‘Ultimate narcissist’ Trump wants to ‘destroy the world’ – George Soros

Trump as Williams Jennings Bryan as America enters a 4 year long "rule by human monkeys."

[ Editor’s note: There is a simple way of telling if someone has had too much “Zio-kool-aid.” They blame “Jewish” George Soros for “Greater Israel” and his support of the neocons and Israel’s extremism.

They cite him and his support of Hillary as evidence she is “workin’ for da Jeuze.” As you will note below, Russia has a hardon for Soros. He is a Hungarian by birth and never forgot the Russian/Soviet slaughter of 1956.

Has Trump made an ass of himself again?

Have you forgotten?  Don’t know what happned?  Hmmm.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t get into discernment or critical thinking, no time, no brainpower, bad brain chemistry or infected with “evangelical” disease, you need to know this:

Soros fought Bush, he fights Israel, he opposed the war on terror and the police state in the US.  When he was buying full page ads in the NYT, where were you?

The Soros ads have been cleaned by Google, can’t be found but this anti-Soros ad is featured by Google.  Google, of course, is how Israel controls the internet, controls America’s “idiocracy” and gives us YouTube.  Fakebook was theirs from day one, both exist to spy on everyday Americans but we digress.

Neocon/Kosher Nostra funded anti Soros ad written by William Kristol

What I suggest is baiting your stupidest friends on the issue of Soros and Hillary, now that we have a president obviously owned by the Kosher Klown Korps.

Our Russian friends need to get over Soros, grow up and, in the process, grow a pair.  Whining is never appreciated… Gordon ]

From Russia Today:

Controversial billionaire George Soros is up in arms about Donald Trump again, claiming the US leader wants to “destroy the world” and needs to be kicked out of office.

Donald Trump is the “ultimate narcissist” who “is willing to destroy the world”, Soros told the Washington Post on Saturday. He added that, if the Democratic Party wins the general election this November in a “landslide” and proceeds with an impeachment, he would support removing the president from office.

READ MORE: US wouldn’t admit backing ‘euro-meddler’ Soros, yet Moscow’s asked to comment on troll farms – Putin

The two share a history of bad blood dating back to the 2016 election. As one of the top backers of Trump’s then-main rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Soros gave more than $10.5 million to her campaign, according to the DC-based Center for Responsive Politics. And Trump’s stunning victory later had reportedly caused Soros nearly $1 billion in losses.

Amassing his tremendous wealth through investments, Soros gained a reputation as one of the most profitable speculators in the stock market. He made around £1 billion in 1992, effectively crashing the British pound. The event became known as Black Wednesday, and remains one of the worst shocks experienced by the British economy.

After the fall of the Iron Curtain, liberal-minded Soros attracted more notoriety while funding a network of NGOs in Eastern European countries. Over the years, his views clashed with the Hungary’s right-wing government, led by the Fidesz party.

The nation’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, accused Soros of slandering Hungary and meddling in the country’s internal affairs, particularly trying to force Budapest to accept migrants and refugees. In 2017, Orban launched a campaign against the billionaire, fitted with anti-Soros billboards across the country’s capital, and tightened the laws on NGOs, prompting Soros’ Open Society Foundation to cease operations in Hungary. Soros’ spokesman denounced the campaign, accusing the Hungarian authorities of spreading anti-Semitism.

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  1. Soros is a psychopathic nut like all the rest of them. He is just pissed that Trump might get to destroy civilisation before he does.

  2. LS…

    Soros stinks ! Hillary stinks ! Trump stinks ! Even I stink sometime but not all the time ! (I say this myself so you do not have to say it !)

  3. I agree George, it’s not fair!After all the hard work and money spent, someone else will take the credit, and Trump from all of them!

  4. Mr Duff, if you had a few Billion to your name would you think it your divine right – apparently, to serially mess with the lives of peoples in other countries, not just once, but without let up over decades, to try force them, through the fomenting of insurrections, to adopt political and social structures to your liking, regardless of what those peoples might think of them ?

