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You just can’t make this Sh_t up!

… from Press TV, Tehran

Israel has nukes. Gazans have these. According to the Israeli reaction it is the other way around.

[ Editor’s Note: Just when you think the Radical Zionists is Israel have peaked in their craziness, they nut out even more over these burning kites. The Israeli spinmeisters have now come up with a new hype term, “terror kites”.

One would think in reading an article like this that it was a spoof piece. But when you peel the onion, are we seeing a desperate attempt with the Zios trying to maintain the threat hype from basically defenseless Gazans?

Or is it something more sinister, that the Likuds so love killing Palestinians they relish every opportunity to do so? We know Bibi and his security minister, Gilad Erdan, fit that description. But they could not do what they do unless they were confident of getting a free ride from most of the Western governments and the media.

All that has really been burned is Likud pride

We all know that if Jewish protesters were using burning kites against a modern military force were being targeted by uniformed sniper “targeted assassinations” that Western countries and media would be denouncing the act as a war crime and demanding sanctions, if not a blizzard of cruise missiles in retaliation.

But as we all sit and watch this go on, there seems to be no limit to the atrocities that Israel can inflict on the Palestinians that the free world governments would find to cross the line.

But what those same entities are able to do is charge the targets of their own proxy terror campaigns with being terrorists themselves. They have turned the whole concept of traditional terrorism upside down, with Western citizens accepting this without a political whimper. It’s a sad legacy for Western jurisprudence Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published – June 12, 2018

An Israeli minister has called for “targeted assassinations” of Palestinians who fly burning kites into the Israeli occupied territories as well as commanders of the Hamas resistance movement, whom he blame for such a show of protest.

Gilad Erdan, the regime’s public security minister, said on Tuesday that the snipers, who have been shooting Palestinian protesters in Gaza over the past weeks upon the Israeli military’s order, should also target the kite flyers.

Since late March, over 120 Palestinian protesters have been killed and thousands more wounded by Israeli forces, mainly sharpshooters. The Israeli military has come under intense international criticism for permitting its forces to open fire on unarmed protesters in Gaza.

The minister blamed the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement, which runs Gaza, for the sending of burning kites into the occupied territories, saying, “The fact that Hamas is enabling the shooting and the sending of the kites means we must return to targeted assassinations, and the kite launchers and Hamas commanders should be targeted for killing.”

“Every attack will be met with a severe response. Kite terror is very serious, and whoever sends them should fear for their life,” he further said.

Frustrated by an inhumane Israeli siege and use of lethal force by the regime forces, the people in Gaza send kites loaded with flammable material to the occupied lands in a show of protest.

No one has been injured by the blazes, but some 2,250 acres of fields and nature reserves have been burned by flames stoked by Mediterranean winds, according to the Israeli regime.

Kite-maker Shadi, 19, said that even if the Gaza protests wind down, he and others will continue to launch the kites, some of which carry the photos of Palestinian victims.

“It began spontaneously. We never thought we would achieve such good results,” he said. “The idea is simple: use the simplest tools to cause damage and losses on the occupation (Israel).”

Meanwhile, an Israeli general said the army had drafted in civilian drone enthusiasts, instructing them to fly their unmanned aerial vehicles into the Palestinian kites.

Tensions have been running high near the Gaza fence since March 30, which marked the start of a series of protests, dubbed “The Great March of Return,” demanding the right to return for those driven out of their homeland.

The Gaza clashes reached their peak on May 14, the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Nakba Day (the Day of Catastrophe), which coincided this year with the US embassy relocation from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem al-Quds.

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12 Replies to “You just can’t make this Sh_t up!

  1. Maybe they see a flying kike as the return of the savior whom they crucified a while ago, or start a massive terror campaign on Gaza just on the day MH17 (or whatever flight it was) crashed, so the KRM pressitudes could diverse their “news”.

    About “diversion”, it (alleged MH17) should not have flown were it flew that tragic day.

  2. LMGAO . . . yeah, the fire isn’t going to burn the string, or the tail, or even the kite itself. Yeah, right {rolling eyes}. And the idiots of the world will believe this. Oh, and I read an article that reports they put a Swastika on the kites, and one that said they flew Molotov cocktails over Gaza using the kite. Really?!?!? A Molotov cocktail?!?!? I flew kites as a young girl. I actually won a kite flying contest at my church. We had to construct it and get it airborne. Person doing that the fastest won. I know a few things about making and flying kites . . . one must hit the air just right before the kite will fly. It’s even harder to fly a kite with strong winds, which will just rip the kite apart. The kite has to be very, very light weight. It needs a tail, and if the tail material is too heavy, it won’t ever become airborne. PLUS . . . kites fly in one direction . . . up, up and away. There is no way they can go horizontally . . . they go UP! Kites can only go 500 ft, again that’s VERTICAL . . . they Do. Not. Can. Not. Fly. Horizontal. So if they’re “going over” into Gaza . . . well, then that’s a crock of shit. Not possible.

  3. Terror kikes? Terror Kites? Terra Kites. I thought a kite was a predatory bird ie: Swallow Tail Kite.
    Didn’t know it had anything to do with Pisrael.
    “You just can’t make this stuff up.”
    Apparently you can.
    Israel has just declared anyone who flies kites to be an antisemitic terrorist!
    If there is anything to learn from Pisrael is that they will attempt anything to gain undue sympathy or a reason to murder Palestinians.

    1. John, Palestines may drop frozen in ice hand grenades “switched on blow” or if there’s no opportunity to find a fridge, – to put it into drinking glass and drop from a kite 🙂

  4. I could understand Israel’s response if, the Palestinians were flying burning Kikes. But kites?

    1. I thought Hitler burned kikes.
      That’s what we were told.
      And we’ve never been lied to and anything the jues tell us is the truth.
      Besides how to you fly a burning kike or is it that you fry a burning kike?

  5. What’s next, terror frisbies, how about terror spinning tops or God save us from terror lawn darts. Seems to be something cooked up by the Onion as comedy. Sadly it is not.

    1. Hey, lawn darts are no longer sold in America, at least I haven’t seen them in stores for a long time now.
      It’s all about drones, man. And once in a while someone flying an R/C plane with turn theirs into a lawn dart.
      I better register my panes with Uncle orro the FAA will send me to a re-education camp.

  6. Good read & yes it’s is beyond dysfunctional & surreal. Appear to be a zionist’s freudian/fraudian) slip. Fixed it – ‘Terrorist Kikes’ would be apropos.

  7. Just when you think israel cannot stoop to an ever lower standard of moral compass, they manage to do even worse. Is there nothing israel will not do to further lower itself into the garbage dump of human morality?
    Americans who defend israel are either ignorant or brainwashed….or both and America itself can make no claim of moral leadership, not when it sells arms to the Saudis or UAE in order for them to commit a genocidal war against the people of Yemen. Not when it has destroyed Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine.
    America and israel along with Britain and France have proven to the world they are a nation without moral conscience or justice.
    This and the brutal genocidal war in Yemen funded with arms from America is proof enough to imprison even the least of those involved.

    1. JohnZ – The USS Liberty attack shows how low they are willing to go with a close Allie. Anyone else is simply a bug for them. Hence expect even worst as being OK in their warped view of this World.

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