Israel is universally rejected in US for the first time: Duff on Press TV


The unanimously passed US House of Representatives amendment, which bans President Donald Trump from declaring a war on Iran, shows Israel is universally rejected in the United States for the first time, according to an American political commentator and journalist.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu celebrates victory after US President Donald Trump withdraws from the Iran nuclear deal. (File photo)
Gordon Duff, senior editor at Veterans Today, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Saturday, after the US House of Representatives unanimously passed an amendment on Wednesday that bans Trump from declaring a war on Iran without the Congress’s approval.
The amendment, introduced by Democratic Representative Keith Maurice Ellison and cosponsored by a number of other Democratic as well as Republican lawmakers, made clear Congress’s position that no law exists which gives the president power to launch a military strike against the Islamic Republic.
“It could be seen in a couple of ways,” Duff said. “But one is it’s a total rejection of the policies of Trump and [Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo by the entire House of Representatives – something that’s never before seen in the United States.”
“It could also be seen as a prelude to the impeachment of President Trump. There is no other question about this that his policies rejected his relationship with Israel,” he stated. “Israel is universally rejected in the United States for the first time.

Not one member of Congress voted in alliance with Israel’s request. Not one. Unimaginable!” he concluded.

Ellison’s amendment came two weeks after Washington unilaterally walked out of a multilateral nuclear agreement, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), signed between Iran and major powers in 2015. The move was construed by many as a declaration of war against Tehran.

“The unanimous passage of this bipartisan amendment is a strong and timely counter to the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Iran deal and its increasingly hostile rhetoric,” Ellison said.

Trump announced on May 8 that Washington was walking away from the nuclear agreement which was reached between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – the US, Britain, France, Russia and China – plus Germany.

Trump also said he would reinstate US nuclear sanctions on Iran and impose “the highest level” of economic bans on the Islamic Republic.

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  1. This was very likely a false flag vote to throw us off guard from the next real false flag attack to get us into a war with Iran and more. Does our military refuse an order to fight based on these votes? Of course not. Haven’t most presidents since the beginning lied to Congress to get us into wars? Even Dishonest Abe did it. Where is it written in the Constitution that he and psychopath Sherman and Drunk Grant could kill a million and destroy billions dollars of the country to hold the Union together? It is not there. Zero authority at all. Bully North voted a 40% sales tax on the South. How would you like to pay such an outrageous tax? Black slaves built New York. Today we are all virtual slaves to a lying, cheating outlaw government The United States of Israel. Why can our secret government lie to citizens but citizens must tell the government the truth? Isn’t it time to jail liars in government?

    • Regarding the Civil War: it has been argued by some that because the southern states seceded from the original Confederation of the United States, by its own conditions this brought the original treaty to an end, i.e, dissolved the Union. It would then follow logically that Lincoln was not a legitimate president for the original Union. It may explain why Lincoln started issuing “proclamations” like a tyrant or a monarch (a fact that is not questioned much). So the question arises what is the legal basis for the Union if the original treaty was dissolved? I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but perhaps this was the original hi-jacking of US government! This could be the logic behind the District of Columbia laws, which were subsequently extended to all US citizens and which weakened the individual States, treated everyone as a dead person, and all manner of legal chicanery designed to do away with the universal and traditional dictates of Common Law.

  2. . I think it’s naive to think that these Israeli whores would rebel against the Jews at any time soon . it’s just that instead of direct open was the Israelis might be interested in bringing Iran down covertly for now and maybe later if the various measures make Iran impotent then surely a direct attack but right now Iran has kind of intermediate range missiles which can hit nearby USA bases and Israel , the Jews do desire Iran destroyed but I don’t think they’re willing to risk anything Themselves , besides another indication is that Israel always wants others to Fight it’s battles and that too is to keep the Jews uneffected . I don’t believe that any of the Zionist enslaved can rebel .

  3. I don’t think that the Congress critters have rebelled against Israel , I Think the Congress is doing exactly what the Jews demand that is ” Don’t attack Iran yet so as to keep Israel safe ” ,,,,, Yup they want Israel safe and by asking not to attack , it is not that they have sobered up , no not at all sober but instead I guess they want covert operations against Iran as the Mossad motto goes ” We shall wage war by deception ” so instaed of an all out open war that puts Jewish lives at risk maybe the jews want lots of indirect covert operations to which Iran will not be able to reply …. A direct open war would put Israel at the risk of an Iranian Missile salvos as the Jews never want to risk damages to themselves so I guess here the Jews state to USA that do the things that damage Iran but while keeping Israel safe from Iranian Missile salvos …

  4. Another example of “democracy” from the infamous zionist entity criminal regime….
    “Anyone who filmed, photographed, and/or recorded soldiers in the course of their duties, with the intention of undermining the spirit of IDF soldiers and residents of Israel, shall be liable to five years imprisonment,”

  5. I am not so willing to take the little crumbs shoved to us by Congress. I will start clapping and dancing when I see all the Israeli government connections to our government dissolved by Congress (e.g. AIPAC, and the various committees paying our Congress members under the table, etc.), proving that America is no longer colonized by Israel. What an absolute disgrace. The coup of Israel on our government, along with a president that encourages this; and Trump is by far not the first. He just intentionally aids Israel in their bad deeds, knowing no one is going to object. Yet, I see no constraints put on him by Congress. Come on people, I am not grateful for the crumbs. This whole Neo-mobster crap needs to be brought down now before it sucks the American blood out of this country and replaces it with Kharzarian Jewish mobster blood.

  6. Or maybe the Cabal is simply abandoning Israel as having outlived its usefulness, and it will be replaced by something even worse?

    Didn’t Heinz Kissinger predict Israel would be gone by 2020?

  7. If Trump goes down, I`d say great but Pence says he`s a ‘Christian Zionist’ and is no better! ‘Christian Zionists’ are totally disgusting!!

  8. Surely Hitler he made a lot of mistakes, but he have got many things right too, and he was right to point out rich joo’s owners of media, banks and others many things as the economic and moral fall of germany between 1918-1933. The WWII don’t was a war against the wrong or right, was a war against a economic model, the based on labour germany model against the usurious bankers joo’s and anglo-zionist model .


    Comes a time when information reaches both a critical mass and a critical mass of people when the message crests even to the the top of the DC Hill and gathers speed as it careens downward to jolt the consciousness of the unwary. Such is the case with AIPAC and the Zionists. They made hay while the sun and moon shone, day and night for way too long. The jig is up. Resail, Israel, resail … take advantage of the gusts in your favor and work those tacks wide to windward. Fair winds and following seas!

  10. Most Americans probably see the Israeli government as ruthless, blood thirsty and indifferent to international
    condemnation and public opinion in general. Accustomed to blanket endorsement of any aggression by the
    US Congress they will proceed in a business-as-usual manner until stopped.

  11. Echte Amerikaner! Es gibt Sie noch. Hier Sind Sie! Ich freu mich so. Herzliche Grüße und meinen Größten Respekt aus dem Schwarzwald in Deutschland.

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