How Humanitarian Organizations Supply Intel from Syria to US Intelligence Agencies

2571 Firas Samuri, for Veterans Today
There is overwhelming evidence of the U.S. intervention in the Syrian crisis, which the mainstream media has repeatedly reported about. Today I would like to publish exclusive materials, evidencing the White House sent its agents under the guise of humanitarian organizations to the Syrian Arab Republic.
As an anonymous representative of the Kurdish administration said, a number of humanitarian organizations including the Center for the Humanitarian Dialogue and International Crisis Group are among such agencies.

Let’s study the case and have a look at this organization in detail. The Center for the Humanitarian Dialogue, also known as the , is an independent non-governmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The aim of the organization is to ensure world stability and facilitate direct dialogue among the leadership of the warring parties. Currently, the organization is involved in more than 40 dialogue and mediation initiatives in over 25 countries (Eastern Africa, Middle East, and South-Eastern Asia).

At first glance, there is nothing suspicious. The civil war has been going for more than seven years in Syria. Thousands of people continue to die, urban infrastructure is being destroyed, in the remote regions of the country locals suffer from the lack of food and water supplies. The presence of various humanitarian organizations is quite logical and sometimes even vital. However, the activity of the Center for the Humanitarian Dialogue aroused suspicions of my source.

According to open information, the official representative of the organization in Syria since 2017 is Patrick Haenni, specialized in the  Middle East and Northern Africa. Previously he worked in Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, and Philippines as an external adviser to the UN on the resolution of religious and ethnic conflicts.

Since his arrival in Syria, he has held a number of meetings with high-ranking representatives of the Iraqi Kurdistan as well as the leaders of ethnic diasporas. According to him, within these talks, he had explored the possibility of establishing a direct dialogue between the Kurds and the Syrian government. Notably, while communicating with the locals, Haenni openly declared that he worked upon the direct instructions of the UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura. However, I have been unable to find neither information nor proofs confirming his contacts with de Mistura.

In addition, my source told me that during the negotiations Haenni had collected information regarding the strengths of the Syrian army, and personal data of the Russian and Iranian military advisers in Al-Hasakah province. In the meantime, the ‘activist’ examined Moscow’s and Tehran’s ties with the Kurdish administration and militias, including YPG.

Why did the employee of the humanitarian organization need this information? It looks a little bit strange. Maybe it was a customary interest, or he just wanted to get some new contacts. Let’s analyze the activity of another humanitarian organization operating in Syria and try to reveal a certain pattern.
In similar activity in Al-Hasakah province was involved another international humanitarian organization such as International Crisis Group

 The founder of this organization is the well-known George Soros, whose funds and non-profit organizations on numerous occasions were implicated in organizing a coup d’état throughout the world. The American billionaire contributed to creating the White Helmets, whose members are famous for its staged videos from opposition-held areas. In fake videos, ‘human rights activists’ try to convince the world community of Assad’s brutality against his own nation. However, the activity of the White Helmets has repeatedly been exposed.

Nowadays International Crisis Group has affiliates in more than 30 countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Ukraine). The organization is also being funded by the governments of the U.S., Great Britain, and Germany. According to the information from their website, the group is working to prevent wars and shape policies that will build a more peaceful world. But what is the actual goal of the organization in Syria?

My source goes on saying that a group of specialists headed by the Middle East and North Africa program director, Joost Hiltermann, Noah Bonsey, and Maria Fantappie arrived in Syria from Iraq in March 2017.

While in Syria, all of them started to actively recruit the representatives of the local authorities and military leadership, offering to visit the office of the organization and join its ranks for a ‘certain award’.
Moreover, the representatives of the International Crisis Group tried to find out the information about the deployment and the movements of the Iranian servicemen and Hezbollah units in Al-Hasakah, looking for an opportunity to contact them.

It has big names, righteous aims, many years of experience in war zones, open interest in helping the Syrians, but something isn’t right about this. Despite rich experience and numerous overseas trips, all these people reached poor results in restoration of peace and stability in various parts of the world. Furthermore in this case, the ‘activists’ made no efforts to contact the official Syrian government in Damascus, concentrating on separate ethnic groups, calling them for illegal actions against its nation.

Most likely, these people are not what they say, and accomplish other tasks. Consequently, it is possible to say with certainty that the staff of these NGOs had a similar mission namely to intelligence gathering and recruitment of the locals.

