Afghanistan: Israels Commando’s Hit by Taliban, Lose Helicopter, Casualties

IDF Commando in Afghanistan, March 1, 2018

By Gordon Duff and Kadir Mohmand

Last night, an Israel Defense Force command unit, newly stationed at the formerly closed US military facility and air base at Farah City in Farah Province, Western Afghanistan, came under Taliban attack.

Attacks on the Israeli group had been going on for days.

Israel forces were hit with rocket and mortar attacks, losing one helicopter (US) and suffering casualties.  Israeli forces withdrew, evacuated to Shindand Air Base in Herat Province.

Israel has deployed forces in Afghanistan since 2004 to train police and, according to unconfirmed sources, coordinate counter-narcotics efforts.

The truth is likely quite different.

Israel’s new deployments, as a base of operations against Iran from Afghanistan’s soil, supplement Mossad and CIA operational groups that have coordinated the relocation of ISIS forces from Syria to Afghanistan.

Sources on the ground and on the base itself, Jalalabad Air Base, say the CIA and Mossad set up training centers for ISIS about 18 months ago with contract flights from Turkey and Iraq delivering jihadists on a bi-weekly basis.

From VOP net:

AFGHANISTAN (VOP TODAY NEWS) – 90 commandos, members of the Israeli special forces, are expected in Afghanistan, announced the Arab media.

According to these sources quoted by the Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, these Israeli commandos will use American identity to establish themselves in US controlled territories in Afghanistan.

Their special mission would be to conduct actual exercises on the battlefield against “extremist groups”, with the aim of “acquiring specific intelligence skills”. Another objective of this presence would be to fight “groups” that would benefit from the support of the population.

Also according to this information, Israeli commandos will thus benefit from the judicial immunity already available to American soldiers present in Afghanistan.

US President Donald Trump issued a special decree by which he asked the US military command for the Middle East (CENTCOM) to continue the partnership policy between US forces and those of other “friendly countries” in Afghanistan.

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This decree aims to reduce the heavy expenses of the American army, since the presence of the special forces and commandos of the allied countries of the United States will be less expensive than that of the US forces or the mercenaries of Black Water.

It was in the late 1990s, the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union that Israel began its contacts with the Afghan authorities in order to extend its sphere of influence to the gateway to Asia. Central.

According to the London-based specialist journal Jane’s Defense and the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot, a government minister from Burhanuddin Rabbani reportedly met with the director general of the Israeli Foreign Ministry in a European capital.

“It seems that by this meeting, Israel was trying to make its way through Rabbani’s party, Alliance of the North. Washington would worry that Israel’s contacts with this Northern Alliance would be brought to light. Why? This kind of contact is not palatable to Pakistan and it is likely to lose the United States one of their key allies in South Asia. In any case, one of Tel-Aviv’s important goals is to expand its influence in South Asia, including Afghanistan,” wrote Jane’s Defense.

But the review does not mention an important point: the Israeli military presence in Central Asia as part of US missions can not go without affecting Russia and Iran, which share broad borders with Afghanistan.

The United States is about to evacuate the defeated terrorists in Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan, from where they intend to launch a new phase of their war against Russia or even Iran, as some analysts believe.

Especially since Israel would have sent to Afghanistan a unit composed of special forces “Matkal Unit” (Sayeret Matkal, a unit of the staff of the Israeli army – ed).

This unit formed in the 1960s includes Arab, African and Asian Jews. They dress either as Arabs or as Pakistanis. These numbers are trained to infiltrate sensitive centers. Israel attempts to set up electronic listening and spying centers, set up radars and information collection bases in areas near eastern Iran, northern Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and Russia, to achieve its strategic goals of putting security on them.

Israeli commandos in Iraq?

On the other hand, Iraqi politicians have expressed concern about the prospect of infiltration of Israeli commandos into their country. They fear that Israeli forces with an American identity will be deployed in Iraq, especially since reliable reports testify to the presence of Israeli commandos in US bases in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan.




  1. Several commenters have alluded to the fact that Israel can carry operating insane policies because there no IDF casualties!!! They’ve managed to outsource casualties to other countries (how clever is that). But the result is that IDF is no fighting force. At most it is a highly trained oppression force. And sniping on civilians of Gaza protest speaks of incredible cowardice and moral corruption.

  2. I do not know whether it is true or somone is playing psycological game. Uf true than it goes firther to prove that this Fakeland in Palestine is NOTHING other than Western self breeding MILITARY BASE. And it is the duty of all nations in Asia to finally reomove this last colonial foothold from Asia once and for all.

  3. Given the fct tht the Rothschild Khzr Mob did 9-11 this is clssic “sew the wind, re_p the whirlwind”…Isrel produces nothing but evil so whenever evil is done to them it’s re_lly just _ big correction in the mor_l universe..Pr_y tht we observe Wshington’s foreign policy prescriptions in his F_rewell _ddress & come home…the l_st Just W_r ws probbly the W_r of 1812..

