WikiWars Part Deux

Michael Shrimpton returns to the attack over his false and misleading WIkipedia entry and comments on the US-North Korea summit meeting in Singapore.


It’s high time that I dismantled Wikipedia’s outrageous attack piece on me. A tissue of lies and distortion, it is mostly drafted by a probable operative hiding behind the pseudonym ‘Psychonaut’. Wikipedia’s claim to be dedicated to the truth is a lie. All attempts to correct the entry about me have failed. Wikipedia need a good smack and I am calling on Congress to repeal s.230 of the Communications Decency Act 1996 (47 USC § 230).

Whilst s.230 may have been enacted with good intentions Wikipedia are hiding behind it. They will not reveal Psychonaut’s identity. I am quite sure that Congress did not intend that anonymous intelligence operatives and malicious trolls could misuse the section to libel people.

The heart of the problem of course is that the Reich Propaganda Ministry was not shut down in 1945. It was simply renamed, moved to Dachau and reorganised as the Propaganda Section of the DVD. It continues to wield enormous power, as part of Germany’s war to control Western public opinion. As the German-controlled propaganda campaign over Anthropogenic Global Warming Hypothesis shows there is almost no proposition so stupid that public opinion cannot be manipulated into swallowing it.

I am not saying that Wikipedia is a lie machine. The majority of the entries on Wiki are reliable. The problems come where the DVD or any of its client agencies have an interest. Thus Wikipedia maintains the lie that the Me 262 was the world’s first operational jet fighter, a wholly untrue claim first advanced by the Reich Propaganda Ministry. As the great air historian J W R Taylor OBE FRAES demonstrated in the 1960s the honor of being the world’s operational jet fighter belongs to the Gloster Meteor. (The dates are July 1944 for the Meteor, October for the Me 262, and even then only in a test and development squadron – the 262 did not enter line service until January 1945.)

Gloster Meteor, the world’s first operational jet fighter. This is a later mark, a two-seater night fighter with AI radar.

It ought to be a matter of concern to Congress that discredited Nazi propaganda claims are still being circulated via Wikipedia more than 70 years after Germany’s defeat. There is no effective way of getting the truth into the 262 entry. It is constantly monitored and any attempt to state the true facts will only last a matter of minutes.

Me 262 – the world’s second operational jet fighter and a pig to fly with an engine out.

Mediation will not solve the problem. Wiki’s procedures are skewed in favour of pro-German editors. The reality is that the entry about the Me 262 is under the firm control of the DVD and they will never let the truth be published. It’s too humiliating for Germany and our community partner the Hun does not like to be humiliated. So far as the DVD are concerned Wikipedia is an instrument of German propaganda and must bow to the German will. To date Wikipedia have been content to submit to German domination. They’ll be describing Auschwitz-Birkenau as a holiday camp next!


My date of birth is correct, as is the basic description of me. The part about being “noted for … conspiracy theories and hoaxes” is simply a smear. Such pejorative language should have no place in an online encyclopedia. It is illustrative of the lack of balance in the entry as a whole.

I do intelligence analysis. I don’t do conspiracy theories, indeed I debunk several in my book Spyhunter. The term ‘conspiracy theorist’ is a term of abuse, originally invented by the CIA to discredit critics of the Warren Commission’s dishonest narrative of the Kennedy Assassination.

The bit about me being a “self-styled” intelligence specialist is another smear. It is clearly meant to imply that I have been inventing claims about myself. In fact I am published in the field, have been consulted by intelligence agencies the world over, have addressed major intelligence conferences and taught the subject at Masters degree level on Pentagon-accredited courses.

As Editor-in-Chief Gordon Duff has been kind enough to observe on these pages I have standing in the Intelligence Community. There is no way that Wiki editors would permit that comment to appear on Wikipedia however. The last thing Wiki want is positive comments about me appearing in their attack piece.

I cannot complain about the reference to my conviction in 2014 for a bomb hoax. It’s a matter of record. However ‘Psychonaut’ was astute to remove any reference to my application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission between 2015 and 2018, when that application was live. There is no way Wiki would balance the reference to the conviction with the fact that I still contest it and am challenging it in proceedings before the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal.

