Trump Feeding “Tear Away” Immigrant Kids to America’s “Elite Pedophiles”


There are two primary ratlines for stolen kids, one in Europe, one in America. Here it runs from New York, to Washington, to Florida, three areas where law enforcement and the courts are owned. DC courts were stacked by the neocons under Bush43 after the Franklin pedophile scandals threatened to bring down a presidency.

Florida is totally owned, courts, local police departments, sheriffs elections, along with totally corrupt Tallahassee. New York is the same, with payoff cash running the ratline from drug ridden Montreal, down through Albany to the Kosher Nostra dens of the Trump/Kushner empire.

The “elites,” as they love calling themselves, who own the Federal Reserve, run Washington and London, who start our wars, loot our economy, run our media, control our lives, live on a diet of ritual sexual abuse, sex hormones and amphetamines.

Their diet of stolen children come from families destroyed by narcotics or targeted by fake courts and fake police. Kids seized by “family services” are picked through and fed into the rape and murder mill of the real “Pizzagate,” built around those who own the GOP.

Adding to this is the beauty pageant circuit and the fake “modeling” business where our current first lady comes from, picking through the beauties of Central and Eastern Europe whose governments are entirely compromised, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine (now), Croatia and Slovakia. They are planning to add Montenegro and Serbia to the list.

The European end runs kids from Africa and the Middle East, up through Spain or Albania, ratlining them to Belgium, where they are sent to Germany and Britain and later simply disposed of.

In America, it began with “boy’s homes” and detention centers. It began with teenage boys but, as it moved on, it became smaller and smaller children.

For Washington, it has always been pre-teen girls until the Reagan era when the “gay mafia” of the neocon’s took over. This is when Trump and Epstein came into power as “suppliers to America’s leadership.”

Kids that hit the US border, and this is Trump’s doing 100%, are picked through like meat, the “prime kids” are sent off to pedophile rings run by Trump cronies, to be passed around Pentagon brass, Tea Party get togethers and among the GOP faithful. They are stored at elite hunting “camps” and “religious retreats” owned by billionaires and big corporate donors. We aren’t making this up, it isn’t fake news and it was originally “busted” as the Franklin Scandal.

Always blame the Democrats, this is typical of Trump’s propaganda “fake everything” machine

It is now supposedly the “Law of the Land” according to Trump. He made that part up. This is the why of Pizzagate and the “Lock her Up!” chants and those involved in this disinformation campaign were covering up more than Trump’s obscene “foundation” or the murder of 12 year old Mary Doe or the rape of little Jane Doe.

This is why Epstein flew so many on his plane, to “soften” the numbers, to “hide in a crowd” when it came out that he and Donnie were running a blackmail ring for the Kosher Nostra. Those free rides on the Lolita Express for some may have been innocent but accepting this “gift” gave Epstein and Trump all they needed.

Imagine the worst thing Bill Clinton is accused of is riding on a plane with Epstein and Trump?

When it comes to “fake everything,” the “Stone and Bannon Express” deserves credit, and with the help of the mob, Israeli intelligence and a dozen rogue billionaire satanists backing them, took over the US and are using its treasury as a personal piggybank and its military as paid thugs.

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Gangs tied to ICE are now officially empowered to simply “disappear” children who come to the American border, no matter the circumstances, with or without parents. This simply isn’t legal. The constitution is very specific about this, due process and constitutional rights apply to all, citizens and non-citizens alike.

According to congress, last year 1475 went officially “missing” while thousands of others were never logged in at all. These were, using Trump’s own language, “Sportin’ kids,” those deemed “doable” by the elites that get a special kick from humiliating and destroying a small human body. In the middle of it are the leaders of Christian evangelical groups across America, TV preachers mixing it up with oil execs, newspaper owners, Harvard law professors and “Stink Tank thugs” of DC’s “lie for pay” propaganda ministry.

From the Washintgon Post, May 29, 2018:

Press TV: US President Donald Trump has falsely defended his administration’s policy of separating undocumented families at the US-Mexico border by blaming Democratic Party lawmakers in Congress.

