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NATO ‘security guarantees’ do not apply to partner Israel – Stoltenberg

… from Russia Today, Moscow

There is some NATO opposition in Europe

[ Editor’s Note: On the surface, this is a major statement politically, but in military practical terms a pointless exercise, as Stoltenberg knows that all US military power would support Israel in a war with Iran, including that stationed in Europe.

Everyone already knew that the NATO treaty has no formal defense relationship with Israel, so what could be the reason for Stoltenberg’s statement now?

Could it be timed to the current trade war show down, where EU claims in the news today state that Trump only has days to back off, not weeks, before the EU begins retaliatory actions?

Could it be a signal to Israel, indirectly of course, to embarrass it for its slaughtering of unarmed protesters in Gaza? What Israel is doing to them now, if anyone were doing that to Jews anywhere in the world, Tel Aviv would be demanding they be nuked.

But we have heard no call for Zionist Israel “to be removed from the sands of time”, despite the widely held acknowledgement that it would make the world a much safer place to live.

NATO has no conduct rule where a member guilty of war crimes against a UN country forfeits its security guarantee

And Stoltenberg’s statement about NATO not being involved in the Mideast is also baloney, as its major countries have been, which includes supporting proxy terrorist groups in Syria and Iran, and in a nasty war against Yemen that could keep war crimes prosecutors busy for a decade.

Some would call this institutional rot on a scale almost hard to conceive, but yet we have a vast world public that has become accustomed to it as the new normal.

It is a public so dumbed down by social media and herded like Western cowboys taking steers to the stock yards for slaughter, their brains anyway, that it plays no effective role against the Deep State whatsoever. 

The public as individuals are not primarily to blame, but the public institutions. From what VT can see, all over the world people are virtually on their knees to the Deep State thugs, on the grounds that it is none of their business, or not in their organizational charter. The blame is shared by many, and I fear for the future Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … June 03, 2018

NATO is not obliged to come to the rescue should a hypothetical war break out between Iran and Israel, Jens Stoltenberg has told Germany’s Der Spiegel, amid increased tensions between the bitter Middle East rivals.


“Israel is our partner, but not a member of NATO. The security guarantee of Article 5 does not apply to Israel,” Secretary General of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Jens Stoltenberg told the magazine. Article 5 of NATO’s treaty stipulates that an attack against one ally is considered as an attack against all allies, but it does not apply to those designated only as “partners” of the alliance.

Stoltenberg added that the alliance is not involved in Mideast peace efforts, or in conflicts in the region. “This is not our job,” he stressed, somehow overlooking that, just last year, NATO formally joined the US-led coalition against IS (Islamic State, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

Were such a hypothetical war to break out, it also remains an open question if the US will rush to defend its closest regional ally, as Washington and Tel Aviv do not have a formal mutual defense treaty, despite a new milestone in bilateral relations being reached when the US recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and moved its embassy there.

“We are all equally concerned about Iran’s missile program and its activities leading to instability in the region, for example the support of terrorist groups,” Stoltenberg added, reiterating the generic accusations regularly pressed against Iran, and on which basis Washington continues to introduce fresh rounds of sanctions on Tehran.

While the existential rivals Israel and Iran never engaged in a direct military conflict, they are locked in a vicious political struggle and in proxy confrontations.

Being the most vocal critic of the 2015 international nuclear deal with Iran, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu was influential in convincing US President Donald Trump to unilaterally withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

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“The Iran agreement continues,” Stoltenberg had to agree, given the fact that the US was just one party to the complex, UN-backed deal – involving the UK, Russia, France, China, Germany and the EU – none of which supported Washington’s reckless move. “The question is, can it work without the US? The impact of US sanctions on European companies will be huge in any case.”

With the agreement scrapped, US State Secretary Mike Pompeo laid out a list of 12 “basic requirements” for Iran. The demands, among other things, call on Iran to withdraw from Syria, to stop “enrichment” of uranium and to undertake never to process plutonium, which are the key points that bother Israel.

Tel Aviv believes a potentially nuclear-armed Iran poses an existential threat, and has claimed that Iranian-backed forces involved in the Syrian war are seeking to establish a permanent presence along its northern border.

“We will continue to act against [Iran’s] intention to establish a military presence in Syria opposite us, not just opposite the Golan Heights but anywhere in Syria,” Netanyahu stressed earlier this week.

Tehran, in turn, promised to retaliate against Israel at a time and a place that it sees fit, with the Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Baqeri, warning of a “firm and crushing response” against any aggression.

Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor
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12 Replies to “NATO ‘security guarantees’ do not apply to partner Israel – Stoltenberg

  1. Khalid : I suppose you want to suggest that NATO still exists because of Israel (?)
    If there ever was a quiz, and that particular question were to pop up, then I would definitely have marked it as ‘false’. But there is such a thing as what the Germans call ”Bündnisfall”, in English “Casus Foederis”. And to my understanding, this means that NATO is, in its essence, a defense organization. But it may certainly be said that on at least one or two occasions NATO has been used in the opposite sense.

  2. Yes, I read about that. The top leadership is in Washington, IIRC it is called “Joint Chief of Staff”. That’s the military side of things. But NATO also has a civilian side. Those are the people without a military background who nevertheless work for the NATO. Mr. Jens is NATO`s front room outward civilian face. The title “Secretary General” does not refer to a military rank, but has more to do with ubiquitousness, the generality of his function. Chief civilian administrator maybe. They always choose someone from Europe for that: Luns, Solana, Rasmussen, etc. I guess it is to show the public that NATO is not a purely American organization.
    I assume that Stoltenberg’s communications are not his personal opinions, or represent European opinions that contradict official US opinions. But I think some credit nevertheless has to go to Stoltenberg for his recent statements. In my opinion they represent a marked departure in their effect on public perception of NATO’s present role.

