Illegal Immigration supremacism – the new Fake News con


…by Press TV, Tehran

The guilt tripping con is in full bloom on illegal immigration

[ Editor’s Note: This illegal immigration new Fake News con was expected, as the laziness of its proponents has it defaulting to the age old “playing the victim” routine. The claim of victimhood at the hands of the US is nothing more than a slander on the American people.

For all those with analysis part of their brains turned off, when people are arrested for illegal acts and not bailed out, they are separated from their children.

I am not aware of any past group of arrested people posing this “family separation” defense as grounds for why they should not be held. This is solely a creation of illegal immigration supremcacists.

And I do not use the term to be cruel, but because it accurately describes what their attitude is, that they are “above” having US immigration law applied to them. It’s the attitude you would get from Israelis a lot of the time, “Your rules don’t apply to me, because…you know…I’m ____”. Many find this attitude offensive, like me.

But the con actually has layers to it. First is the presentation that these people are impoverished. An intelligence analyst would ask, “Then how were you able to travel from your home country and pay all the bribes and associated smuggling costs in getting to the US border, when really impoverished people could  only dream of doing such a thing?”

It has already been published that the children of those arrested are released to the family members of those who have relatives here, which is most of them.

They are treated just like a US citizen who gets arrested with children. It is not the government separating the children, in is the parent committing the illegal act that is separating themselves.

Illegal immigration detention has gone on for decades before this new con

And yes, they know damn well that the children are going to be picked up by relatives as that is what has been going on for some time, with no media fuss. The kids end up in school quickly, free lunches, and living better than at home.

But they present this as some kind of crime that the US has imposed upon them, a flagrant guilt tripping con, which is long a staple from the liberal quiver of PR warfare, always play the victim even when you are the aggressor.

We will never know how many of these people, these women, have died, been murdered, and what horrors have befallen their children. Anyone making this trip is putting their children at great risk when they could apply for entry at their respective US embassy, with family sponsorship in the US.

Legal immigrants have used this process for decades, but for the immigration supremacists, they say no. Their attitude is, “We reject your rules and prefer to ‘jump the line’ to get ahead of those seeking legal immigration.

And if you don’t allow us we will charge you with cruel treatment, and even worse, child abuse, even when it was we who put our minor children at risk by attempting the dangerous illegal entry.”

This attitude has a strong whiff of illegal immigration supremacism to me, which makes  me…heaven forbid, anti-illegal immigration. And yes, if I wanted to help improve the lives of struggling families and children, I would not have to leave the borders of the US to spend myself into oblivion doing it, or even my own state.

Does that make me a meanie? No, just someone that does not like being conned. I actually get really tired of itJim W. Dean ]

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Illegal immigration supremacism goes mainstream

– First published … June 15, 2018

Thousands of people joined rallies across the United States to protest President Donald Trump’s policy of separating children from their parents who have entered the country illegally at the US-Mexico border.

Rallies and marches took place Thursday in more than a dozen states, including California, Texas, New York and Michigan, to draw attention to what organizers described in a statement as the Trump administration’s “cruel and inhumane treatment of immigrants and asylum seekers.”

About 60 cities and towns across the US were expected to participate, said Anna Tarkov, communications director for Families Belong Together, a group opposed to the family separations.

The group also hosted a virtual event where supporters could sign petitions, get in contact with elected officials and donate to organizations that work to protect children separated from their families.

Several hundred protesters in Los Angeles, California, gathered to voice outrage at what they see as the latest affront to American values by the Trump administration, drawing on an American history of cruelty, from the conquest of the Indians to the slave trade to the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

“Taking kids from their parents is crossing a line,” said Gale Chernich, who joined the protest in Los Angeles, where many of the organizers were immigrants themselves, some of them undocumented.

Dozens of activists also took part in a rally in Rutherford, New Jersey, where the Reverend Ron Verblaauw, pastor of Rutherford Congregational Church, told NBC New York: “Separating children from families is the first sign we are not the land of the free and the home of the brave anymore. We are the scared.”

The National Domestic Workers Alliance, an advocacy group, was one of several dozen organizations co-sponsoring the rallies.

“The outrage and opposition will only keep growing if the administration continues this cruelty of separating families,” Jess Morales Rocketto, political director of the alliance, said in a statement.

It’s the second wave of major protests against family separations across the US. Activists rallied on June 1 and filed a complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, an agency of the Organization of American States, alleging that the US policy violates human rights.

The number of family separations has risen sharply in recent weeks, largely because of new policies by the Trump administration.

Trump has made his hard-line stance on immigration an integral part of his presidency and has promised to build a wall along the US-Mexican border to curb the flow of migrants from Mexico and Central America.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in May a “zero tolerance” policy in which all those apprehended entering the United States illegally would be criminally charged, which generally leads to children being separated from their parents.

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  1. I don’t buy Trump is tough on illegals, not in any real way. The test for Zionist Trump was DACA. He said he would kill it, but when the opportunity to kill the bill presented itself he kicked it to Congress, “so they could get it right”. Bull, these false fixes Chump implements have ONE GOAL, stir up trouble. We all know mass migration is a huge problem, it is the fix that we differ. Trump, instead of offering sound, defensible solutions, he uses these useless bandages that do nothing to end migration, JUST fill the discussion with noise. Trump is a Zionist puppet, and we know the number one weapon the Zionist use against the West and America is mass migration, so there is no way they would allow Trump to stop the flow, just stir the pot, right vs left. The man has no morals, only loyalty to his Zionist Jew paymasters.

