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‘Muslims are the vilest animals’: post shared by Jewish Board of Deputies member sparks probe

… from Russia Today, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: This angry lady needs a personal PR consultant. The last time I looked, no Muslim national military unit has been shooting unarmed Jewish protesters down which is happening in Gaza.

I agree with her stance that she should be free to speak out against creeds with which she disagrees. In the religious area, that is quite common; what people choose is a strong indication that they like the other less.

But God is in the details as they say, and it is how you say it that counts. All groups have extremists and factions that fight for creed dominance over the others. We have a huge worldwide battle going on in the Muslim world between the extremists and the moderates.

And just in case you missed it, the US has been siding with the extremist Wahhabis for a variety of geopolitical and financial reasons. In using the language that Mrs. Pine did above, she went way beyond voicing an opinion about Muslims extremists. She used a broad brush, and her organization has come down on her over that.

That said, the Board of Deputies for British Jews has shown little concern over the Likud Party broad brush of tagging everyone in Gaza as a Hamas terrorists, and hence it is legal to kill anyone there, for “self-defense” reasons of course.

Hypocrisy reigns widely in the Jewish community, as it does in others. But if there is another group that seems more programmed to demonize anyone who disagrees and criticizes them as “haters” and “anti-semites”, it escapes me.

I salute the Board of Deputies for its quick and public stance that Mrs. Pine is speaking only for herself, and not for the Board. I look forward to Gordon and I someday interviewing the Board leadership about inter-faith relations, the past, present and future. That would be quite a show indeed Jim W. Dean ]

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–  First published … June 16, 2017

A member of the Jewish Board of Deputies is to be investigated by the organization for her “Islamophobic and “anti-Arab” views, after sharing tweets that described Muslims as “the vilest of animals” and Arabs as “so evil.”

The Jewish Chronicle (JC) has claimed that it has seen the offending tweets shared by Roslyn Pine, who is deputy for Finchley United Synagogue and who failed to become vice-president of the Board in last month’s elections.

Another retweet reportedly described Arab migrants to Europe as “an invading army,” report the JC.

The Board of Deputies came to prominence after they organized a demonstration in parliament square against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for what they claim was poor management of the anti-Semitism “crisis” in the party.

Marie van der Zyl, the new Board of Deputies president, who took over from arch-Corbyn critic, Jonathan Arkush, has ordered a report on Pine from the internal committee responsible for breaches of its code of conduct.

This will no doubt be welcome news for certain deputies on the Jewish Board, where one has claimed that Pine had not been removed as a deputy because the Board operated “like an old-time synagogue where problems are hidden or brushed under the carpet.” Another deputy has said that she had regularly used “racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic language.”

Pine, who was suspended by Twitter in November 2017, has defended her right to hold “views against Islam,” denying it was Islamophobic to do so, even questioning whether there was such a thing as ‘Islamophobia,’ according to the JC.

Pine insists that: “There is no such word as Islamophobic. ‘Islamophobia’ is trying to shut down criticism of Islam. I detest the creed of Islam and I’m entitled to say it.

“I have an issue with Muslims and Arabs who want to kill us, who want to destroy Israel. And that is an Islamic fundamental if you know anything about what the Koran is.

“I have views that offend people. That is what a free society is. To criticise a religion —including Judaism — I have no problem with that. In a free society you should be able to criticise a body of ideas.”

President, van der Zyl said: “I will not tolerate any anti-Muslim hatred whatsoever. Irrespective of this particular case, I have also asked for a complete list of the sanctions available to us and recommendations for whether these are sufficient.

“I have asked that this be on my desk by no later than the end of next week. As a community that has faced more than our fair share of prejudice, we need to be crystal clear on this and lead the fight to defeat it.”

It’s not the first time Pine has been in trouble with the constitution committee of the Board of Deputies. In May 2016 they found that she had committed numerous breaches of its code of conduct after joking that the Swedish Foreign Minister, Margot Wallström was “too old to be raped” during a meeting of the Board’s international division.

The committee ruled that Pine’s language was “highly offensive and inappropriate.” They advised that she be reported to her constituency and insisted that she apologize to members of the international division.

