Trump and Kim arrive in Singapore for latest installment of North Korean tragi-comic soap opera


[Editor’s note: Very few commentators or analysts appear to have even the most basic understanding of the ongoing North Korean soap opera. I say this because almost all of them fail to recognise what North Korea really is and realise that the whole thing is nothing more than an entirely fake narrative, a fake state that exists purely as a place for the CIA and other alphabet agencies to do all manner of really black, really inhumane, really secret and nasty things.

Let’s get a few things straight about North Korea, things that are pretty obvious once you apply some common sense to the matter. North Korea is a very poor country, the terrain is mostly mountainous with very little arable land, therefore it is a country of subsistence farmers scraping a living out of the few bits of land suitable for cultivation.

So how does such a poor, impoverished nation with very few resources and very little industry manage to afford a huge military machine with an army of millions of soldiers armed to the teeth with all the weapons needed to pose a real threat to it’s neighbours?

The obvious and correct answer is that they can’t afford it, which means that all of the military hardware they possess has been paid for by external parties, much of it has been gifted to North Korea, including the nuclear bombs and ballistic missiles they have shown off – all of it has been given to them free. Then there are all the fake missiles they parade through Pyongyang each year, cardboard, wood and canvas standing in for advanced alloys, integrated electronics and actual warheads.

A significant proportion of the North Korean population live in the hundreds of prison camps that dot the country. Most of these camps are labour camps where the inmates are used as slave labour to work mines or factories, meaning there is a huge slave population that work for the government.

The other activities in these camps are much more nefarious and we only know what we do about them due to the testimonies of escapees, even that is just the tip of the iceberg. The camps are host to all manner of inhumane, cruel experiments into everything from mind control to human cloning, all the really nasty, inhumane experimental projects that the CIA really don’t want anyone to know about. You see, since the Church Committee uncovered a whole host of nefarious, nasty CIA projects in the 1970s, the CIA has off-shored it’s nasty black project work to out of the way places like North Korea, Libya and Cuba. 

Then there is the drugs industry – North Korea is as deeply involved in that industry as Afghanistan or Colombia, only rather than the poppy or the coca plant, it is the chemical vat and the distillation column that are in service of the drugs trade, a trade which is run globally by the CIA. North Korea pumps out huge quantities of chemical drugs, largely types of amphetamine and methamphetamines, but also fake pharmaceuticals; powders and pills of all kinds. These drugs flood onto the global market by the cargo ship load, and all of it is overseen and protected by the CIA.

Which brings us to Trump and Kim, the two fake leaders, fat little men with ridiculous haircuts and penchants for acting like overgrown spoilt little children. It is of no importance what they actually discuss in Singapore, hell, they could spend their time together jerking each other off or playing with model train sets for all the impact it would have on world affairs. Whatever is going to happen in the Korean Peninsula has already been planned out by the CIA and other hidden hands, Trump and Kim are just a distraction, a Fake News narrative.

So don’t be scared of North Korean nukes atop long range missiles, that whole meme is nothing more than a piece of outlandish fakery, there is no danger from North Korea, no threat to the security of the region or the globe, none of it is real, none of it.

The timing of the summit will be planned in order to distract from other events, to draw attention from something else; the actual summit itself is a joke, a fake farce, a dotard and his little rocket man playing it up for the cameras; every bit as fake as the country of North Korea itself. Ian]

Donald Trump Arrives in Singapore for North Korea Summit With Kim Jong Un as Pope Francis Prays for Peace

Both leaders have already arrived in Singapore for the historic meeting.

U.S. President Donald Trump arrived in Singapore Sunday ahead of a historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over the future of Pyongyang’s nuclear program.

Trump flew into Singapore’s Paya Lebar Air Base aboard Air Force One, hoping to lay the groundwork for a nuclear deal with North Korea, directly after attending the G-7 meeting in Canada where he clashed with some of Washington’s closest allies, further straining global trade ties.

Trump’s arrival came just hours after Kim landed in the ultra-modern city-state on his longest trip overseas as head of state.

The two are due to meet Tuesday on the resort island of Sentosa for their high-stakes summit, the first-ever talks between the U.S. and North Korean leader and the culmination of a head-spinning diplomatic dance.

Such a meeting was unthinkable just months ago when Trump and Kim were exchanging insults and threats that raised fears of war in the region. But a series of diplomatic overtures involving North Korea, South Korea and the United States reduced tensions and led Trump in March to quickly accept Kim’s invitation to meet.

One of the main factors behind the de-escalation was Moon Jae-in taking the presidency in May last year. Moon has long been an advocate for peace and ending the outstanding state of war between the two countries which has been in place since a truce was agreed on in 1953 to halt the Korean War.

The breakthrough between the two countries began when North Korea sent athletes and sports teams to the Winter Olympics in South Korea earlier this year which then resulted in meetings between senior officials from both nations, placing pressure on Washington and Trump to de-escalate.