If Wiki permitted the truth to appear of course, readers might ask on what grounds the conviction was being challenged. Again, since those grounds are overwhelming any reference to them would undermine the attack piece.

Professional Career

It’s only a small point, but a judge does not “practice” law. He or she administers the law. Even this small inaccuracy cannot be corrected however. Put shortly, Wikipedia do not care about whether their entry about me is accurate or not. The purpose of the entry is to smear me and damage my reputation. The morally bankrupt people in control of the entry are not concerned about accuracy.

If you doubt me try and edit the entry yourself. You’ll soon find yourself blocked by the trolls.

The rights to make Rolls-Royce automobiles were acquired by BMW AG, not Volkswagen. They bought the factory and the right to make Bentleys. These facts have been in the public domain for 20 years – not long enough, obviously, for Wikipedia to get it right.

A balanced entry would refer to the fact that the British Customer Buy-Out bid is generally credited with saving the historic factory in Crewe. It also pioneered the concept of a Customer Buy-Out, later used to rescue Aston Martin Lagonda. A ‘wiki’ with concern for the truth might also refer my side of the story, as given in Spyhunter, in particular the reference to the Volkswagen Audi Group’s offshore financial dealings in connection with their bid. However, that would have been too much for Wikipedia, which maintains the lie that only onshore financial transactions matter.

Generally speaking Wikipedia’s entries on economic subjects are junk. They carefully conceal any reference to offshore High Yield Trading Programs, let alone to claims of German involvement in triggering the 2008 crash. Economics students relying on Wikipedia are doomed to live in ignorance. They may as well read the Financial Times or a Marvel comic.

The brief reference to the Metric Martyrs case is patronising and misleads by omission, no doubt deliberately. No attempt is made to set out my arguments, let alone the precedents I cited. The implied repeal argument was in fact amply supported by authority. The decision to give precedence to EU law over British law has been widely criticised, was a major contributing factor to Brexit and is seen by many as political.

The comments on the Chen case are actually quite fair, although all attempts to correct the basic factual error (it was actually my second reference to the European Court of Justice) have failed. The Bar Standards Board did not in fact suspend me following my indecent images conviction in 2014. I was not suspended until the bomb hoax conviction and won an appeal against interim suspension on the images matter in January 2015.

Again, Wikipedia are simply unwilling to report the truth. My win in January 2015 was hardly a big win, but it was a win nonetheless. I don’t think anything would persuade ‘Psychonaut’ to refer to it, such is his or her apparent animus towards me, possibly because of the damage I have done over the years to the DVD and GO2. Who knows, perhaps ‘Psychonaut’ was being paid off with children to abuse – I have helped close down three pedophile rings and European pedophiles have every reason to be bitter towards me.

Political Career

Bill Rammell is a Remoaner and has been a bitter political enemy of mine for nearly 40 years. At one point we were standing against each other for the presidency of the Cardiff Union. He is hardly an objective source.

The claim that I defected in turn from the Tories to the Social Democrats, Labour and the Socialist Workers Party in a matter of months is not only gibberish it is obvious, indeed almost hysterical, gibberish with respect to those propagating this myth. Why would Labour, let alone the Trotskyist SWP, let into membership someone who had been a Tory only a few months previously?

It’s true that I joined the Labour Party in 1981 and contested the 1987 General Election and 1989 European Parliament election for them. I did not join the Tory Party however until 1997, when I defected, largely over the issue of Europe. My views on the EEC and the EU have been consistent – when Labour were Eurosceptic I was Labour and when the Tories turned against the EU after the Maastricht Treaty I joined them. I was briefly a Tory student activist in 1978 but I did not join the party. The idea that I joined the SWP is just silly. You would have to be a deluded crackpot to believe that nonsense, no offense intended to anyone who actually believes it (I don’t think, BTW, that that number includes Bill Rammell!).

