the entire MSM for killing a story! Keith Ellison’s telephone number in DC is 202-225-4755.

  7. IS this simply a gesture or is it a revolt against tRump, Pompeo and Bolton? Like the old memorex commercial, is it real or is it Memorex? Is this act by the House for real or will i end up as another meaningless symbolic message to the idiot in Chief?
    However, that those in congress would act and pass such a bill as this indicates they are listening to the people and they are getting the message: No more wars for israel.
    America cannot afford another costly war, this time with a nation capable of defending itself, one that could easily send any number of U.S. ships to the bottom , including an aircraft carrier or two.
    The people of israel have to realize if tRump starts a war with Iran, they too will suffer the consequences in spite of their Iron Dome, that doesn’t work. Only those filled with zionist hubris, such as John Bolton and Netenyahu continue to call for war with Iran.
    They are outnumbered.
    If tRump does not sign this Congress does have the power to override his veto.

  8. People are getting a whiff of dystopian Evangelical policy, and they don’t like it.

    “Truth begins by calling things by their proper names”. , This would be a religious based war between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The final proof , that these belief systems are poison. (not that we needed any)

    The embassy massacre, increased the volume of anti-israeli sentiment significantly. And the Clown Bus, has delivered the Evangelicals to their tourist destination. The stupidity mirror.

  9. Great move re Iran, but why limit this to just Iran. Congress is supposed to have the ONLY authority to enter into a war.

  10. Congressman Ellison’s answer to a prayer – Kyria Eliason = “Lord have mercy!”

    However cynically people react to this astounding news I can vouch from my little, yet powerful admiration for Congressman Ellison’s efforts on behalf of peace in the Middle East. Obviously, there are others – many of them who have stood together as Americans for possibly the only times in eons and tranches of legislation passed since AIPAC became a blistering sore on the face of US decency. Congress knew the NeoCons and Zionist fellow-travelers are on the war path against Iran. The asinine and illogical – (when was anything of these criminals ever logical!) withdrawal from the JCPOA was a prima facie declaration of war by their puppet = פ״פפעת or in Ian Greenhalgh’s street lingo of England a “muppet” – A term for idiot or moron or in Trump’s case, someone who is incompetent or gormless. What a kick-in-the-cajones for the psychotic despots Pompeo and Bolton and their Israeli counterparts Bibi and Libbi (Lieberman) who took war against Iran as a ‘gimme’. Let them suck on icicles of pig doodle.
    It is an outstanding development and a timely boost to a flagging US reputation in the Arab world. The upshot is a blow, a catastrophic blow to Israel. Let’s see how they work to rearrange – as against destroy, the political landscape in subservient Washington to allow the Israeli Pol Pot’s off the back burner.

    • Congress knew the Neocons and Zionists are on the war path with Iran because they are one in the same!

      Until this is actually PASSED there is no cause for celebration.

      It WON’T be passed if the Zionists keep this out of the news.

      I guess it is possible there is a schism in the Zionist world and war with Iran might be seen as suicidal by the Non-messianic factions of Zionists. Perhaps they are just trying to save Israel from destruction…

    • The consequences of taking “Satan’s Shekel” is that one day the consequences from being a little foreboding suddenly appear fearful and inescapable. The inevitability of a major war and the catastrophic death and destruction it brings in its tail – is a ‘heads-up’ against such evil. Maybe this realization combined with the misguidance of a Zionist captain at the helm of the ship of state provoked this veritable volte face. Make a pact with AIPAC like the greedy Faustus of fiction, you do have the opportunity of saving your soul, instead of throwing it to perdition, into the sphere of the Devil and eternal damnation.

  11. Unanimous voting in congress to cut Trump’s warlust to bag Iran will likely save the lifes and careers of all the professional traitors that are on Zion’s pay/blackmail list in the US congress. If this was true all effort should be made to present All members of congress publicly that voted against USA’s & Israels democratic freedom to invade, suppress and rob any country in the world. Congress members who suddenly have a conscience and “betray” their masters on behalf of “their” country after decades of submission to Israel & Co should face justice either way! Even if Mossad makes some of them slip over a banana peel it still would seem like Justice to the International community.

  12. Odd that Congress would go against Israeli Masters…Maybe Obama and Cankles are making use of her enormous blackmail dossier behind the scenes.

    Perhaps Iran wisely set up deals that allow powerful Americans to “wet their beak” a little. It would give (((greedheads))) an incentive for peace.

    If this development is kept OUT of the press, it may indeed be a rogue act, gone “off-script”.

