Pentagon Denies Knowledge of Mysterious Flying Object on US West Coast


[Editor’s note:  If you think its a missile, it’s not, its your vivid imagination stimulated by watching a missile launch that “isn’t a missile?”

It’s kind of like being a German and learning holocaust math.

“First you start with 4.3 million European Jews living west of the Ural Mountains.  You gas 6 million of them leaving 3.8 million at the end of the war as refugees.  You then send anyone who fails to understand how we get these figures to prison for 12 years.”

This one is even more fun.  It’s not the first time, the exact same thing happened in November 2010 when a Chinese ballistic missile nuclear submarine pierced US defense and fired an ICBM right off Los Angles in broad daylight.  See video below:

For those who follow issues of UFO disclosure, the backstory as sourced, and this is only for believers mind you, is that China was aided by an off planet civilization that “teleported” China’s submarine as a warning to other powers that China had struck a deal of some kind.

As a minor aside, do note the contrail left by the alleged Chinese missile from 2010 that, of course, wasn’t a missile at all.  Think about MH17 and realize that were a BUK missile to have shot down that plane, we might well be looking at dozens of videos depicting a similar contrail.  Years later they haven’t appeared though anyone blaming Kiev for shooting down MH 17 with their nasty little planes which were there is smeared.

A little half-assed Google research using a tiny bit of critical thinking might just start something, or not.  Anyway, back to the wild UFO tale;

As it was told in a briefing of sorts, 12 briefcases were distributed to world leaders regarding rules and procedures, meaning “who is in charge” of off world relations.

Then again, if you think all of this is just crap, enjoy the video and funny pictures and safely go on with life as before.  Good luck with that. G]

From Sputnik News:

The strange object that left a bright red and orange vertical streak through dark skies over an island off the coast of Washington State on Sunday was not connected to US military activity, forces in the area have confirmed.

On Sunday, a weather camera snapped footage of a weird object streaking through the sky in the wee hours of the morning around 3:56 a.m., reported. The news outlet inquired with Naval Air Station Whidbey Island whether it had conducted a missile launch, which might have explained the ascending object.

“There’s a lot speculation around here,” a spokesperson for NAS Whidbey Island told on Monday, “but it’s definitely not a missile launch.” The naval air station on the island does not have any missile capabilities, according to the spokesperson.

Professor Cliff Mass, an atmospheric sciences faculty member at the University of Washington, wrote in a blog post Monday that the object “really looks like an ascending missile… I would be interested if someone had some insights into this sighting.” The professor noted that he has never heard of rocket launches taking place at NAS Whidbey Island, and that “this feature does not like like a meteor.”

According to SkunkBay Weather, a weather monitor in Washington State, the videographers contacted both NAS Whidbey Island and the US Defense Department before sharing the video publicly. “My night camera picked up what clearly looks like a very large missile launch from Whidbey Island,” SkunkBay Weather said in a Facebook post.

“They all said it didn’t come from them.”


  1. Just after a glimpse of the vid, maybe this:
    For 60 years, NORAD and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) have tracked Santa’s flight. Follow Santa as he makes his magical journey!
    Taking clouds, their typical height and camera angle into consideration, distance is about lets guess 70 nautic miles. So the estimated velocity of the object is I guess about 3000 knots (just a wild guess, Im not an expert). Therefore the hypothesis of a delayed Santa flying home might be reconsidered.

  2. If anyone knows the frame rate of the camera stills then maybe someone could estimate the speed of this object. Most video is shot at 25 or 30 frames per second. I’m not good at maths at the best of times but if someone could do an estimation that would be helpful in trying to determine what it may be doing. And yes the trail of red hot gases suggests it is something burning fuel at a very high temperature. This picture raises a lot of questions and for a country like the US which boasts of a highly intelligent society (cough cough) I’m surprised that they don’t know or even have a clue what it may or could be. Hmmm or is it a case of they do know but don’t want to tell us.

  3. Flat earthers…..Harry we all need some comedic relief now and then and the flat earthers provide such. Also note just how many are easily taken in…..usually fundamentalists and other brain dead oxygen wasters, tweakers and meth heads living in single wides with their parents.
    Drugs do the darndest things.

  4. The northern branch of the CPO (Council of Pacific Octopi) have recently been gifted (FITS) by the Cephalopods of the Magellanic Stream. This Forward Inking Transfer System, converts the fluidic escape mechanism into a propulsion system useable by up to 64 individuals at a time. By genetically enhancing certain percentages of individuals with the DNA of complex off world species only found in rare space cloud secretions from the Magellanic Stream, they are then stacked in a certain order and able to propel into the stratosphere. This enables world wide communication and formation of inter-oceanic councils. This unification will effect world shell fish markets and some of the results can already be seen in the softening stance of the Japan – North Korean relationship. Eight arms are better than two.

    • It’s the revolt of the tentacled people! Soon giant octopi will be seen attempting to tear down the Golden Gate bridge and taking over Tesla Motors. Squids will be smearing Musk’s quarterly reports with indelible ink.
      Humans have been eating squids and octopi for a very long time….soon it will be their turn.
      Food of the gods.
      One final question: Octopus is known for vast intellect, did these creature develop here on earth or did they migrate or were they brought here?
      Maybe that’s why UFO have been seen diving into the oceans.

  5. Sure looks like a missile launch to me. Maybe it’s one of Eloon Musk’s new missiles carrying a Tesla Model 3 to the moon, Alice!
    But you didn’t see a missile rising through the atmosphere, nope, ignore it, after all who are you going to believe, the U.S. Air Farce or your own eyes? Besides we’ll tell you what to believe and not believe, after all we’re your masters and this is a free country.
    Now go back to work, keep your head down and obey or get punched in the head by an armed government agent.

  6. This is how David Irving ended up in a German prison, beaten and starved.
    Speaking the truth is a dangerous thing in a time of universal deceit.

  7. You’d think the USA would say its theirs just to NOT look like clueless effete dopes…? YES

  8. Nukes are real you moron. Only a disinfo shill or a blethering idiot would think otherwise, which are you?

  9. Looks like it has the armosphere on fire. This is not a condensation trail. Could this be the effects of Mach 10-12 Russian missiles?

    • I agree. A condensation trail is made up from very small droplets of a fluid substance. Like the smoke you get from burning logs that still contain moisture (freshly chopped trees). Fluid drops do not have a very high temperature. What you see here is in a way the opposite : A very long vertical column of incandescent air, that points to a rather high temperature. It points to a different kind of rocket engine that emits gases (or particles) of a much higher temperature, than for example the rocket engine of a BUK missile.
      For MH17 see Joost Niemöller (Holland). He knows a lot about that case.

    • It’s like having one of the government armed thugs(cop) kicking you in the head and yelling”stop resisting, stop resisting!”

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