  4. MOA – the ‘Judeo- Christian’ thing is an oxymoron and a lie, just like ‘Christian Zionists is a lie!! Jews hated Jesus Christ when He walked on this earth and the majority still do! Those who claim to be Christian but fall all over themselves for Israel are an offensive insult to Christians who know better!

  5. MOA Bitches

    During the Invasion of Iraq it is said that Israeli Forces entered Iraq secretly and carried out attacks on American forces to wear them out and to irritate US Soldiers into Callous reactions against the local Iraqis .

    Israelis are very dangerous and Without any scruples as long as Two Parties can get down and dirty in murders they will be Happy to do mischief to get any two Parties Fighting like crazy , same with the British SAS guys against locals to induce Shia-Sunni Friction

  6. The Taliban are very strict Muslims and they believe that Israelis are the enemies of Allah and the Arc Angel Gabriel.
    Israeli forces ain’t seen nothing yet. The good news for US troops, if they are smart enough, if you distance yourself from the Israelis, the Taliban will leave you alone until they wipe out the Israelis from their country. This for them is an opportunity to even the score for the Palestinians. Trust me folks this is gonna be fun watching the elite of the IDF cry like the pussies they are.
    A Taliban would rather die than share a country with zionist pigs.

    • Jesus said to the jews at John 8:44
      “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”
      LOL i guess we’re all in agreement here

    • btw
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    • TTH… while we are on the sibject od Mary and Jesus Peace be upon them, let me point a few more things out that are in the Quraan that Christians might not know. There is only one woman named by her proper name, as opposed to the wife of Abraham or Wife of Pharoe,

    • TTH… while we are on the sibject od Mary and Jesus Peace be upon them, let me point a few more things out that are in the Quraan that Christians might not know. There is only one woman named by her proper name, as opposed to the wife of Abraham or wife of Pharoe, it is Mary. Not only that but she has a chapter in her name. She is also referred to by Allah as the most chaste woman of mankind.
      Another thing that surprises Christians is to know that the Quraan tells us that Jesus’ first surmon was when he had just returned with his mother from a place in the East, from his crib. He told the world “I was sent as a Mercy onto Mankind.”
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  7. So, no one will know that Mo Green is really Slomo Meyerwitz. I seem to recall the Jews dressed in Arab garb when they bombed the King David hotel some decades back, so nothing has changed. By way of deception……

    • Censorship has progressed…I won’t allow Duran cookies, so can’t post there and RT comment just disappears. Now about entirely shut off comments….thus deceptions going unchallenged, they are slowly taking out dissent.

  8. And that’s how OUR TROOPS get in harm’s way. Israhell and the IDF are the U.S. National Security risk.
    They flick shlt and kick sand . . . then run behind our troops?
    Of course, the Zionist owned MSM will make it out to be the fault of the Muslims . . . whose sovereign land is being controlled by the Opium Drug Lords of big pharma.
    And the Judeo/Christian (whatever the fvck that is) will march right on in.
    Step away from the Zionists . . .

  9. Nopes Afghanistan is NOT the Training grounds for ISIS or Deash that Privelidge goes to Syria , Iraq , Jordon , Libya , etc ………. Afghanistan is where the CIA Asset ISIS / Deash dumping grounds , it’s become the Location of Deployment or an Intermediate location to stow away these CIA Assets till the next Terrorist adventure of the Western Intelligence Agencies ……

  10. Some joo’s killed in Afghanistan ?? always is a good thing receive good news on monday to begin the week…

    • USA the Slave would certainly Allow and Guide the Israeli’s to be Posing as Americans , Yup IF Israel makes such ” A Request ” USA will run to Serve it’s Owner …… Already it’s known that since 9/11 USA Provided Fake US IDs to Mossad to Enter Pakistan Posing as Americans to avoid the outrage that Israel usually causes …..

  11. Not enough by the Afghanistai Taliban! They must totally decimate the criminal genocidal Israeli troop in its entirety! Even that won’t be enough for what they are doing to the children of Palestine by grabbing them to sell their organs to the awaiting Jews worldwide recepients of these organs!

    • I guess this is actually the First ever confrontation of the Evil IDF with Real Soldiers , usually these Evil Immoral Assholes of IDF are used to Turkey Shoots in Palestine , against unarmed Civilians ….. these Evil IDF always scored a lot against defenseless Palestinians but here they got hit and they evacuated or in other words these became challenged and IDF ran away with its Tail between it’s legs ….

      Down with Israel and it’s Psychopathis Expansion across the Globe .

    • @ Echoes Their soldiers are crappy in a real fight specially one involving Pustuns and Afghans. As is their Krav Miga – a wholly contrived martial art labelled with fake-Biblical training systems. And expensive to boot, just like their unwieldy, inaccurate .357 Magnum semi-auto pistol.

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