TCK RADIO: “Why Didn’t Father Malachi Martin Reveal The Real 3rd Secret?

Join me as I discuss what some many traditionalist's are asking these days especially those new to breaking free from the Novus Ordo.


TradCatKnight Radio, “Why Didn’t Father Malachi Martin Reveal The Real 3rd Secret?
Talk given 6-14-18 (Aprx. 30 minutes)

Join me as I discuss what some many traditionalist’s are asking these days especially those new to breaking free from the Novus Ordo.

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  1. God must be camera shy. With millions of cameras rolling now, we have not seen a credible set of young teenage girls with visions and messages for the future since they started rolling. Faced with this glaring obstruction, we will no longer be receiving miracles reported from the church. Thus we will just have to settle with ones from thousands of years ago or before cameras. It’s all a coincidence.
    What we have seen and have always seen, is young girls caught up in emotional states with delusions of grandeur greatly exaggerating their first encounter with spirit due to low education in these matters, and overly excited parents and witnesses who fall for it. This will never change.

    • If I find out you watched this 29 minute video, and haven’t watched Style Wars yet, you are in trouble, Buster…

      …Atomic Wedgie.

      [For our International readers, this is when the attacking party grabs the waistband of the recipient’s underwear, and lifts overhead until the underwear is “wedged” in an uncomfortable place, and the waistband is completely removed.

      Bonus points are given if the underwear comes off in one piece.

      The title of “Grand Master” can be attained if said underwear is also soiled…]

      Cultura Americana.

    • No , I’m just working with evidence. Pretty sure 9 is about right. 10 would be gratuitous. 8 isn’t as careless, and assumptive.
      So, what happened at 9 ? Father beating your mother, or brothers torturing you ? Priest pulled own his pants ? Some catalyzing event that led you to turn to fairy tales as the only safe place. It’s ok to talk about it, your anonymous . the safe place.

    • I like where you’re going with this, Kent.

      Whatever the cause of my enchanting behavior, we can at least AGREE it is due to some catalyzing event at the age of nine, and therefore cannot be helped. Or even criticized. That would be discrimination. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

      This means no more of your heartless bigotry against me, for my excessively handsome writings.

      I’m glad we came to an agreement, that I’M the victim, here…

      The postings can’t be helped, it’s a scientific fact;

      My hands are tied.

    • Fascinations with torture involving underwear and feces, is a red flag. Callous attempts to convert it to humor, along with fixations on my comments, which often contain information regarding ongoing pedophile cases and institutionalized permissiveness of this behavior, certainly indicates the standard stifling of maturity, that accompanies physical or sexual abuse. Whether you are a victim or a perpetrator or both, is a legitimate question at this point. My initial assessment of you as a racist violent psychopath, who uses both insult and overly gratuitous complimenting to annoyingly remain relevant, is unchanged. You should talk to someone about it. I am not a good choice.

    • Wedgies are quite the sore spot for you. I would guess PTSD, but I couldn’t imagine WHY… your “charisma” should make you the Belle of the Ball, wherever you go. Psychopaths have been identified as possessing no sense of humor, btw.

      Fixation on your comments? Your wonderful, wise, and HELPFUL comments…?

      If you are referring to the compliment/criticism dynamics used as gentle persuasion upon your scribblings, I’ll cut the first half out, to decrease volume.

      Look, we know you would like to use this website as your own personal blog to bash organized religion uninterrupted.

      Unrealistic expectations on your part.

      I honestly did not want to point it out, but if someone had some sort of “unpleasant encounter” of the pedo kind…

      …we expect that they would spend an inordinate amount of time FIXATED on the perpetrator, their “kind”, and the horse they rode in on.

      Go after the individuals who wronged you, not one of the groups they belong to. I’ll bet you would get more support that way.

      You’ll find that if you put out nonsense, it boomerangs back to you.

      An intelligent person would have learned that by now. Gaping holes in logic and reason point towards a deeper schism in the mind.

      Or, you’re just an uptight prick. That’s always a possibility, you know…

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