    • To put a finer point on the matter: DACA was enacted by Obama by “executive order”, and flew in the face of Constitutional law, basically Congress controls immigration law. But as always, Presidents only follow the law when it gets in the way of what the American people want, but when the Zionist masters desire something, the law means nothing. Enter “anti-immigration” Chump, when it comes to ending illegally enacted DACA, Trump suddenly becomes a Constitutionalist. But when it comes to bombing Syria, something his Zionist masters desire, no such Congressional limitations to his power exist. The Zionists rule Washington and the media, they create narratives that always allow their puppets to serve Zionists interests and NEVER Ameirca’s.

  2. I hope I wasn’t misleading. Ley me be very plain from my experience. Guatemala is very safe for a young couple to travel and vacation in. Delightful in fact, and more free than anything you will get stateside. The people are ancient and wonderful. But a construction company using illegal labor, can make tons of money, and they do. They encourage these guys, and offer to help them bring their families. So, some are the mothers and children following the men. Others are escaping poverty, and the US is not blameless in that either. Just look at the history of United Fruit Company, and military folks know where gum in the rations came from originally.
    For biblical scholars, gum and gold from the same place ? Guatemala. Also land of the 20 days. Currently being seized by evangelicals and Israel. Known to ancient Egypt and India very well.

  3. When I lived in Barbados they had a simple and low cost way of dealing with people working illegally. And officer would show up where you were living, working, or “hanging out”, and tell you they would be back to pick you up at 8 in the morning to take you to the airport to ship you out. You had to buy the ticket or they threw you in their 1600’s are prison with no food or laundry included. Your family had to pay vendors to provide. There was no hiring a lawyer, no appeal to an immigration judge. There was absolutely no public debate on this. You could work in the country if your output was 100% for foreign clients. If you displaced a local worker you were gone, and local competition would report lingering tourists who were working in two seconds.

    • As for complaints on the police, there were few, despite the 95+% confession rate of all those arrested, mostly young punks. It seems a large number of them attempted escape or attacked officers during interrogation and in the ensuing struggle required a trip to the hospital for those arrested. Those attorneys claiming police brutality had their charges routinely denied. The public never complained about this. Repeat offenders were few. This was in a country 94% black, 3% white, and 3% mulatto. Yes, the majority black folks did not recognized mixed race folks as black. There was no controversy about it at all. The white descendants of the Irish slaves were called “redlegs”. They did not like to work, and were unpopular for stealing produce from neighbors to sell on roadside stands. This got so back that people stopped doing back yard gardens unless you had a big black dog on a chain to protect them. Other than that it was an idyllic place to live for a while.

  4. Here in Maryland convicted women with children are frequently given home detention. Most Judges show some descretion when sentencing. Seems like the real issue is that folks just want to ignore immigration law. In fact a lot of law seems to be ignored nowdays. If you don’t like the law then change the law. We have a process for that; just hire a lobbyist and start passing out the cash like everyone else.

  5. The US construction industry and hospitality industry knows very well, how relationships are protected and competition bears out. There is a huge disparity between the skill and attentiveness of many foreign employees juxtaposed with any Americans who may be in the same field. In Guatemala, it is not at all uncommon to see even in lower priced restaurants, or hotels, immaculate upkeep, and even the toilet paper is decoratively folded after each use by watchful attendants. There is an artistic flair to the common mindset, no matter the task. So, I’m just saying, many families coming, have family here, and they know full well, they are not simply encouraged, but very sought after and protected once in employment. If the policy is to discourage this, start with the Hotels, Landscapers and Construction businesses with the DOL.

    • 1 more thing we need to be asking. Since we know Guatemala has been flooded with Evangelicals and a huge percentage of the population converted, and politically the country has become very pro-Israel, and many businesses with that interest want to move there, how much of this, is to retain good labor in Guatemala, for the evangelical money machine wanting to exploit Guatemala ? The tactics and mannerisms I have seen there, by evangelizers, curls my hair,… and this type of subversive herding is right up that alley. So, is there motivation by specific groups to panic when the best workers are recruited by American companies ?
      For puzzle chasers, check the Texas border for the private entrances,..go to x, talk to X, meet us at X. Yes, yes, we promise the papers next time, we need you now. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you.

  6. One aspect of this, is the repeated ‘fleeing gang violence” mantra. My wife and I feel pretty comfortable traveling around Guatemala and many others do also. The system is ” free range uber” meaning, any road anywhere, you just stand there with luggage and all, and you will be picked up by a wide variety of vehicles and taken down the road for a few quetzales, less than a dollar. I did hear of violence between the different large bus owners, but most are independent. Cleanest buses I have seen btw. But the culture is one of anything goes, much more so than we are used to here. Haggling is everywhere and expected, and the only room left at any hotel is the honeymoon suite if you are an American couple. So, if a family shows up at the border, and is asked, are you fleeing violence, the response would be,… yea, sure, of course.

    • The other issue from our end, is (and I speak from direct experience of using a pick ax in the Texas desert alongside illegals) the people of Mexico and Guatemala are excellent employees and certainly contrast next to whiny privileged American youth who do not do physical labor. They are loyal, grateful, polite and fun to be with due to a more familial culture with inter communal respect for each other. A mason crew or roofing crew made up of almost entirely illegal labor is commonly seen building Wal-Marts, Tim Hortons etc… so these guys hiring them to get around union hiring, get a pass, while the families are bearing the frontal attack which is enriching contractors and serving political voting district interests. The Department of Labor, (personal experience here also) is let’s just say “understanding” when it comes to investigations of construction companies.

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