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  1. Don’t “meet” Elon Musk – lock him up for good. The name Tesla should not be related in any way to a creepy installed oligarch feeding of the American tax system as a “green hero who changes the world”. Changing the world he will, but not for the better. Even though the snake oil salesman speaks negative about AI and claims it as a danger for mankind it will be him and the circle of his kosher friends that become the forefathers for the upcoming conflict between humanoids and mankind.

    • You and your friends below would have hanged Henry Ford. You are the same ones who stalled medicine by outlawing cutting open corpses. Frauds one and all. Fearful and sheltered, afraid of the daylight, you stock up your caverns in the ground and the unknown is regarded as terrifying, and the adventure of life as a waste of time. To those of this ilk, routine and habit is considered the fortress of your souls. The village would starve waiting for your creativity.

    • David, Musk is no Henry Ford. Did Ford get any grant money from Washington? Did those who bought his cars receive a $7,500 tax rebate? Does Ford have a 90% quality failure rate? Has Ford or any other auto manufacturer failed to deliver on new vehicles?
      Tesla Motors survives on the government teat. Last quarter, Tesla Motors suffered the worst loss so far and as of this week announced the layoff( Job loss) of 3800 workers . Tesla Motors has failed again and again to deliver on its touted Model 3. The motto at Tesla is “build now, fix later”. For all the great claims made for his cars they continue to fall short. Try cruising across the state at highway speeds and see how far you get.
      Tesla continues to get money from the government as it is supposedly a green company, electics don’t pollute, doncha know. Consider the environmental damage in mining lithium or REEs used to m,ake the motors. Thousands of people have laid down hard earned cash for the Model 3 and most of them will never get theirs.
      The Model S costs upwards $90,000 which is bought by millionaires who then get a $7500 tax rebate. Are you okay with this?
      Used car salesmen have delivered better product than Musk has.
      A company feeding off the government teat, failing to meet promises and having the worst quality issues in the business.
      That’s Tesla Motors.
      Besides your argument is a strawman variety.

    • The real scam is that more than 20 years ago Panasonic developed a nickel metal hydride battery for automotive use that would give 200 miles range and was perfectly safe, unlike lithium ions in Teslas. Chevy built the EV1 using those Ni-Mh batteries, Toyota built electric Rav4s using them, and there were few other models from other makers, but only built in small numbers, a few thousand at most. Production halted because the patent for those ni-mh batteries was bought by Texaco and they refused to license anyone to produce them, effectively killing the product. We should have had affordable ni-mh powered electric cars for over 20 years but instead, we have the Tesla….

    • John, have you worked on or ridden in a Model T ? Getting stuck, flat tires, conking out, won’t start, … Musk is building the most advanced robotic factory in the US, has a space fleet, did PayPal, produced a streamlined solar management system, among many other things. He is our modern day Henry Ford. And he just got a contract with Chicago to do the Boring for a tunnel. I would say he is much more diverse than Ford. I would also add, that the hiring practices of his companies do not automatically give credit for college degrees.
      I’m not sure you are aware of current corporate atmosphere for government money. There are tons of companies getting more and doing less. Wal-Mart is one, Amazon is another. How about Raytheon, or Boeing ?
      Musk is not the bad guy out of that group. He gets things done. Things we can use. Also, most countries have mandates for production of electric cars. Get used to them.

  2. The first quarter of 2018, Tesla Motors posted a greater loss than the last quarter of 2017. To date Musk still cannot deliver any Model 3s as production and quality failures( 90%) have stifled delivery. As one GM engineer noted the robotic welders are wreaking havoc on production as well.
    Musk is akin to the televangelists, selling salvation, making false claims and delivering on nothing.
    These vehicles have now claimed the lives of a half dozen people in the last two months with their self driving feature failing. To make matters worse, the battery pack is located on the bottom of the car underneath the passenger compartment so when even one Lithium pack is damaged, it explodes and thus creating a chain reaction much like a nuclear chain reaction, the entire battery pack soon engulfs the car in flames and in some instances where the doors are jammed shut, incinerates the victims trapped inside.
    Musk, like the snake oil selling televangelists has his faithful followers and no matter how badly he mistreats them gets away with it. To his followers, he is a god, protecting the planet with his “green” cars.

    • Teslas range at highway speeds +70 MPH is no more than 70 miles, after which you must allow several hours to recharge. In cold weather the battery packs cannot be recharged to full capacity. The range is significantly reduced if you have to run heater or A/C which is needed in every climate. Remember, there is engine to run an alternator to provide the current it takes to run the blower motor or the A/C/ pump, the power for these must be provided from the battery pack.The battery packs are very expensive when replacement time arrives and will set you back in the thousands.
      There have been a number of failures of the self driving system which has resulted in a number of fatalities, one of which recurred when it failed to discern a divided median and slammed the vehicle into a guard rail. Both young men were trapped inside as the door were jammed shut and both were incinerated.
      Lithium batteries are very heat sensitive and to any damage that may occur. If even one cell is damaged, the rest will soon follow. Ask me how I know this.
      As far as being green is concerned, consider the lithium that has to be mined, the REEs( mined) needed to build the motors( neo- magnets)/ environmental damage and the extra drain on the power grid when these vehicles are being recharged.

  3. 2 young non-HS grads working in a bike shop were the first to get a working airplane. The government of the US would not acknowledge it, because they were spending millions with a large facility and all kinds of academics to get one going. So, the young Wright Bros shipped their plane to France and flew it there.
    Afterward, the US gov had no choice but to recognize their achievement.
    The engine that the plane used was also designed and built by a non-hs grad. Kodak, built by George Eastman, the beginning of photography, and he also quit HS before graduating as did Henry Ford, Mark Twain, and many of our countries most notable inventors, and entrepreneurs, UPS started with drop outs on bikes, then exploded by using dropout Fords Model T.

