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Kennedy brothers likely killed by CIA on behalf of Israel: Scholar

Press TV

Former US senator and attorney general Robert F. Kennedy, like his older brother, former President John F. Kennedy, was likely assassinated by senior CIA agents with the involvement of Israel, an American scholar says.

Sirhan Sirhan, a 24-year-old Palestinian immigrant, was convicted of murdering RFK and sentenced to death in 1969. His sentence was commuted to life in prison in 1972. He remains incarcerated for the crime.

RFK’s death in 1968 has been the subject of widespread analysis, similar to the 1963 assassination of his older brother, John F. Kennedy.

Bobby Kennedy was assassinated during celebrations following his successful campaign in the Californian primary elections while seeking the Democratic nomination for US president.

The 42-year-old presidential candidate was fatally shot shortly after midnight at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

Various experts have ascribed a varity of motives to CIA involvement in the assassination of both Kennedys. The secretive nature of the CIA and its reputation for high level political assassinations in the 1960s has made it a plausible perpetrator for the murder of the Kennedy brothers.

Three men seen in video and photographs of the Ambassador Hotel immediately before and after the RFK assassination were positively identified as CIA operatives, said Kevin Barrett, an author and 9/11 researcher in Madison, Wisconsin. (Source: The Guardian)

“The assassinations of the Kennedy brothers were largely carried out on behalf of Israel,” Barrett told Press TV on Monday.

“John F. Kennedy was dedicated to shutting down Israel’s nuclear weapons program and was killed because the Israelis, specifically [former Israeli prime minister David] Ben-Gurion believed that this was an issue of survival for Israel” he added.

“Robert Kennedy’s convicted killer Sirhan Sirhan, the patsy who was chosen to be presented to the public as the supposed killer who was actually hypnotized and had no idea what he was doing there…was used for propaganda purposes by the Zionists who murdered both of the Kennedy brothers,” Barrett said.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the son of RFK, says he does not believe Sirhan had carried out the assassination and believes a second shooter did it.

In an interview with The Washington Post published this weekend, Kennedy said he had spent months reviewing autopsy results, police reports and interviewed witnesses who were there when his father was gunned down.

He told the newspaper that he also met Sirhan, 74, incarcerated in the massive Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility, a California state prison complex in the desert outside San Diego.

Author Details
Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

He is host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly radio show funded by listener donations at Patreon.com and FALSE FLAG WEEKLY NEWS (FFWN); a audio-video show produced by Tony Hall, Allan Reese, and Kevin himself. FFWN is funded through FundRazr.

{p}He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

{p}Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin; where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

19 Replies to “Kennedy brothers likely killed by CIA on behalf of Israel: Scholar

  1. It’s hard to ignore the elephant in the room when it comes to JFK’s and RFK’s assassinations and that JFK signed his death warrant when he signed Executive Order 11110. I think Bobby was killed because he would have been elected. Heck Gov. Wallace got shot because he was going to split the vote. It’s hard to imagine how great this world could be had Jack Kennedy lived. His older brother was groomed for greatness but died and was awarded the Navy Cross. JFK was the next man up, perhaps not so well groomed, he started fighting against the Dulles brothers and making moral decisions when elected POTUS. He was no choir-boy but having affairs with beautiful women sure beats the pants off of what has been lately going on with our current list of degenerates. Camelot held the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans. When he was shot, the tears flowed.

  2. I refer you to an English TV show by Derren Brown, in which he mounts an experiment in mind control. A volunteer is selected from a group for his susceptibility to hypnosis, and he is put under, and programmed to kill a TV star, compere of QI, the actor Stephen Fry, upon a visible cue by Derren. The second part of the show is some days further, and the hypnotee is invited to another studio taping of Derren’s show, to which Stephen Fry is invited. When Fry appears, Derren gives the cue, and the hypnotee attempts to shoot him with a pistol he’s been supplied with.
    There is no doubt hypnotism is capable to implanting a command even to do acts which the subject is disapproving of. Derren’s show is likely on Youtube.

  3. Jackie O was a CIA Operative and was in on it too. There are other deaths connected to JFK like Ms.Kilgalen. These thugs do whatever they want, kill whomever they want, MK Ultra programming, and media lies to us…and yet we do nothing as citizens. Very little or no resistance. I am just not all that proud to be an American like l was when l enlisted in 1981.

  4. anybody who has the slightest interest in the jfk assassination should read the book , “final judgement” in which author michael collins piper, who just recently died under mysterious circumstances, alleges that the hit was ordered by jewland president david ben gurion because he was being pressured by jfk to open their top secret weapons plant at dimona to international weaspons inspectors. the jews built a fake dummy plant to satisfy jfk thru which they took the inspectors.
    that was the one and only time israel has ever allowed an inspection yet they whine and cry endlessly about irans phantom non-existent nuclear program even though weapons inspectors have free reign to come in and inspect anytime and anywhere
    they are absolutely the unquestioned masters of deception and deceit

    1. Jackie O was a CIA Operative and was in on it too. There are other deaths connected to JFK like Ms.Kilgalen. These thugs do whatever they want, kill whomever they want. They use MK Ultra programming and all the alleged shooters look drugged and out of it…. and media continues to lie
      to us…and yet we do nothing as citizens. Very little or no resistance. I am just not all that proud to be an American like l was when l enlisted in 1981.

  5. Sirhan Sirhan like Lee Harvey Oswald were the convenient patsies to be paraded in front of the television cameras.
    As was Jack Ruby.
    So who gave the order to have Dorothy Kilgalen snuffed out?
    What cancer virus was given to Jack Ruby that killed him so quickly?
    How do the American people allow the CIA to continue to exist is beyond the pale. Americans have been dumbed down to the point of an idiocracy.
    A nation of easily brainwashed and controlled morons.

    1. it wouldve been nice if you wouldve given jack rubys real jewish name rubinstein
      what the hell could the american people do about the cia
      but yes americans are stupid for continuing to believe after all these decades the lies of israel even vince bugliosi who wrote the prosecution of george w bush for murder said so

    2. “Brainwasher and easily controlled”? Yes we are. With lithium, fluoride, aluminum and hexavalent chromium in our water supply and the AMA ramming their propaganda down our throats to drink 8 glasses of that poison daily, what can you expect?

  6. I wish Kevin Barrett would stop writing articles that quote himself and refer to himself with flattering descriptors such as ‘scholar’. Geez. Articles such as this undermine the credibility of Veterans Today.

  7. The worse these international gangsters in Israel spit in our faces the more we give these crooks. Americans must be insane and belong in an insane asylum. Congress is insane. The Israel lover president is insane. Israel even did 9/11/01 with the aid of traitors Bush, Cheney and the four star generals. https://wikispooks.com/wiki/9-11/Israel_did_it The response by the corrupt fools in Congress to 9/11 was to gang rape our constitutional rights with the illegal Patriot Act.

  8. Also, ‘marksman’ sounds impressive in the context, but it was only the third highest rating for marksmanship, generically-speaking. Surely, not the stuff a sniper’s made of.

  9. Well you syntax in the line above could be clearer. But I think you mean that you know for certain, not the opposite.

    Surely, most of it is common knowledge, but it’s interesting that you have identified the security guard as one of the shooters.

    Incidentally, as regards JFK’s murder, the Italian manufactures of the rifle Oswald used said it could not have done so – even after testing it, to make sure. Just not accurate enough over the distance.

    1. after all these decades its unbelievable you dont mention the name of the rifle; its called a manlicher carcano. got it now?

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