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  1. And in spite of your assertions that I hate this or that , I would never call you or Johnny or any other religion “the vilest of animals.” That would be stupid. What a horrible thing to say about anybody.

  2. Khalid, the thing you haven’t learned yet, aside from the point that I am indeed an expert on religion, is that if you want to scrutinize the Jews and the Catholics, then it opens a door to scrutinize all the books. In that scrutiny, it all finds a wall called Abraham. The 3 religions agree on his existence but not his origin. I say, he is not a he in all the chapters and it is a Fraud to say the dude was a dude and that dude existed at all.
    It’s stupid. Get over it. You would further your agenda more by collaborating with me than Christians , because they lead you back to Abraham was a Jew. And the son of God was a Jew as well. And Christians that complain about Jews are confused idiots. It’s all made up. A financial decision. Stop promoting it. What a coincidence, there’s a guy called Brahma !!!!

  3. Because we are a secular state that promotes religious freedom. This means, that in spite of the fact we bombed a whole bunch of people that didn’t deserve it, we have to allow speaking freely about religion. This means I get the chance to say, that your prophet is a fraud. They all are, but if I say yours is, it is an opinion and you have to be ok with that. We good ?

  4. Israel of the Old Testament was never a country or land-mass, but rather allegedly a man and his alleged progeny. Nor is the current, alleged “Israel”, Israel of the New Testament.
    David Ben-Gurion and Judaism´s army drove 750,000 Palestineans from the homes, towns and territory in 1947 and 1948, murdering thousands NAZI style. In 1948 the United Nations granted the confiscated Land-Mass to Ben-Gurion and terrorist leaders, known as the “Land Grant of 1948”, named “Israel”, fraudulently. Rabbi of world renown, Henry Siegman clarified the issue via an article in 2014,
    Judaism´s attempt to deny the centuries old country of Palestine isn´t working very well.
    Currently in Germany, elderly grandmother-type (86) Ursula Haverbeck Wetzel was imprisoned for revealing the lies of Judaism´s “Holocaust”. Similarly, May 2011, a Jewish manipulated court in Munich, Germany, fraudulently convicted John Demjanjuk, of Cleveland, Ohio, of crimes against Jews, using testimony of two 90-year-old Jews who had never seen Demjanjuk.

  5. When we get the time Gordon and I want to tie into the “missing DNA”, the missing archaeological evidence that has never been found on the “out of Egypt story”, mention of which has miraculously disappeared because even Jewish researchers have said it just ain’t there. The History Channel and Nova would not touch that story with a ten foot pole.

  6. Independent Israeli geneticist Eran Elhaik, who we have featured here, uses the term semetic in his DNA work, with the framing defined as who was in Palestine during that period. His first report on the Ashkenazi Jews showed that they had no more “semetic” DNA that I do, as they were converted Khazarians. He had no dog in the fight. It was just what the DNA showed. He survived the shit storm thrown at him because he had the science behind him. He is a tenured Phd now. His story and his work was one of the pleasures we have had here at VT, promoting his work and no one from the usual suspects laying a glove on us.

  7. … and when you tell them the thruth, they will do them best till they get your pity and make you cry …then you got THE REAL religious jew “work”

  8. No, the Semite people are a people who spoke a group of Semitic languages.
    Today, there are only three groups of Semites:

    1- All Arabic speaking peoples
    2- All people of Ethiopia
    3- All people of Eritrea

    The Ashkenzi Jews formerly a Yiddish speaking people are of European origin
    and ancestry and they make up 95% of world Jewry.

  9. Religion across the spectrum is experiencing the “looking into the mirror” moment in time. I see it with promotional material on the air waves, purposely injecting the words “fighting hate” throughout holocaust remembrance stories, I see it with Sessions quoting the Bible verse used to justify slavery in regard to the border troubles, and certainly we see it in the Middle East, with the Saudi activities in Yemen. From a wholistic view, I see the people crossing our southern border as largely Indigenous, Yemeni’s and Kurds and Yazidis as Indigenous, and of course the Gaza slaughter, as all bearing a similar tone. You have been occupied, and you must move because we are establishing borders and will direct you to where you must stay and live. This according to the word of God. If you refuse, or resist, we have this book to justify any actions.

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