  5. Right wing Jews promote middle east wars to clear the land for Eretz Israel.

    Left wing Jews promote mass immigration to Euro populated countries.

    One gives Arabs a reason to leave.

    The other, a place to go.

    Both pretend to be opponents, but coincidentally achieve the same goal. They fit together like yin and yang.

    Don’t forget by sending lots of refugees to Euro countries, especially men of fighting age who should be defending their homeland, Europeans who don’t realize WTF is going on, end up irrationally hating Muslims and…supporting MORE wars against Arabs (and Persians) in the Middle East. Those refugees suddenly got the money from somewhere to show up in mass numbers. If they trickled in at more consistent, manageable numbers, there wouldn’t be such a problem.

    That problem was CREATED. Soros is on the short list of suspects.

    Even if this really IS just a coincidence, Soros is a Left Wing type who throws money at political activism that amounts to cultural Marxism. Politics has gone too far away from the grassroots influence of the PEOPLE, to the influence of the DOLLAR.

    Independent of his actual policies on Israel, Soros STILL promotes domestic policies in America that seem to be anti-family, unConstitutional, and globalist. I don’t like him.

    • The older I get, the only solution I see is a reduction and/or distribution of power, the exact OPPOSITE of the one world government we have secretly had for over 100 years. The consolidation of power was DONE back then, sorry. It’s the delayed fruition, due to the logistics of ENFORCEMENT that have kept us (relatively) free thus far. What most see as an attempt at a NWO TODAY, is actually just the last nails being hammmered in our coffin.

      The founders of America were on the right track; distribution of power. If power is CONSOLIDATED, it can be infiltrated and the people, usurped by outsiders, even foreigners who HATE the people. It seems odd they didn’t see the acquisition of large amounts of money as a form of power consolidation. They screwed up, because CERTAINLY we see this in motion TODAY.

      The power “pie” needs to be divided into tiny crumbs. No hoarding. And remember this time, money is power.

  6. What right does Soros have trying to force Hungary to accept refugees? His spokesman accuses the Hungarian government of anti-Semitism?? Is that a joke?? Being Hungarian means you are not a Semite! That is a fraud all in itself!

    • One unpleasant fact is that the European birth rate has dropped below the level of which Europe’s population can recover from extinction.
      According to my German friends, the young Syrians are doing well and very few are a security issue. The problem is from those illegals from sub Saharan Africa and West Africa. Those are the ones that Gadafi warned about. If this is true then it serves Europe right to reap the fruits of their wickedness.

  7. Thanks Ian!
    When “argumentation” is always carried out with the blood of innocent it is no argumentation at all. It is still genocide the last time I checked. And If the southern hemisphere land grab by “divided Jews” will benefit all of humanity and not oligarchy only I have to be an unsophisticated Jew hater after all who has no efn idea whatsoever.

  8. “Our Russian friends need to get over Soros, grow up and, in the process, grow a pair.  Whining is never appreciated”
    What an over inflated statement of fake divinity almighty Gordon Duff!
    Though it seems you forgot the most important aspect of international Jewry: One mission – one international Jewry family UNITED until victory has been reached and victory it was. A done deal!
    The good Jew and the bad Jew is one and the same especially when brain-dead goyim crawl back into the slime to pick the better of evil – again and again. Has anybody of you guys who ask other to grow balls ever considered that International Jewry already is a mission accomplished ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT behind local puppet governments calling for demockcrassy. Ever considered the done deals of “democratic” Jewry land grab around the world and especially in the southern hemisphere where Israel has left their slimy trails discriminating locals of their motherlands? Joe Lewis, Soros’s best mate owns the south of Argentina thanks to a “special” involving the IMF. Peter Thiel, who made it to an NZ national after 12 days stay on the island is now planing an offshore community floating in international waters as a sovereign nation without politicians and their own currency.
    Are you guys with your “massive American balls” to busy dragging them around that you haven’t noticed the “war is over before it was even fought”?
    No one needs to grow balls! Open your eyes and look away from your American superiority and into the “leashed life” that surrounds you. There you will find NO one with balls. No patriots who dare to stand up for their own country or truth.
    The babbling on does not bring changes. Action does. Any action anywhere in the world or in USA? No! Instead tRump like “tweets” for brother slaves to grow balls.

