Was Anthony Bourdain Murdered for Humanizing Palestinians?


[Editor’s note: They say Bourdain had been suffering depression since the death of his wife 13 years ago. However, color me suspicious whenever a critic of Israel and it’s genocidal policies towards the Palestinians dies unexpectedly.

Yes, Israel would murder someone for sticking up for the Palestinians, they wouldn’t hesitate in fact. Ian]

The Express Tribune
Anthony Bourdain: Celebrity chef who ‘humanised’ Palestinians

The news of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain’s death has drawn tributes from notables and ordinary people from around the world.

The benevolent TV host’s passion for world’s food and diverse cultures is well known. However, his work with Palestinians on a visit to the holy land in 2013 can be termed as highlight of his career where he ‘humanised’ the oppressed community for once in front of the American audience.

Bourdain had travelled to Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza to spotlight Palestinian and Israeli food on his show ‘Parts Unknown’ for CNN in 2013. He immediately fell in love with Palestine, its people and the culture and shocked to witness brutality of military occupation by Israeli forces.

It was impossible for the affable chef to avoid things Israelis prefer and want the world to forget about: the settlements, the wall, and Gaza.

The food traveller “made a point to show the evils of the military occupation and said in the episode that no honest journalist—even one like him—could report from Israel/Palestine without acknowledging that overarching reality of oppression. Brave & set an example,” Mike Prysner, an American political activist said on Twitter.

“I’ll never forget when Anthony Bourdain took his show to Palestine and humanised it’s people. It was the first time I—and most people—ever saw the military occupation or Palestinian life on mainstream TV. RIP,” Prysner added.

“Let’s not forget that Anthony Bourdain was one of the few prominent media personalities who regularly humanised Muslims and Arabs as regular, everyday people – without politicising their lives or stories,” said Khaled Beydoun, a university professor in the US.

Beydoun, who examines Islamophobia, the war on terror, and the prominence of race and racism in American law, further said: “What touched me most about Anthony Bourdain was that he represented the common man. While a famous chef, he loved and celebrated food that working class people – from all over the world – loved.”

While shooting the episode, he was immediately mesmerised by Palestine, due to its rich history and spirituality that surrounds the place.

Visiting the West Bank on his way to a settlement, he said something that American people would never hear on national TV:

“In 2003, Israel began construction on a wall along the green line representing the Israeli-Palestinian border. The wall now stretches 450 miles. When completed, it will span 700 miles, 85% of it in Palestinian territory… Since 1967, 500,000 Israeli settlers have moved into the West Bank, all in contravention of international law, many in contravention of Israeli law, though in effect it seems to make little difference, they’re here and in ever larger numbers,” he said.

At another point, during shooting of the episode, Bourdain met and dined with a Palestinian group of men.

“Many of these guys are not too sympathetic to my country, or my ethnicity I’m guessing. But, there’s that hospitality thing. Anywhere you go in the Muslim world, it seems, no matter what, you feed your guests, you do your best to make them feel at home,” he remarked while having a great time over meal with the group, mostly refugees.

He started off the episode announcing: “By the end of this hour, I’ll be seen by many as a terrorist sympathiser, a Zionist tool, a self-hating Jew, an apologist for American imperialism, an Orientalist, socialist, a fascist, CIA agent, and worse.”

However, with his love for humanity he managed to avoid all these tags and miraculously made everyone including Americans and Palestinians like and adore him even more.

-“I’ve spent much of my life in the Muslim world where I’ve been treated with overwhelming kindness and generosity.” –Anthony Bourdain

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  1. I read one of his commentaries where he said his favorite place to do his shows was in Beirut, Lebanon. He fell in love with the town and the people and they loved him back. He also talked about doing shows in Iran and Syria but Beirut was his favorite. I was suspicious after reading what he said because all of these countries have one common denominator: Israel hates them all!

  2. It seems to me if they wanted to send a message about him aiding Palestinians they would have done so much sooner after the event than waiting 5 years. Many people, including many Jews, like the Jewish Voice for Peace, support the Palestinians against the evil hardliners in Israel. I think much more proof is needed to support this claim. He smoked and used drugs and even ate all sorts of strange “foods”. Even the Israelis didn’t murder Ken O’Keefe when they had the chance. Drugs can cause all sorts of bizarre behavior. This is why they must be legalized and regulated. But even then, if someone wants to kill themselves who is to prevent them from doing so?

  3. We live in a Dark Age like of which mankind has not known. Just imagine nuclear weapons and delivery system have reached the point of no return and We have a Criminal Gang in control of them. Here and there alight like Bourdain shows up like glow fly but the Evil who wants to dominate can not tolerate him/her. They are soon extinguished.

  4. Bourdain was killed because of his work against Pedophiles. He joins a list of similarly murdered people fighting the same thing.

  5. In February 2018, New York’s attorney general brought a law suit against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein which included allegations that Weinstein was prone to fits of rage at his employees and told several “I will kill you,” “I will kill your family,” and “You don’t know what I can do,” and said he had Secret Service contacts who could help him out.
    Anthony Bourdain’s girlfriend, Italian actress Asia Argento, is one of the dozens of women who accused Weinstein of sexual assault, harassment or rape after he was exposed in an October New Yorker article.
    “I am proud and honored to know you,” Bourdain tweeted to Argento in October. “You just did the hardest thing in the world.” He added: “Can we use the word ‘rapist’ now? #Weinstein.”
    Bourdain called out other celebrities who remained silent about Weinstein’s alleged behavior. “How many seventeen year olds have you dressed like they are, in your words, ‘asking for it’?” he tweeted at Donna Karan’s fashion brand DKNY.
    One of our experts says that cutting off the bloodstream to the brain for 15 seconds causes a loss of consciousness. There are a number of alleged suicides in Europe that appear to be rooted in light strangulation with two fingers first, then hanging of the victim from the doorknob to complete the job. Murder, not suicide. The combination of the doorknob and the scarf appears to be a signature intended to terrorize others who may be thinking about ratting out the elites above them and known to them.

  6. Gosh Ian, I would be willing to put a big bet on this with God that it was the Israelis and not Anthony Bourdain. The Fiddler on the Roof Myth is dissolving into the swamp of the worst that people are capable of doing to other people. The silence of Europe and the Western World regarding what Israel is doing is disgusting.

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