New study suggests young people’s IQs are in decline

A new study, conducted by Norwegian scientists, shows that IQ scores of today’s young people are in decline, putting an end to the post-war trend of rising intelligence.

After the Second World War young people’s IQs were steadily rising. It was dubbed the Flynn effect after New Zealand intelligence researcher James Flynn. This phenomenon saw average IQ scores rise about three points per decade.

© Mauricio Lima Scientists discover intelligence linked to 52 ‘smart genes’

But researches from the Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research in Oslo say the Flynn effect is now past its peak. In a paper, published in the PNAS journal, Norwegian scientists Ole Rogeberg and Bernt Bratsberg analyzed the data from standardized IQ tests of about 730,000 men, born between 1962 and 1991, who underwent mandatory IQ tests to join the national service.

The study revealed that the IQ points of those tested peaked among those born in 1975, while people born in 1991 scored five points lower. According to the scientists, this shift could be due to many factors, including the way children are brought up and educated. For example there is less drilling in subjects like mathematics and languages and the total amount of time spent watching television or using technology has increased.

However, Dr Ole Rogeberg emphasized low IQ should not necessarily be interpreted as stupidity, but rather children adapting to the new reality of digital technology, skills that cannot be so easily accessed or evaluated by a standardized IQ test.

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“Intelligence researchers make a distinction between fluid and crystallised intelligence,” he said. “Crystallised intelligence is stuff you have been taught and trained in, and fluid intelligence is your ability to see new patterns and use logic to solve novel problems.”

One thing the study ruled out it is the progressing low IQ scores being linked to genetic mutations or stemming from a demographic shift. Norwegian researchers analyzed entire families and siblings in an attempt to find any common traits of mental decline, but failed to find any.


  1. “Big minds” are still there and have not disappeared from humanity. Though Quantity has taken over Quality making it more difficult to stand out from the crowd and shine when all is flooded with “look at what I have accomplished” nonsense overlapping all that is worthy.

  2. Not All is lost Johnny! Native Americans taught each child to be a “complete” Indian. Evangelical Americans teach Americans and the world how the most unworthy non Jewish human can become a successful henchman profiteering from religious terrorism and superority.

    These days worldly human teach each other to be complete morons while most lack the science of “how to breathe normally without an Iphone”. Dying without a frigginn clue that one ever lived is the new purpose of modern day life.

  3. I apologize in advance for this post.

    Human IQ has been on the decline since the industrial revolution.

    Todays generation are the stupidest people in the history of Mankind. Tomorrows generation will be even dumber.

    Anyone who understands breeding and genetics knows that with the domestication of any creature, they become weak and stupid. The cause is simple.

    The challenges of life that would normally weed out and kill off the weak and stupid no longer exist.

    Instead of having sufficient abilities in ALL areas of survival, with civilization, people can learn one skill, exchange it for money, and avoid learning ANYTHING else by PAYING others to perform the skills they never learned.

    For example, Native Americans taught each child to be a “complete” Indian. They could get separated from the tribe and know how to make a fire, build a small shelter, find food and water, and find their way home. Each Indian was a jack-of-all-trades that could survive in the wilderness on their own. They had advanced problem solving and critical thinking skills at an early age. Today, some people NEVER develop those abilities.

    Try dropping off your 8-year old in the forest today. See what happens.

    • With civilization, we have taken away the various challenges of life, and created an Idiocracy. Even Native Americans have had their genetic integrity weakened by domestication. They are not the same people, just as Europeans are not the same people. They are now docile and domesticated. It happened to Europeans long ago, it is how we wound up with the Jew, enslaved to the money system.

      That’s right, civilization also gave us the Jew. It allows people to skim a living off the honest work of others, by having ONE money gathering trick, and NO other skills at all, to make themselves RICH, without ever breaking a sweat.

      IQs will continue to collectively go down. With 7 billion people on the planet, we have a huge gene pool, but the standouts are fewer and farther between.

      There were MORE geniuses on the Earth when there were 1 billion people, AND the average person was smarter. They had NO choice. The challenges of life DEMANDED it.

      People today can THRIVE in a bubble of ignorance.

    • Where’d they go ??? the big minds since the 19 century to the mids 20 century ?? The Tesla, Marconi, Edison, Niepce, Meucci, Jenner, Trevithick, Fresnel and so many more. Today and in the past decades you can’t see anymore these big mens. Maybe one or two here and there who invent something but not much more.

    • Very good posts here, Andrew. I always enjoy reading your take on issues, and insights into life away from America, too.

      I had high hopes I the mid 90s for this new internet thing.

      Everyone would now have access to all the documents to the Library of Congress, online.

      Children from impoverished areas, as long as they had an internet connection and a screen, would now have access to an Ivy Leauge Educational Curriculum, displayed and outlined for all to use, since it benefits mankind.


      Instead, we got YouTube with porno and crotch kicks…

      [Slaps own forehead with open palm of hand]

      Adrian is right, also. Great observation. Not only have the “Big” minds disappeared, others like Musk have BARELY been able to advance technology forward. They have a HUGE foundation of scientific work and principles HANDED to them COMPLETE, from the Women and Men that came before them.

      Relatively speaking, a man like Copernicus took us from a factor of 1 to a 5 in advancing knowledge.

      A Bill Gates or Elon Musk took us from a 5 to a 5.01. They have added very little, and wouldn’t accomplish ANYTHING without the groundwork laid before them.

      There seems to be a normalization of human abilities, probably due to standardized (LAME and UNinspired) curriculum, but possibly genetic.

    • For example, there have been about a dozen humans over 8 feet tall throughout human history. The tallest recorded was Robert Wadlow, of Alton, IL USA (8’11”) He had Acromegaly, and was still growing when he died at 24 or so…

      I’m assuming he was popular with the ladies. : )

      Today, with 7 billion people on the planet, there are NO 8 footers. Odd.

      Perhaps the cross-border mixing of humans has led to this “average-ization” of the human race…?

      An observation worth keeping an eye on.

  4. Indeed, to my mind IQ test (and there are many kinds of them) and education are different things. I don’t know about IQ tests, but the everage education became lower. As far as my collegues inform me from abroad. During the USSR, we had everything at school balanced. We didn’t have any tests demanding to answer Yes or No. We had to describe everything and prove our opinion. Now in modern Russia we condemn the so-called up-to-date (western)knowledge test system. The quantity of the material raised 10 times much and the pupils have to hire and buy additional knowledge from the commercial teachers. I have to say that our Russian teenagers are still pretty talented and smart, but total dependence on the hi-tech gadgets make them lazy. When i was a Soviet pupil at school, teachers prohibited us to use calculators. We had to calculate everything in mind or at paper, using methods and formulas.

  5. There is plenty of published data linking flouride levels to lower IQ. Cumulative ethylmercury intake also appears to lower it, but this is unpublished. I’ll leave the astute reader to infer the implications.

  6. Necessity is the mother of invention, and we are in a time of superfluous abundance.

    We de-funded the arts at precisely the time we should have been feeding it. Now we have to wait for it to come around again, like a five part harmony that takes decades. Until then,… minutia.

    Also, try finding young folks who know how to run a business. Corporations have replaced the family businesses, and the weekly pay schedule makes for zombies.

  7. Sounds like they are using some type of IQ test that is dependent on education.. And that’s not a real IQ test. I think most people will understand that real IQ has not been rising 3 points per decade. That would mean extremely low IQ levels in people before WW2. Most people will understand that is pure BS.
    Seems hard for some people to distinguish IQ from education…even among so called “scientists”.

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