Canada’s PM calls Trump Metals Tariffs an Insult


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  … with Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: We can thank Mr. Trudeau for spotlighting how the US “legalized” breaching the WTO simply by putting on the “national security” holy robe, which gives him carte blanche to do anything. So now it is out in the open.

There is no past agreement that the US will not throw overboard when it wants to, using this creative interpretation. Trudeau’s advisers chose good framing with their counter attack, saying that for Trump to use this national security dodge undercuts Canada’s history of standing with the US in world conflicts.

Trump’s generalized tweets are undermining his main effort. Canada has been unfair to US trade, as many US products cannot be sold there. But the US could have gone to the WTO on those issues, which maybe Trump felt would take too long to settle, and he would not get credit for it.

Germany will not sell US cars; and China steals intellectual property just for fun. There are many other examples, but I am not aware of any WTO formal challenges on any of it. Maybe Trump has a thing about not liking going to court. Gosh, where could that possibly come from. He seems to love bankruptcy court.

So by throwing the baby out with the bathwater, he feels he can renegotiate a better, more specific deal. But now, because of his methods, what is to say someone behind him could break the new deal, using as justification, “wait for it, wait for it”… “for national security reasons”.

What is a US signature worth on any deal in the future? And who benefits from a chaotic situation like that? Jim W. Dean ]

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– First aired … June 03, 2018

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the US will hurt its own businesses by imposing tariffs on imports from other countries. Trudeau rejected US President Donald Trump’s assertion that Canadian metal is a security threat to America.

He described the US tariffs as an insult to Canadians who have entered into a security partnership with the U-S. Trump’s decision to slap tariffs on aluminum and steel imports from other countries has prompted fierce opposition from Washington’s key trade partners.

Trump says the U-S has to export more goods than it imports. Others say this is a protectionist approach, violates free trade and will ultimately lead to an all-out trade war.


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  1. I live in a Canadian steel town. We import most of our raw materials from the States. One of our products is armour plate sold exclusively to the U.S. military. This is an ultimate insult to the people of Canada.

  2. ” I think we all need to be careful that Trump doesn’t make good guys out of mediocre guys.”

    Indeed, you make an excellent point. Mediocre is a stretch for Trudeau on most days.

    • and Canada is still in the “Common Wealth” of the country which just brought us Cambridge Analytica and complete silence (tacit support) on the Gaza massacre. They love to downplay it, as if it doesn’t matter, but if it doesn’t why is it ? Another aspect, is the deeper industrial knowledge that is shared when two countries border one another and have joint agreements about war time manufacturing, …can that be abused ?
      I would point to the disparity regarding the Niagra and Horse Shoe falls, as well as the Lake Ontario management as examples of Canada continually being protectionist while we promote tourism in Toronto and Niagra on the lake. It is well known over here on the south side of the Lake. Fair trade is fair trade. Trudeau is just another Oligarch kneeling to a family across the pond.

    • I can’t stand our commonwealth status…I’d bet Trudeau is a member of the privy council. One day he’s denouncing the massacre of Gazan civilians and the wounding of a Canadian doctor in Gaza, and six days later he’s refusing to support an independent inquiry into the matter. It seemed like someone gave him an order to change his tune. Stephen Bronfman was Trudeau’s chief fundraiser. He’s a Bronfman dynasty stooge.

      Most tourists I see in Niagara are Asian. The only Americans I saw there were at the Sundowner strip club (it’s awesome). They were tossing American hundreds on the stage. I couldn’t believe it! Nearly everyone I know goes to America at least once a year. I haven’t been in a decade or so. My last visit was to Chicago.

      One thing I can’t understand is why we’re importing gas instead of refining it here ourselves. We’re paying $1.60/litre (more than $6.00/gallon!) We have plenty of natural resources here in Canada, yet we’re constantly buying things from other countries and paying out the arse for it.

  3. I’m not usually a fan of my prime minister and I never hesitate to write his office when he makes terrible decisions, but from what I can tell, he got it right on this. I wasn’t sure how he would respond, but when he hilighted how ridiculous it was for Trump to suggest Canada is a national security threat to the US, I was actually pleasantly surprised. I might have to let him know.

    • Well, if it’s the only move he had, it’s not really considered smart or savvy. I think your first intuition is right, and I think we all need to be careful that Trump doesn’t make good guys out of mediocre guys.
      That’s part of his shtick, to lower the whole dam bar.

    • Hahahah, that’s right! Better check your attic, your basement, your closets, behind the shower curtain and under your beds…We Canadians are EVERYWHERE. We are the cause of everything that ails you, from your supper getting cold, to your roads and bridges being in disrepair. Humpty Trumpty might want to reconsider the location of his yuuuge wall. Build it along the northern border rather than the southern border, or else our population of 30 million will overrun your 300+million. Our beer and hockey was only the beginnng. Soon you will be littered with Tim Horton’s coffee shops and poutine venders on every corner. 🇨🇦👹💀☠️🇨🇦

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