    • You have a very wrong view of Jewry, in fact, you sound like an unsophisticated jew hater. The one thing that has always been true about the Jews is that they are not united at all, they never have been and never will be. In fact, it is a long-standing joke that the Jewish national sport is arguing.

    • Ian, it is fair to say that the Deep State has many tentacles and it isn’t always clear their intent. I believe it was Rumsfeld that said by the time you’ve figured out what we’ve done; we’re two more steps ahead of you. I think the Jews are getting played, as is everyone. The Jewish religion is used as a shield to deflect critizism is it not. The real players use their cut-outs and empty suits as chess pieces; playing the game behind the scene. By their behavior I believe thay have abandoned moral decency. Which is why I think of them as criminally insane sub-humans; having abandoned humanity and the norms that we share as human beings. It is hard to grasp an opinion of Soros with all the associated disinformation about. I like to think of him as many here at VT, as an Anti- Zionist. But in my heart of hearts I can’t help but think there is a deeper game being played; that doesn’t see the light of day.

    • My observations are that Jews unite on the big issues, but do NOT micromanage. This argumentativeness is actually encouraged to sharpen debate skills. They may quarrel amongst each other like Meerkats in an open field, wrestling and play fighting with each other for practice, but when the alarm is sounded, they drop what they are doing to deal with the goyim invading the shtetl. “Shtetl” in this case means “any position of influence”.

      Whatever the issue is, it must NOT be decided by a lowly goyim, it MUST be decided by the Chosen, others simply don’t count.

      By being on BOTH sides of every issue, they “seed” positions of power with their own kind. Even “Non Zionist” Jews, at an opportune moment, can receive that phone call from their 96-year-old Bubi (Granny) telling them how much it would break their HEART if they didn’t support Israel…

      Even with “Atheist” Jews, at least the politically active ones, the lingering subconscious idea of being a “chosen one” persists. An ideology that puts you on a pedestal by birthright, is powerfully SEDUCTIVE. I can’t emphasize that enough; POWERFULLY SEDUCTIVE… Try to find one who is indifferent to “antisemitism”, for example.

      You do get Left Wingers like Chuck Schumer, who has declared himself an aptly named “Shomer”(protector) of Israel. He may be very SJW here in America, but where Israel is concerned, he turns hypocrite. Gestures towards peace in the Middle East are half-hearted or completely hollow by these types.

    • The power structure looks like a pyramid which they so adore:

      1) Rothschild and Co. They don’t care about Judaism, just faking it…

      2) Religious Leaders Empowered by Rothschild and Co. to add credibility and assemble the fortress of human shields they will hide amongst (Jews). I’d like to know where they actually live most of the time, it won’t be anywhere unsafe or unstable.

      3) Corporate Leaders to bottleneck advancements in technology, with an emphasis on communication (to spy, and control information), weaponry (to eliminate “obstacles”), and finance (to manipulate the economy, and empower political leaders ONLY THEY choose).

      4) Heads of Government. In America, All 3 Branches. Both political parties as well, ar least where International Jewry is concerned. Taxes, military spending, immigration, a mix of R and L wing policies that fit together like yin and yang. To herd the masses and secure policy creation, implementation, and enforcement. Bribery and Blackmail seal the deal.

      5) Here we get various political activities from Think Tanks to Universities, to paid Political Agitators and Organized Crime figures, etc. They all expand and enforce the web of thought control over the masses. This is where the argumentative Jews start to differentiate, but it is in order to cover ALL THE ISSUES.

