Mossad agent: Israel wanted to create World War III in 2011

We all are in an ideological war against a regime that seeks nothing but the abolition of the rule of law, the destruction of human life in the Middle East, and complete chaos in the United States and Europe. We all must fight against this regime.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Tamir Pardo was the head of Israeli spy agency Mossad from 2011 to 2016. He declared last month that Benjamin Netanyahu specifically instructed his military team to strike Iran in 2011. He responded to Netanyahu by saying, “It’s not something that you’re permitted to do just for practice.”[1]

Pardo had some sense to realize that this would have been completely illegal and that the Israeli regime would almost certainly have been swimming in a swamp of dodos. Meir Dagan, another former head of the Mossad, declared that it was a “stupid idea.”[2]

What Pardo and Dagan didn’t want to say was that the idea wasn’t just stupid. It simply showed that Netanyahu is a complete psychopath, that he doesn’t care about the rule of law, that he prefers to turn the Middle East into a river of blood, and that he is prepared to use complete lies and fabrications to get his diabolical work on the political table.

The Mossad, of course, did not listen to him. But the agency did proceed to organize a number of covert attacks in Iran, which ended up liquidating several Iranian scientists. “Between 2010 and 2012, four Iranian nuclear scientists were slain and another injured by assailants using bombs and gunfire.”[3]

The Israeli regime also used the United States in order to launch a geopolitical attack on Iran, and Trump has played an instrumental role here. As Newsweek itself put it,

“The U.S. led an extensive campaign of international sanctions against Iran until reaching an unprecedented multilateral nuclear agreement that included China, Germany, France and the U.K. in 2015. The deal would lift nuclear-related sanctions against Iran in exchange for its limiting its nuclear production. Despite the International Atomic Energy Agency verifying Iran’s compliance and pleas from the accord’s other signatories, President Donald Trump exited the deal earlier this month.”[4]

Newsweek, though a completely Zionist outlet, did not help Israel or Trump when it reported:

“Shortly after Trump announced he was leaving the deal, Israel conducted new airstrikes against suspected Iranian positions in neighboring Syria, where Iran and Russia support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against rebels and jihadis who rose up in a 2011 uprising backed by the West, Gulf Arab states and Turkey.

“Israel has said it remained neutral in the conflict, but it has reportedly offered support to rebels operating near the occupied Golan Heights and has launched airstrikes against Iranian forces and Iran-backed Shiite Muslim militias such as the Lebanese Hezbollah.”[5]

What’s the moral of the story here? Benjamin Netanyahu would love to set the world on fire. He doesn’t give a damn about peace or the United States. He doesn’t care about decent Americans either. He wants you and the rest of the world to believe his bombastic lies. That is one reason why they have attacked Syria for more than one hundred times![6] And what have puppets of the regime and the entire Zionist media done in response?

Well, they have come up with dumb excuses and produced misleading reports. For example, when Israel attacked the Damascus Airport last year, the New York Times came up with an article entitled “Syria Blames Israel for Attack on Damascus Airport.”[7]

Why didn’t they write something like this: “Israel bombed Damascus Airport”? Why did they have to twist things around so as to mislead their readers?

To conclude, we all are in an ideological war against a regime that seeks nothing but the abolition of the rule of law, the destruction of human life in the Middle East, and complete chaos in the United States and Europe. We all must fight against this regime. This is why we are exposing them for what they really are.

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  1. boggles the mind how easy it must be to find corrupt people to run for political office….but it goes further that they then become subservient to a small state that offers nothing to the world.

    yet….even all that shrinks in comparison to the ignorance of the people who blindly accept it all.
    if the people dont wise up nothing can be changed.

  2. Here is Patrick Little’s website:
    Here is his Platform: Quote:
    Contact: [email protected]
    Campaign Slogan: Liberate the US from the Jewish Oligarchy
    While I am looking to represent all US Citizens in California, I am a white advocate.
    There is systematic discrimination and incitement against European-descended Americans, and I want to crush manifestations of anti-White racism in US institutions.

    • Merit-based employment in all government agencies and all institutions which receive funds from the Federal and State Governments.
    • Limiting representation of Jews in the government, to include judgeships, to number proportional to their percentage of the US population.
    • Introduce legislation outlawing lobbying efforts of foreign governments, specifically those of the terrorist state of Israel (AIPAC, ADL, etc).
    • Introduce Senate resolution condemning Israel for terrorist attacks on the USS Liberty and US bases during the Lavon Affair
    • Put to rest the issue of slavery in the US by introducing a bill ending all foreign aid to Israel, and giving the US population of blacks descended of African slaves in the US a one time payment. This payment will be equivalent to the next ten years of aid to Israel divided by the number of recipients. Enshrined in this bill will be a permanent ban on providing foreign aid to Israel, including a death penalty for any …

    • Enshrined in this bill will be a permanent ban on providing foreign aid to Israel, including a death penalty for any politician introducing a bill that would lead to foreign aid to Israel.
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      • Introduction of a bill that would lead to the embargoing of Israel until they agree to repay all foreign aid previously rendered, as well as reparations to families of the victims of Jewish terrorist attacks on the US.
      • Introduce a bill to the US Senate making it illegal to raise funds for any foundation related to the perpetuating of propaganda related to a ‘holocaust’, formally making US’s stance on the holocaust to be that it is a Jewish war atrocity propaganda hoax that never happened.
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    Here is Patrick Little’s description of himself: Quote:
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    • I urge Alexis and everyone else to watch this video of Patrick Little, a former U.S. Marine, stomp and spit on the Israel flag. Could he be the savior we have been waiting for in his effort to defeat Diane Feinstein in California who will be 91 if she completes another term?

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