    Who was behind the Iran deal in the first place? That’s where I’d look…

  13. That‘s amazing!
    My personal theory is that Trump’s strategy was to become “more catholic than the pope”, as well as extremely unpredictable. This strategy caused everybody including the neocons to become very affraid of him, and so a result was achieved that nobody expected.

    • Neocons love Trump, their indignation is fake.

      Cambridge Analytica was paid BIG bucks to advise Trump to tweet things like: “$135,000 to fix the headstones and $65,000 to the Jews that did it” in order to fool people into believing he wasn’t an Israeli shill.

      It worked on me, I thought maybe he wasn’t another “gaping hole” for Zionism. I was wrong.

      For the record, I have only voted for myself as a write-in candidate since 1992. I haven’t voted since 2008, I dont know if there is even a provision for a write-in candidate anymore. I’m not sure such a vote would be counted, probably just tossed out and the tally would go to a Repub or Dem, whoever is counting the votes.

      Forget words. Actions don’t lie.

      Trump is (((OWNED))).

  14. Politicians/bureaucrats always look out for them selves first. In the end they will always sell out the people
    just to save themselves. Hard to believe they are doing this just because it is the right thing to do. Maybe
    a turf war ?

    • With mid-term elections approaching and last surveys saying 63% american’s against Trump’s decision to get out US from Iran agreement the congressmen they have fear this insane guy begins a war before elections and occur a voters furious reaction. They are not doing this because is the right.

  15. This is great news as long as it lasts. By the way Israel has nukes doesn’t it? Why shouldn’t Iran have them since the U.S. backed out of the agreement? Israel has not even signed the non proliferation treaty and refuses international inspections yet they hypocritically criticize Iran. Look in a mirror you gangster hypocrites in Israel. The electorate must get tough with all members of Congress who are dual citizens of the U.S. and Israel or who place the selfish interests of Israel above the interests of the United States. Anyone engaging in these illegal activities must be booted out of Congress pronto. Frankly Israel is a much greater risk to world peace with nukes than Iran ever was. Israel did 9/11 and as Gordon and others have shown mini nukes were evidently used to destroy the towers on 9/11/01.

  16. Did hell just freeze over? My rep did something that Israel didn’t mandate? AIPAC and the other 50 Israel NGO’s will be twisting arms.

    • I put “No War with Iran amendment” to Google, and got 6 answers : , , , , , .

    • mehrnews has the formulation “an amendment to the US 2019 National Defense Budget, in which any declaration of a war on Iran has been banned without the Congress’s approval.”
      But that is tricky, since it seems to be the latest fashion among military people just to go to war as they see fit, without declaring a war.

  17. Well this decision by the US House is actually Their Wise decision Because Unlike Chaotic Afghanistan OR a weak Sanctionned Iraq , Iran is Strong and Basically Iran says that IF USA attacks Iran then Iran will take out All nearby American Bases AND Israel ,,,,,,, So there might have been Pressure from the Israelis on the Congress to Not attack Iran so as to keep Israel safe …….. this is a very Wise Decision as USA is Weak from Constant Wars since the WW2 , the USA is overextended Militarily and Most Probably USA cannot afford to go against a Strong Enemy ….and USA Never attacked any Strong Nation …. It is well agreed upon that Every couple of Years the USA picks on a Tiny and known Defenseless nation to put those small nations under the yoke of the Zionists who rule the USA ….. USA habitually only picks on the Poor Defenseless , Even the Shaky North Korea is treated with some respect because North Korea Promises to hit back at the USA Mainland , a feat that not many can do OR Not many are capable of …….. In an All out War with Iran the USA will get a good thrashing , Iran been Preparing Militarily since Ayoullah Khameini’s Revolution in 1979 Because atleast since then the Iranians been receiving Threats , so since they have had Plenty of Time to Prepare for the worst case scenario of an all out Attack by the Zionist Enslaved WEST .

  18. Personal Note, I also wanted to add about Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor past article child biography I read is very identical to my own male parent.

  19. There is a song by musician Leonard Cohen a Canadian born, the words “No body knows the war is over, No body knows ……, and so on”.
    No body knows except FOR National Iranian American Council, now lets sing along, No body knows in the United States, No body knows, sing along.
    Mr. Trumps bi-handler lover is going furious and Alex shall write a good article to counter this nitwit’s fury.

    • Deceased Leonard Cohen of Montreal Also sang ” Everybody Knows ” and that Song says that ” The war is over and the Good Guys Lost ” …….

  20. Jim, what I think is the congress guys with the results of surveys in hand saying 63% american’s against Trump’s decission about Iran they smell big troubles incoming if Trump’s begins an attack and they felt in your asses the fear about public reaction was were more powerful that his love to zionist entity

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