      And so it goes…


      The Cause of,

      And Solution to,

      All of Life’s Problems…

      Awesome post by HH, btw.

    • In “the Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed, he takes the reader through the history of the Jews. The common Jews have always been under the control of those talmudic rabbis on the reservation or getho. They were never allowed the common jew to leave and even when nations tried to dismantle the getho for a more inclusive outcome, it was the talmudic rabbis that vehemently objected and killed any jew who dared leave.
      The German jews were opposed to the creation of a homeland, so were the American jews. The Bolsheviks after the great depression threatened the American jews of the “Land of Milk and Honey” to introduce a communist revolution in America and destroy the wealth of the American jewish oligarchs should they not help the establishment of Israhell. It seems that these Zionist rabbis, who were the talmudists of Spain and prior to that the levites and prior to that the Judeans who caused so much trouble to the other twelve tribes who joined the family of man.
      It seems the zionist-talmudists Rabbis have this long history of being the devils hand and the enemy of mankind including their own jews. These are the ones we should worry about. The most honorable man I met was a jew.
      Generalizations are never accurate, however, frequency is an indicator. It is the talmudic rabbis that drive the rich zionists.

    • Thanks, Khalid. Huge help.

      I try to be as logical and non-superstitious in my reasoning as possible, but I cant help but wonder if Talmudic/Kabbalahistic prayers or rituals invite demons into peoples minds, or empower Rabbis with the ability to cast spells, curses, or veils of ignorance over large populations…?

      It appears that way. Going by history, we see a well established pattern of behavior.

  9. Soros would sell out his entire family for a dollar bill. How can you even compare him to Trump. He only cares about himself. At least Trump is getting things accomplished with these other G7 puppeteers.

  10. “”””” He is a Hungarian by birth and never forgot the Russian/Soviet slaughter of 1956. …… Have you forgotten? Don’t know what happned? Hmmm. “””””

    I guess this is why you guys keep me around ( To be constantly regurgitating the Truth 24/7/365 ) and I guess I keep around to repeat a fact

    I repeat

    In 1956 the Hungarians revolted against the Soviet Communist Rule , Maybe They wanted Complete Indepndence …… but being just the Public they weren’t equipped to fight so they maxxed out the use of Moltov Cocktails maybe fueled by Alcohol which they used against Tanks and with great success …… they lost the Battle and remained under Soviet Control But How The Hungarians burnt Soviet Tanks by Moltov Cocktails became a story worth telling …….

    • Nope, in 1956 Hungarians rebelled not against communism, but against the Jewish leaders who had been imposed on them by Stalin in 1946. These Jews were cruel and brutal dictators, so the Hungarians soon tired of their police state and overthrew them, they did not overthrow communism, they simply replaced the Jewish leaders with Hungarians. The Russians panicked however, feared Hungary would fall into Western influence and invaded to make sure they remained in the Communist Bloc.

  11. Hungary has a very interesting modern day make up. They were infiltrated, subverted in the early 1900’s — thanks Bolsheviks — who sent in their tool Béla Kun. They became “communists.” In 1940’s after Kun flew the coup, err I mean coop, Hundary adhered to the Tripartite Pact.
    Ironically Bela Kun He was “posthumously rehabilitated” (whatever that means) in 1956, following the death of Joseph Stalin and the critical reassessment of Stalinism. And in 1956 . . . the “uprising” took place, and was probably another false flag Zionist creation because they knew that their “communist” par-tay was about to come to an end, and they needed to garner world sympathy for their “plight” – although they created it.
    The rich Jews always get out of dodge, and 7,000 went to Austria as refugees, just as one example. They went to Israhell too.
    Ironic that no one bltches when Zionists are refugees and flood into their countries . . . just when it’s the Muslims?!?!?
    OY VEY . . .