As leaders and their delegations arrived in Singapore, Pope Francis said Sunday he hoped the summit in Singapore between U.S. President Trump and North Korea leader Kim will lead to peace for Korea.

“I want, once more, to offer the beloved people of Korea a special thought of friendship and prayer that the talks which will take place in the coming days in Singapore can contribute to the development of a positive path that guarantees a peaceful future for the Korean peninsula and for the whole world,” the pope said in his regular Sunday address.

Trump and his aides insist that a U.S.-led “maximum pressure” campaign of the toughest-ever economic sanctions, diplomatic action and military threats are what has drawn Kim to the negotiating table.

He has frequently boasted of his negotiating prowess as a former real estate developer, and his ability to read people, even though his businesses have declared multiple bankruptcies.

He said Thursday that he didn’t think he had to prepare very much for the summit and that “it’s about attitude.” But some U.S. officials have questioned whether Trump was doing enough to get up to speed.

Trump told reporters in Canada Saturday any agreement with Kim would be “spur of the moment,” underscoring the uncertain outcome of what he called a “mission of peace.”

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  1. Suggestion to the VT editors to save time: Tell us what is real instead of what is fake, since the list appears to be much shorter. 🙁

  2. Did Kim and Trump bring along a few female tarts to break the ice? Plenty of armed protection. What if the Israelis decided they wanted an AF1 trophy this time ? Could all these armed guards stop it if they wanted to do it like they did 9/11 for “insurance”?
    • “Larry Silverstein – is a Jewish American businessman from New York. Silverstein obtained a 99 year lease on the entire world trade center complex on 24 July, 2001. [3] The towers were in fact close to worthless, being filled with asbestos, [4] yet Silverstein “felt a compelling urge to own them”. Silverstein had breakfast in “Windows on the World” restaurant (located in North Tower 107th Floor) every morning. [5] but broke this routine on the morning of 11 September 2001. Silverstein’s two children, who also worked in the WTC, were also absent from work that day. Larry Silverstein was paid a little over $4.5 Billion in insurance money as a result of the destruction of the WTC complex. [6] Silverstein was on personal friendship terms with Zionist media-magnate Rupert Murdoch, former Israeli president Ariel Sharon, as well as Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Silverstein was such good friends with Netanyahu that, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz he would speak with him on the phone every sunday. [7]
    • Video – Where was Larry Silverstein on 9/11?”

  3. All, personalities and agendas aside, and while not wanting to diminish the importance of living in the now, this interaction and it’s path, will be most clearly displayed on June 24 & 25.
    The indication for tomorrow, is desire for union, and again, regardless of characters and agendas, the human family over the entirety of the earth, desires acceptance, companionship, and abundance.
    Those with knowledge of the level of destruction wrought on North Korea during the war, will recognize this as a potential beginning of a healing. It is a time to put aside the child, and embrace the adult. It is also best recognized as honestly recognizing what war creates.

    • Well behind the economic agendas and historical platitudes, and apparently, “that which need not be mentioned” ,… is the history of the Korea’s and Christianity. The evangelicals have made no secret about their efforts to infiltrate relentlessly picking up where the Catholics left off. And here we have, an evangelical representation which views itself as the new superpower of the world. There is certain to be an underlying agenda to invigorate the evangelical presence into the country. This is in direct contradiction to our policy of church and state. This point if minimized by the press, is a tacit acceptance and embrace, of modern religious conversion of a foreign country by military force. The four people “released” by NK were all associated with the evangelical movement. And make no small account, of the handing over of authority to China by the pope, recently, .. to whatever end. My position is NK has information, that has been long sought, and is one of the few places, where the burning and looting of ancient knowledge has not yet reached it’s horrible goal.

  4. Any Person who Thinks that Trump is sane & Responsible is a Fool ………Any Person waiting for Trump to do Any good thing is another Fool ……. Trump is a very desperate Jewish Slave ……

  5. I have a lot of faith in VT, in the news it puts out. But, Ian puhleese. I’ve read the articles (some right here) which claim Castro was CIA and, we’ve all heard the story, N. Korea is a fake CIA created country created to keep the powerful in silk underwear. It’s relatively easy to coopt 1 or several important leaders but, to bribe or blackmail an entire government is horse of a different color. But, let’s agree it’s all true and, has been since 1954. This means every leader, present and past, of every nation worth mentioning (we’ll call them the A nations), with real militaries and real economies, must know about this ruse. OK, what about the B nations, those $2 bettors, they must know too, or at the least suspect, I mean it’s been almost 70 years. We’re talking about a lot of people keeping mum over a long period of time. People talk, well dead ones don’t but, you know what I’m saying. So what we have here is a super secret supposition not supported by logic. It shouldn’t be able to hold water. Then again, anything is possible. Since 9/11 steel melts at 1100 F. Have they changed the physic books to reflect that?
    Also, Ian’s intro doesn’t jibe with the main article. It’s like apples and oranges.

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