Thus, I tried to show you yet another way how the U.S. Administration under the guise of good intentions and humanitarian organizations wreaks havoc and interferes in the Syrian crisis that has long been developing not in its favor.
Firas Samuri
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  1. NGO stands for “Non_Governmental Organisation”. But many of the so called NGOs receive Government money, sometimes big money, that comes without strings. Yeah right! I’m not sure if there is an actual legal definition, but I’d say that if an Organisation, or any of its branches, receives more than 1.00% of its funding from the Government of ANY country or combination of countries, then it should have no right to call itself an NGO. They probably would still carry on but at least we could catch them cheating.

  2. Astro turf groups have been around for a long time. Some come in as “missionaries,” some come as Cambridge scholars, or “think tanks” or pre-fab cognitive dissonance . . . via John Hopkins SAIS with a side of Baloney. ALL are wearing Gucci wolf clothing, supplied by the Trojan Horse manufacturer.

    Follow me down the Rabbit Hole once again kids . . . and don’t forget to bring your crayons. It’s “connect the dots” time.

    Let’s start with the lovely folks that are “experts” . . . featured in this VT article.

    Ladies first . . . Maria, I Just Met a Girl Named Maria. I found her on this video after doing a basic search. She seems to be talking crap out the side of her face . . . literally:

    Apparently, Maria did a “study” of millennial, and was asked what her biggest surprise was.

    You know what my biggest surprise was . . . what a fvcking idiot she is. Listening to her crap, while millions of Iraqi citizens DO. NOT. GIVE. A. SHIT. ABOUT. HER. HER STUDY. AND THE TROJAN HORSE SHE RODE IN ON. They live the real life in Iraq, and suffer. Being bombed, and bombed and bombed some more.

    She left Iraq and went to Syria . . . wonder what 3 questions she’ll be asked next. Will the Syrians give a shlt about her full of baloney report?

    • I found Maria on the Youtube channel entitled: JHUBIPR, but there is no “About” for them.

      I was scrolling through the videos on the channel, clicking rather random ones, and found this

      Well, lookie there . . . he’s the Dean. Vali Nasr at the SAIS (The John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies)

      Question answered. JHUBIPR = John Hopkins University Baloney Institute of Policy Research.
      “He appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on 1 August 2006,[8] 22 September 2009,[9] and 25 April 2013.[10] Due to the accuracy of his political predictions Nasr has been hailed as a shrewd forecaster”

      Forecaster . . . planner . . . it’s all the same when you’re CIA.

      OMIGOSH, I think I watch too much “American Dad.”

      The taming of the Shrew’d. . . . is a “forecaster”?
      Is he God?
      Does he advise Noah?!?

    • Noah Bonsey . . . the SENIOR Analyst. Oh, that is HILARIOUS. How old is that guy? Yeah, he’s SENIOR all right. They got him as SENIOR expert on Syria, and he’s talking whack on BCC, got him in Huff and Puff, etc. He’s another snap on tool. The pretty boy who knows so much about the world, at what . . . 32? Can’t spell ISIS without the Crisis Group.

      There are about 130 videos uploaded on that JABBERWACKY channel — all with a very clear, distinct propaganda machine working hard. Churning out sound bites . . . maybe this is academia’s 15 minutes of “fame”?!?!?

      I watched some videos and they blame the immigrants for being . . . immigrants.

      They blame the refugees for being . . . refugees.

      How HUMANITARIAN of them.

      And now for Joost Hiltermann . . . the Director of whatever the fvck he’s “Director” of . . . is he Dutch?

      This Joost in: Joost is a male Dutch first name. Yeah, the Dutch, they’re so “humanitarian” they still have the little black step-n-fetchit getting off the boat right after Santa Claus lands . . . The Dutch were very heavily involved in slave trade, and they still keep their little black boy icon: Swarte Piet.

      On snap . . . don’t tell me Joost’s alma mater is . . . drum roll please . . . Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

      Ya don’t say.

    • What I find odd about these “experts” – is they ALL come out of areas that aren’t in the MIDDLE EAST.

      They don’t have “experts” in Syria that are, oh I don’t know . . . Syrian?

      Or, Iraqi experts – from Iraq?

      It’s all U.S. / CIA / MOSSAD / SID / M16 created astro – turf wars. They go in and blow everyone’s shlt up, the majority of causality are U.S. soldiers, who don’t really know how the game isplayed . . .
      Pity, they aren’t going to get their degrees at John Hopkins School of the Turf War Brigade . . .

      Then they send in these POS social workers?!?!?

      Need more?

      Look at the Bologna Institute of Policy Research . . . “Most Cited Works” page . . .

      Why if it’s not “Israel Under Seige” . . . LMGAO.

      Do you know what they make in Bologna?
      They’re famous for Mortadella.
      Let’s Bonsey up on our Italian . . . shall we.
      Morta means : death
      Della means: of the

      And there you have it.

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