  12. Who’s on first? So now we are told Soros and israel are enemies and that Soros is an anti zionist. Okay, I’ll accept that. He most likely isn’t one of the kosher Nostra running Vegas and setting up false flags like the one last winter. The one with the Saudis a couple floors above. So what were the two women doing in Pennock’s room?
    So how does Soros figure in with the movement to dewhiten Europe with

    • A million or more refugees, some of whom are definitely not refugees, but criminals like the one who raped and murdered a 14 year old German girl, who happened to be Jewish. Right now he’s sitting in an Iraqi jail waiting for his day in court and probable hanging.
      There is a lot of anti Soros propaganda out there, some of it may be true and some of it obviously false.
      Time to cut through the b.s. and get it straightened out.
      If what Gordon is saying is true then we have all been mislead. It has been very easy to do so with the internet and certain people who make up total B.S. and it gets accepted as truth without real fact checking. Some of those are no longer among the living.
      We all get caught up in this rummage sale of info and disinfo.
      The object of all this is for people to become more discerning about the stories and supposed news being peddled on the internet not just the main stream media, which we all know to be pure rubbish.

    • Soros is like a Belu Kun . . . kinda.
      “Jewish” by birth, but no doing their bidding.
      And I wish people would stop trying to pick ONE team. There’s no way there’s a “clean” politician, nation, or religion, etc.

    • *now

      OMIGOSH . . . de-whiten Europe? No one blitches when the “white” / “semite” Zionists flood in and totally fvck up nations. Do you think that the south was being de-whitened during slavery?

    • I Don’t Trust No Jew , You can’t Ensure When it’s going to Turn Around and Destroy Everything ……………… Look at Her Ugliness Madelain Albright , She ” discovered her ” Jewish ” Heritage “” a few months after taking Office as A Murderous Secretary of State ………….. These guys flip when Mossad Inc tells them it’s Urgent ……. can’t count on these bastards Nope ……

    • There have been a number of complaints within the European community that the goal is to dilute the political power of white Europeans. Whether that is the actual goal is up for discussion and whether the evidence actually supports it.
      The main problem is as has been previously stated those from sub Saharan Africa.

  13. So, what is Soros, a good guy or a bad guy??……He opposes Trump (who is a bad guy) but promotes open border migration into Europe (a bad move)……are Open Borders to destroy the Zio ruling EU Brussels slave states, or part of the NWO beige’ing plan of whitey…..which, what….?,,,,confusing to say the least…..and as for Hillary….well, ’nuff said

  14. Fought Bush? Bush and Clinton are same cabal. Watchu mumbling bout??? So what if there’s a bit of daylight between the Elders of ZION and Soros. He’s still evil.
    The Russians have to grow a pair? That’s funny. The ones bullying the weak are the AmeriKKKlan while Putin undercuts your cowardly imperialism with the s400. He does it right in your faces, in Turkey, in India…. ha…in Saudi Arabia. You were the ones who blinked and had to climb down your stupid path. You were the ones who turned yellow belly when Putin showed you a bit of what he’s got in store for you stoooopid muthafackas. Of course you chickened out…all bullies are cowards. The scum of the earth talking shit.

  15. Please tell me that Photo of Trumps posterior is photoshopped. That is NOT a mans rear end.

    It looks like either fat injections a’la Kardashians, or excess female hormones. Could be from being too fat (fat cells promote production of, store, and release estrogen), or from being a sick demented poofer/quiffer who has modified his body into an erotic playground…

    I just threw up in my mouth a little. I need some nausea medicine. Two-footer with ice catcher to the rescue…

    I’ll be back to verbally abuse Soros later…

    • With the diet that tRump indulges himself in, I wouldn’t be surprised. A dozen diet Cokes a day plus other sugary and starchy/high gluten foods and zero exercise, what would anyone expect?
      Trump may very well be killing himself this way. Diet sodas are now being linked with Pancreatic cancer. It is also being linked with Alzheimer’s. So go ahead Donny boy, drink up.

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