Israel Carries Out Massive Strike On Gaza, Locals Protest Against US-backed Forces In Syria


…from SouthFront

Tensions between the local population and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are growing. Protests against the SDF have recently erupted in the cities of Manbij, Hasakah and Raqqah.

The predominantly Arab local population protested against behavior and policies, including forced conscription, implemented by the SDF. Forces of the US-led coalition were even forced to intervene into the situation in Raqqa in order to stop infighting between the Kurdish YPG and local Arab units.

The SDF and the SDF-held area is de-facto dominated by Kurdish YPG/YPJ militias and their political wing PYD. This is also one of the factors triggering tensions with the local population.

11 militant groups, including Faylaq al-Sham and the Free Idlib Army, have merged in the Syrian province of Idlib forming a new Turkish backed force entitled Jabhat al-Wataniya lil-Tahrir (the National Front for Liberation). According to local observers, the formation of this military group is a part of the Turkish plan to increase its influence in the militant-held parts of the provinces of Idlib, Latakia and Aleppo.

From May 29 to May 30, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) struck at least 65 targets in the Gaza Strip. The targets were allegedly belonging to Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movement and included facilities allegedly manufacturing rocket launchers and rocket engines. The IDF also claimed that its forces are operating in Gaza.

This round of escalation started with mortar shelling from Gaza early on May 29. Throughout the day, Palestinian forces launched at least 70 mortar shells and rockets at Israeli targets. The situation is developing.


  1. Both parties are crap, Pat.

    All politicians are human garbage. Period.

    Any Republican, Ted Cruz for example, would have sold out America for Israel in the same way.

    A Democrat would not have moved the embassy. Probably. And the Iran deal wouldn’t be on the line. Maybe. Unless its all theatre.

    I’m beginning to think Cankles blackmail book on everyone might make her less susceptible to Israeli Manipulation. Maybe not.

    I thought towards the end of his Administration, Obungle exhibited more autonomy from Israel, like he actually learned something and tried to loosen his (((masters’))) leash.

    Democrats will destroy America with a blend of 75% Cultural Marxism, and 25% Military Adventurism.

    For Republicans its more like a 35/65 blend.

    Nothing you typed is paranoid exaggeration.

    If paranoia is the UNwarranted belief that people are spying on you and out to get you…then the word “paranoia” should be taken OUT of the dictionary. That word was rendered obsolete with the Patriot Act.

    It’s all true.

    Good post, Pat.

  2. “Throughout the day, Palestinian forces launched at least 70 mortar shells and rockets at Israeli targets.”

    Has this been verified?

    How many Israeli casualties are there?

    If there are none = Israelis made it up.

    If there are very few, then Israelis launched the mortars from Gaza.

    It doesn’t make sense that anyone from Gaza would invite bombing runs from IDF forces.

    I suppose it is possible Palestinians in Gaza are trying to bait the IDF into behaving like global pariahs. All they need is the slightest nudge in that direction, so that Israeli EVIL overcomes their normal COWARDICE.

    Make no mistake about it, OranguTrump is an enabler. Israel would NOT have neen this emboldened under a Democrat.


    • The Iran nuke deal marked Obama’s finest hour.

      Beyond that his record is pretty grim — he quietly gave Israel a $$$ 38 BILLION $$$ consolation prize for failing to destroy Iran.

      He (& Hillary) presided over the destruction of Libya. Hillary cackled triumphantly while contemplating the legitimate leader of Libya having been fatally tortured by her terrorists. And just a Qaddafi predicted, if he was eliminated the floodgates would open for millions of Africans pouring into Europe, resulting in exactly the kind of massive turmoil so dear to the hearts of Hillary’s war-mongering Zionist Jew billionaire “donors.”

      Yes, this all sounds like a paranoid exaggeration. It’s no exaggeration.

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