VT Vindicated: Israeli Backed “Schmear” Busted in 93 Count Pedo Indictment

Backpage.com, a classified advertising website that faced persistent allegations of profiting from illegal prostitution, was shut down by the U.S. government Friday as authorities reportedly brought criminal charges against seven of those involved in operating the site. USA TODAY

As usual, this case took way to long to bring indictments

 [Editor’s note: Why did the FBI bust a human trafficking ring being run by the Department of Homeland Security?  Why was this story killed?  Lots of questions here.

It was Joe Arpiao that first tracked down Lacy and Larkin as human traffickers, the “publishers” of Village Voice Media, the Phoenix Times and Backpage, organizations that have repeatedly attacked Veterans Today as “anti-Semitic.”


We found this gang peddling kids for sex in Vegas casinos and hiding it behind a 501c3 “charity” to aid undocumented immigrants.

Who are they really?  This is only a very very small part of the Sheldon Adelson organization that helps keep Israel in control of the US through blackmail.

The story itself, and its connections with Washington’s most powerful, the heart of the GOP and its “teabag” elites, was squashed by every news agency after slipping through into USA Today. Look for it on Fox and CNN.  Maybe the Times of Israel will carry itGordon ]

PHOENIX The U.S. Attorney’s Office here unsealed indictments Monday against seven people associated with Backpage, officially charging that the classified advertising website operated as a thinly veiled and lucrative online brothel.

Among the two named in the 93-count indictment are the co-founders of Backpage, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They previously had been the editor and publisher, respectively, of New Times, a Phoenix alternative weekly newspaper that grew large enough to buy out Village Voice Media in New York City.

The indictment charged the pair, along with others, of conspiring to knowingly facilitate prostitution offenses through the website. Authorities contend some of the trafficked people included teenage girls.

The indictment instead said Backpage only wanted to create the perception that it was attempting to stop the selling of children for sex.

“(T)he reality is that Backpage has allowed such ads to be published while declining — for financial reasons — to take necessary steps to address the problem,” the indictment read.

The ads sometimes were written in a code that law enforcement and activists deciphered and customers seemingly understood.

“80 car visit come pick me up 30 minutes of ecstasy,” read one, quoted in a U.S. Senate report. “down for whatever long as you got tha cash,” read another.


  1. The fact that the DHS was supporting these two scum is another reason why it must be shut down. Is there anyone in congress with the courage to take a stand against this worthless, incompetent bunch of neo-criminals?
    America is now lost. when the government that was initially charged with protecting the people and the rights of the people instead not only endanger both but seeks to maltreat and ignore the rights of the people, then we have no government, we have tyranny.
    The illusion of democracy and representative government is just that, an illusion. What now exists is a vast criminal network that has legalized and created a moral excuse for its own criminal behavior.
    worse still, is a citizenry that neither wishes to learn of the criminality or dares to speak out. That is how governments fall into disrepute and nations fall into tyranny.
    The indictments are only a symptom of the vast disease that has infected government.

  2. Sheldon Adelson, now there is a target of opportunity for humanity, if there ever was one. Any SEAL teams may apply?

    • Give those two a quick trial and then take them out and execute both. Arrest anyone else involved including Sheldon, make sure the trial is public and reported in every newspaper and on every news channel.
      Human trafficking has got to stop, one way or another and if the DHS is involved then indictments must be handed down and the DHS shut down.

  3. “You can’t know for which cases there are super injunctions; that is, the media cannot even report that it can’t report. That’s the most insidious kind of suppression. It is unfathomable why, even if a case deserves broad suppression, the public can’t know about it. This displays a manifest distrust of not only the press and the jurors, but of the public.”

    Official Suppression of justice is to be found in every “Free democratic court in the western world”. Australia again is the forerunner of a futuristic world where the public has no opinion of their own. All is swallowed without criticism as “WE” the people trust our “political leaders and the media” while arguing between ourselves.
    When speaking to a member of the ADA (Australian dental association) yesterday I received the “full truth” about how marvellous President Trump solves all problems of the world and does great things for down under along the way while wishing that a President as Trump would be the right choice for Australia and the world.

  4. Too bad Backpage couldn’t of been a real consumer web-site. I found my current job on Craigslist, of all places. Someone should step-up and run a local based web-site for the masses. BTW isn’t Sheldon Adelson funding Alex Jones and Infowars. It figures that Jones sells all those pills and such.

    • Craigslist no longer offers personal ads ie: women seeking men or men seeking women or women seeking women.

    • Yea I noticed that too, it may be why they are still up and running. A lot of folks sell things on craigslist. It’s a great site for used cars and such. Kind of like walking through a flea market on the web.

    • Craigslist is one of the last bastions of free market enterprise, tax free.

      I enjoy making dangerous new friends through Craigslist… : )

    • Johnny, you have to be careful of the women you meet on the web, especially when you’re my age. They always ask, “are you afraid of commitment?” And I always reply, “no maam, everytime I’m committed, I just take the pills they give me and they let me go in a few days.” Yup, I’m still single.

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