    • A manned mission to mars under government management is far less likely than if a private company does it.

      In fact, NASA is a waste of our money. Currently , for the average person, astronomers and astrophysicists have zero use. We should be much more advanced technologically by now. Patents and government are quicksand for invention.

    • Good post, but I’m scared of private companies colonizing in the name of the corporation…we all know how they DO…

      Another school drop-out who everyone should take a look at is Arthur Jones, the inventor of Nautilus Equipment. He was the first person to raise crocodiles in captivity AND had one of the largest private airports in America at one time.

      “Back in the 1920s, a fifthe grade education prepared you for the world AT LEAST as good as a bachelors degree today…” was one of his assertions. Dropped out in grade school, rode the rails as a youth, reinvented weight training, became a multimillionaire playboy, and patented many innovations.

      “Let me explain this to you, in a way that even a baby RETARDED chimpanzee could understand it”, is my favorite quote of his.×392.jpg

      Results of the “Colorado Experiment” with Casey Viator.

      63 pounds of muscle in 28 days:

      Amelius, are you reading this…? 💪 !

    • But not OUTSIDE of their native habitat. (close to same latitude, obviously) Creating an artificial environment is different than fencing off where an animal already lives. How SMART it is, is another matter ENTIRELY. (I don’t like it.)

      I’m sure Seminoles had a pet gator or two, penned up, at least. Dont forget about N.A. Natives. Ojibwas like the Chippewa and Lac Courte Oreilles tribes have penned up muskellunge in river or lake entrapments of stone, before. They’re like crocs without legs… 🙂

      Jones, as a layman, uncovered scientific principles behind muscle hypertrophy(growth) and hyperplasia(new cell creation) that weight lifting experts and even DOCTORS could not explain or understand. Self taught, independent thinker. I think you would find him interesting…

    • There is evidence the Wrights were not the first with powered flight.
      The Wright brothers are also responsible for keeping aircraft design and improvements way behind European counterparts by filing frivolous lawsuits against such people as Glenn Curtis. Meanwhile in Britain , France and Germany, while the U.S. could not produce anything even close to the performance of the aircraft being developed at that time.
      When WWI broke out the U.S. was woefully behind in aircraft development.

    • Although history says it was 1903, The Wright Brothers probably didn’t actually manage to fly until 1908, whereas Santos-Dumont flew in Paris in 1906 in front of a thousand spectators and Gustave Whitehead flew in Connecticut in 1901.

    • There is a lot of motivation involving billions of academic money, that hates to have the uneducated origins of most of our inventions talked about. Wright Bros shipped it to France, then came home and flew for NYC.
      Why would they do that ?
      The father of micro-biology never went to school and ground his own lenses by hand. The inventor of the equatorial sextant, still the primary tool for oceanic navigation, never went either. Twain quit at age 11.
      Academia and religion squelch invention and creativity. Ford quit at 15 Eastman at 16. Tons and tons more examples of almost every useful invention we have.

  4. Circular logic. Till this day, no one can pack more BTUs in a one liter bottle than gasoline. The main problem with Musk is the battery. If the super conducter comes into mainstream as the incandescent lamp filament did, that would be a game changer.
    The super conducter replacing the copper wire is where it is at.
    Is it not funny that Musk has an electric car to bitch slap gazoline for poluting and burning up oxygen, but his rockets are nothing more than combustible welding rods that consume so much oxygene and produce untold polution.
    The guy is a fraud.

    • Space X lands two rockets in the upright position simultaneously, and is a fraud,… but religion is real ?
      That’s some squirrels logic right there. I think Musk is comfortable making history, while others are eager to rewrite it until comfortable, then cement their feet in it. Ah, the warm comfort of emotional assurances. The safe box.

    • David Odell… read what I wrote again or is your goal to just bring up religion in general again. Still sore from last time. Maybe your experience is Fd up, that’s your problem it will never been mine. I love my religion and I love the inner peace it gives me. It seems that you haven’t reach the wisdom that what counts is not what others do with anything but what you do with. You fd up your religion that’s your problem and doesn’t have to be everyone else’s because after all you are just one experience no more no less. Religion for me is independence and clarity of view and above all a gift of grace. Find someone else to spar with David you are truly outclassed here. Everytime you attack all religions, I will remind you to stick to your familiarities. Musk is making history, with a historical scam.

  5. The Tesla Roadster will have a ticket price of $200,000 with a $50,000 non-refundable deposit.
    So . . . all the idiots who got the TED tickets for free to be awe struck by this guy, and clap with delight at his “point of doing this is to give a hard cord smack down on gasoline cars” bravado are going to be able to do one thing in 2020: NOT be in any type of financial ability to buy one.

    I realize Marie Antoinette never really said “Let them eat cake” but if she had, that meme would go nicely.

    The people in the $200K price range of autos will be lining up, I’m sure . . .
    The rest of us will be driving our “gasoline cars” to the drive-thru making it a double, while the birds and rich folks drive on by . . . on their way to dine on $180/lb Kobe steaks.

    LMGAO . . . Yeah, Elon “He Stinks” Musk is really going to put a dent in the “gasoline car” dynamic.

    Plus, he stole Tesla’s concepts, and didn’t develop anything original. Hmmmmmmm . . . seems to be a pattern, no?!?

    I heard they’re taking odds on how many years Musk will be around before going the way of the Edsel meets DeLorean.

    • He can’t last too much longer with the way the company is pissing away money and producing very little in return.
      I predict his next scam will either be in telemarketing or as a televangelist. After all there are plenty of examples of swindlers and frauds marketing religion.
      Ron Popeil though was the real deal.

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