  3. I suspect the tide is turning for the Israelis, The have yelled “rape” to often….

  4. Who pretend to run the NATO show is already known since its foundation and it’s US government that’s why always is a America’s general designated by US president who it’s appointed as NATO commander in chief , always

  5. NATO is unable to protect its members, not saying about Israel. The last one is protected obly by USA. Last years and military drills showed: Russia may move around 200000 soldiers during several hours, NATO needs with their complicated logistics to move such quantity half a month or more. I want peace at ME!

  6. Well, at least NATO ‘security guarantees’ apply to win Eurovison song contest….

  7. This is way off topic, but NATO/OTAN better buckle up . . . to quote “She’s Got Bette Davis Eyes” . . . “It’s gonna be a bumpy night.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKHUGvde7KU
    They WANT to start war . . . and they didn’t get to do it with the hostile takeover of Iraq via . . . ISIS, or toppling Syria.
    So now what?
    If the MEN (primarily, we are in a male dominated/patriarchal rule) in control can’t get a clue how Israhell is going to destroy not only the U.S., but the global economy, and then all those little units in 8200 can run their SIM programs ’til their Golden COWS of Ba’al come home — it’s going to be a bumpy night.
    The U.S. allows these think “tanks” and it’s not for the benefit of We, the People. It’s for the benefit of few.
    If the world can’t figure out how to beat their swords into plow shares . . . the world will get what it deserves.

    1. Why isn’t NATO/OTAN doing anything to stop the dam being built in Ethiopia?

      Cue Steely Dan “Do It Again”

      In the mourning . . .
      You go gunnin
      For the man that
      stole who water . . .


      And this dam is being built and no one says a thing?!?!? Where is the world’s outcry? The Tigris, the Nile . . . ANCIENT RIVERS . . . are being blocked. Egypt, Iraq . . . all being DRIED OUT!

      On purpose, with intent . . . and trust me . . . back with ZION’s approval!

      I’m sure the dam developers are straight outta Amsterdam, or France, or the UK, or the U.S.

      They want the fight to break out over . . . the water supply.

    2. I often wondered why Mussolini, that Mortadella slice, invaded Ethiopia.
      And Haile Selassie was one of the best leaders we’ve seen in a long time.
      He got that Italian pissant out of his country.

      I contend it was that Italian retard’s plan to do what they are doing now — damning the flow of water, killing off the water supplies of 86 tributaries.

      Oh, and the Jew Press ZION owned, MSM yawns and scratches their schmeckles while the read the nightly snooze reports . . . and say nothing about this DELIBERATE STARVATION of . . . oh, I don’t know . . . Egypt, Iraq, and others.

      Anyone in the U.S. that had their water dried up would do the same thing . . . go gunnin’

      But, the press won’t mention what these devils have done.

      Of course, this is why Israhell opened up to . . . drum roll please . . . Ethiopian Jews. They really didn’t give a rat’s ass about them, but they are just more pawns to this filthy three-card Monty game they play.

      And who brought this plan back on to the table? You can bet it’s some U.S. university that supplants the rights of others . . . who knows, maybe YALE? John Hopkins . . .
      So YALE puts out this study . . . and now the Nile is drying out? WOW — https://e360.yale.edu/features/on_the_river_nile_a_move_to_avert_a_conflict_over_water

      Thank you very much 360, more like 322 — and when the river banks are dead, the herons, the fish, the turtles, the people’s crops, the farmers . . . SKULL AND BONES!

    3. This is what “they” do . . . they DESTROY.

      And the idiots . . . who work on the dam, build the dam — satan’s little helpers.

      I often wondered why . . . Mussolini was going into Ethiopia. Haile Selassie is rolling over in his grave now.

      They DESTROY cultures . . . and we let them.

      The Ethiopian Jews are sell-outs too. Tokens AND pawns all in the same ethnic group. I’m telling you, them Jews love them some two-fer deals! They probably went back to their Mother land and brokered the deal. Because that’s what they do . . . sell out their own people. Time and time again.

      Haile Selassie was a great leader . . . and knew what Mussolini was up to. I’m sure RasTafari danced on Mussolini’s grave when he heard the news of his death . . . shot in a firing squad, then hung upside down.
      Apparently, the HANGMAN ACTUALLY WAS HANGING THAT DAY — and Benedicto Mussolini . . . I would have plugged him too . . . got his justice.

      I need to calm down now. I just heard about this . . . damn thing!
      But go ahead and become fascinated over which whore humpty trumpty fvcked . . . This is America.

      Gary Bartz, please take me to a peaceful mind. They are DESTROYING THIS PLANET and the world sleeps.
      And NATO/OTAN does nothing . . . the world does nothing.
      I hope it all goes to hell, the Israhellis want this so bad . . . CUT OFF PEOPLES’ WATER . . . BETTER CUT OFF THEIR OIL! Silly Bibi, Inc. Oil and Water don’t mix.

  8. Stoltenberg bends together with all moves from Washington, his view on NATO is pure naivete. He is equally effective on maintaining European, Ukrainian or Iranian security and the effect is equal to zero. If this were true about Israel then we wouldn’t have had Iraqi or Afghani war in the first place, nor any of the “terrorist” attacks in Europe.

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