False Flag Weekly News Friday, June 8th: 51st anniversary of the USS Liberty massacre

Plus: RFK assassination, Bilderberg conference, "Russiagate" is becoming Israelgate


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Today’s False Flag Weekly News begins with the anniversaries of the USS Liberty massacre and the Robert Kennedy assassination—both Zionist false flags—then covers the Bilderberg conference, the escalating witch hunt against 9/11 truth speakers, and finally the week’s biggest story: “Russiagate” is really Israelgate, and mainstream analysts are finally catching up with VT and saying so.

So when King Trump says “l’état c’est moi,” which état is he talking about?

Next week Kevin expects to be at Eid prayers, so Jeremy and Professor Anthony Hall will co-host FFWN. They’ll be talking about academic freedom and free speech in light of developments in Tony’s case at the University of Lethbridge. New development this week:

Prof. Anthony Hall presents his side of the story in the Lethbridge Herald

Pt. 1 http://lethbridgeherald.com/news/lethbridge-news/2018/06/03/hall-tells-his-side-of-story/

Pt. 2 https://lethbridgeherald.com/news/lethbridge-news/2018/06/05/hall-explains-history-of-suspension/

Pt. 3 https://lethbridgeherald.com/news/lethbridge-news/2018/06/06/role-of-human-rights-commission-in-tony-hall-case/

Pt. 4  https://lethbridgeherald.com/news/lethbridge-news/2018/06/07/hall-maintains-key-documents-relevant-to-case-withheld/

Pt. 5 https://lethbridgeherald.com/news/lethbridge-news/2018/06/08/controversy-test-case-for-universities-hall/


  1. By the way, the USS Liberty massacre was one of the most disgusting events ever perpetrated by the Zionist monsters.
    Once again I’ll say it, If I were the POTUS, the Zionist would be sifting through the rubble that was once their illigitimate country…

  2. Hi Internet Friends,
    Another excellent presentation from Kevin and Jeremy……. Thanks guys !
    It would seem as though the Israeli Mossad orchestrated the RFK assassination. I think that at the time the Zionist thought that by using a Palestinian as a patsy was a clever idea, given the limitations of mass communication in those dark-days of the 1960’s. However, now it just seems blatantly obvious the Zionists were trying to deflect any suspicion of their possible involvement.
    Thane Eugene Cesar shot RFK from behind. He was a security guard for Ace Guard Service and allegedly was asked by his supervisor to work the event that day. He was also employed by Military-Industial-Complex behemoth Lockheed as a plumber. Sounds like a stereotypical ‘best-tricks-are-old-tricks’ operation to me.
    If they pulled the same stunt now it would be widely reported that Sirhan was a Zionist-sheep-dipped patsy.
    Ah, those Zionistas must really miss those ‘Good ‘Ol Days” .
    If I were the POTUS, the Zionist would be sifting through the rubble that was once their illigitimate country…
    Iron Dome my ass.

  3. What Ithink should be done to nasty Nicki can’t be printed here. The same for that little jew boi Zuckerberg.

    • If you looked up the name Public Kiss A– in a dictionary, you would find Ikki’s picture. Darn it is full throttle with this women.

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