Uxbridge By-Election 1997. My defection helped the Tory candidate, pictured here.

The idea that I never mentioned Europe in 1997 is simply wrong. This part of the entry is largely sourced from New Labour sources, including my enemy Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair’s chief spin doctor.

It’s been some years since I was a member of Aylesbury Conservative Association, indeed the Aylesbury Tory MP, David Lidington, turned against me in 2012 and supported the malicious bomb hoax allegation. The Aylesbury Tory agent gave evidence against me in the bomb hoax trial, giving a with respect distorted account of a number of voicemails. The voicemails were wiped before the police were told about them, possibly with a view to perverting the course of justice, although I express no concluded view.

Again it’s not a major factual error but the entry is at least five years out of date, even though it’s been edited a number of times in recent years. At least they manage to get the bit about the Bruges Group right.

I’ll demolish the rest of Wiki’s attack piece next week.

The Singapore Summit

The left are nothing if not intellectually dishonest. They pressed for talks and they got them. What are they whining on about? When did they discover that Kim Jong-Un is a brutal dictator? What did they think he was? A democratically elected leader, like Presidents Trump or Putin?

Of course the talks partly legitimised Kim. That was always going to happen. The only alternative was not to talk.

The optics were good, the mood music soothing and the sight of the two leaders, one a nasty dictator with a weird hairdo, no offense intended, and the other the leader of the free world, getting along like old friends was extraordinary. President Trump has great charisma and there’s no doubt he has helped to calm tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

How much progress was actually made towards denuclearisation of North Korea is debatable. The communique was vague and left Kim plenty of wriggle-room. Realistically I don’t see how President Trump could have achieved much more than he did however.

The big problems are China and Germany. The President is rightly smacking the Chinese about on trade. He will know that Kim would have made more concessions without Peking behind him. The boys in Peking will have noted the timing.

Nobody’s serious about tackling Germany at the moment. We are still living the lie in the West that German intelligence was shut down in 1945. Until we face up to the facts we are not going to be able to make much progress. World leaders are still willing to throw away roughly a million lives a year in unnecessary wars and violence and millions more in avoidable poverty. Germany has them in their thrall, like Chamberlain and Daladier in 1938.

Hopefully that will change. Getting rid of Theresa May would be a start, no offense intended.

This Week’s Movie Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story

(2018, dir. Ron Howard)

It’s a bit difficult for me to go to the movies to be enlightened. It happens occasionally, but very there are very few movies made these days which actually enlighten people. Hollywood’s politics are junk and movie-makers are almost as desperately ignorant as politicians and journalists. They simply don’t know how the world works.

I mainly go to the movies to be entertained. An IQ assessed as being in the mid-180s doesn’t stop me having fun. (Being a modest sort of chap, my own estimates of my IQ were some way below my real level, BTW.)

One of the few advantages of having a high IQ is that you don’t suffer from feelings of intellectual inferiority or feel the need to be sniffy about movies which are aimed at the mass market. Solo is superbly made. I don’t just mean well made, I mean superbly made. The special effects are simply stunning.

The train scene is brilliant. The cast, led by Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo, led by Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo, does well. Woody Harrelson is excellent as the piratical Tobias Beckett and Donald Glover does a good Lando Calrissian. Linda Hunt does an excellent voiceover of the evil, treacherous Lady Proxima, who I assume was modeled on Theresa May, no offense intended.

The plot engages you and has a number of twists and turns. It also locks in nicely to the Star Wars story. You know that you are watching an episode of a great story, one of the greatest ever told.

Human beings have loved stories since the dawn of time. There are throwbacks to earlier generations of story-tellers, from Treasure Island to the Wild West. The Star Wars series is about great story-telling.

I can understand the appeal of Star Wars. You won’t find me buying a poster or a Star Wars toy, except as a gift, but I get it. I enjoyed the movie: it’s great fun and well worth watching. The Good Guys win and you feel better about the world when you leave the theater.

The Good Guys don’t always win in real life, sadly. Little girls get murdered and millions die needlessly. We Good Guys still have the best movies however.

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