“I hate the children being taken away. The Democrats have to change their law. That’s their law,” Trump said Friday while speaking to a group of reporters outside the White House.

However, no law US mandates separating children from their parents who illegally enter the country. Reporters repeatedly noted to Trump that his statement about the policy was untrue.

“[Attorney General Jeff Sessions is] following laws, very simply, that were given to us and forced upon us by the Democrats,” Trump said.

“But there’s no law that says families have to be separated at the border,” a reporter responded.

“The Democrats gave us the laws. I want the laws to be beautiful,” Trump repeated.

Nearly 2,000 immigrant children were separated from parents over a period of about six weeks in April and May, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

The number is a dramatic uptick from the nearly 1,800 family separations from October 2016 through February 2018.

Currently, there are over 10,000 children being detained in the United States.

The Trump administration’s current policy of separating families was announced April 6 and went into effect in May. Previously, people who entered the country illegally and had no criminal record were detained or referred for deportation, and mothers and children usually remained together.

Democrats have condemned the new process, calling it inhumane and cruel. “This is not a zero-tolerance policy — this is a zero-humanity policy,” said Senator Jeff Merkley, who recently visited detention centers in Texas to see where immigrant children were being held.

A US border patrol official told Reuters children are sometimes separated from the adults they are traveling with if officials suspect the relationship is fraudulent.

Once children are separated, they are treated as unaccompanied minors under the care of the Department of Health and Human Services, which houses them in government facilities, puts them in temporary foster care, or releases them to adult sponsors in the United States.

The moves by the government to separate families have been widely decried by the United Nations, medical professionals and a wide swath of US religious leaders.




  1. One of the best books about the Vietnam War was by Colonel (and unofficial General) Jon Vann, called “A Brught Shining Lie”. I also read a book called Phallos (sp?) long time ago about inititating boys with buggery. Then again that Southern Belle Kay Griggs, wife of Col.Geo.Griggs, did a four hour interview about her husband and the male culture of certain elements of the US military, possibly revolving around Columbia University and definitely involving Israelis and Satanic Death Squads in their Wet Work. My father told me that hundreds of US servicemen were sent home from New Caledonia during WW2 because they put a movie camera in a huge marquis where the incidents had been taking place. So it goes.

  2. So , today. Indefinite detention of anyone means ,..,. not good. Children much less so. So, any power of any human controlled area that keeps and holds children for indefinite periods needs MAJOR oversight.
    How much can I get for an attractive 12 year old girl on the open market ? How much for a 10 year old Boy delivered ? And who are the buyers ? Have you noticed how much the Catholics are coming forward ? Even Dolan serving up one of his own with the single accusation out of DC ? One accusation , in Catholic priesthood is like Al Capone getting busted for a taillight , gimme a break. The ones who come to the rescue need to be observed. This is America, and if we forget the Catholic residential schools that separated children from parents for months on end, then we lose sight of what to watch for. Mormons and all Christians too.

    • Trump is paying folks one at a time, and if you keep track, it just might be the Catholics turn. Hey, can anyone find me a Catholic college selling law degrees that favors the ACLU over the Federalist society ?
      Oh , and the Dolan move works so well for Francis, kindof, to put a powerful foot forward in the MSM, and look like he is stomping out tolerance for pedos in the Church. It is a facade. Measure it with the other cases being examined if you can find them on the internet. Just so you know, hundreds of priests in a dozen cities and parishes being quietly escorted to retirement, with hundreds and hundreds of victims in their wake, with Bishops and Cardinals providing cover as we speak. And they are not from 30 years ago. What a crock.

  3. A guy making his living on the streets of NYC can sleep a solid ten, have a 2 hour breakfast, a one hour lunch, and quit at 2:30 if people like you are still around. Sometimes folks like you are called sleepers. Easy marks.
    Guaranteed never find the queen. 99% wouldn’t know the truth if it hit em between the eyes.
    Comin in by the dozens.
    Trumps marks have always been girls, the dumber and cuter the better. Sometimes boys too.
    Here you are, proud of your being an easy mark. wtf. Trump sleeps more than any president ever has, cuz guys like you make it easy. Just sayin.

  4. I believe this story, except for the part “imagine all bill clinton is guilty of is flying on the plane’ get real. he is a guilty as the rest. I used to read you stuff cover to cover, until the election when you defended hilary. I believe you are told to defend clintons, who are as guilty as the rest..

    • If nothing else, Bill Clinton is guilty of being part of the 9/11 cover-up, with his false public outrage against those telling the truth.

      “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius” – maybe time to apply this to all DC “insiders” who are not leakers/whistleblowers, at least to the point of presuming them guilty of being collaborators with the criminal elite until they prove their innocence?

  5. Right story but wrong target. This is not a Trump phenomenon – separating kids from parental control, and custody has been going on for decade after decade under many guises. Think orphan schools, fostering, trafficking, even planned parenthood…. and the suffering can be anything from abuse and sex trafficking to organ harvesting and child sacrifice, even cannibalism. The succession of Trump scandals is just the MSM and elites way of diverting attention from the takedown that is happening… Nexivm, 2,300 pedo bust last week, and the succession of suicides of billionaires and people associated with satanism (Bourdain the most recent). It is happening in real time now, the plug in the swamp has been pulled and the critters are circling slowly in the spiral of the whirlpool to hell

  6. A few years back 10,000 immigrant children went missing in EU. A year later another article came out – found? – Nope – still missing. I see now why, all the new church’s being built in Russia – it’s like they know the west has been Satanized. Holy wars maybe aren’t just about BS – afterall. Spacibo VT

  7. I thought I read somewhere that an excavation team unearthed numerous child skeletons under Ben Franklins home in PA.(Why is he the only president on a FRN?) I think allot of the countries founders were of a certain ilk. And who set up the layout of DC? Wasn’t it all related to psycho Babylonian bullshit? The simplicity of “seeing things in plain sight” is becoming easier every day. Great article G

  8. This is true, for all those who think it’s made up . . . it is not.
    I had two childhood friends lost to abuse. One was Maureen, who was molested by an Israhelli couple who moved into our neighborhood and hired her as their babysitter. I mentioned Maureen in previous comments and won’t repeat her tragic life story. Maureen and I were in kindergarten together, and were best friends for a decade. They she slipped into darkness . . . When Sade came out with the song “Maureen” it was a tribute I couldn’t have asked for more:

    The other friend was Chickie, who came from Las Vegas. She told me some weird story about being with people that her father introduced her to, and being around a pool, and being supplied liquor. Her mother moved Chickie from Vegas, to my neighborhood in North Hollywood to get her away from her father. They were a very Italian family and I suspect it was the very aging Rat Pack that passed around my friend, Chickie. We were in middle school, so I reckon we were 13 or 14. She told me stuff that didn’t make sense. . . at that time. Now it does. I did a search of Chickie a couple years back . . . apparently she committed suicide.

    • So YES . . . child abuse does happen. And YES it is ritualistic in nature, and when they came out with “Stranger Danger” this was a distraction. Abuse is 100% from within, with parents closing a blind eye . . . OR . . . knowing it, but in denial . . . OR . . . so dumb they don’t GET IT!

      I suspect there are many coyote smugglers that are the ambulance chasers 2.0 . . . beating the bushes, chumming the waters . . . talking to impoverished families to get them to cross the border illegally. These people are just too stupid to know that what they are being fed is a CON!

      “Yeah, take the children. . .” says the coyote smuggler . . . who will never been seen again. Nor will the children, if they’re marketable.

      My friend Maureen was pimped out by an Israhelli couple who manipulated her — probably used her for smut photos, the Internet was around then.
      My friend Chickie was pimped out by her own Italian father to men in Vegas.

    • There needs to be a huge PSA campaign in South America which tells people not to believe the hype — the grass ain’t greener on the other side. Stay home! Be content with your life. Don’t be conned. The snake oil salesmen are liars. The coyote smugglers are not doing ANYTHING for anyone’s benefit but their own. The RISKS are high . . . don’t be fooled!
      Someone needs to do a 21st Century version of “Hansel und Gretel” — because mean Witches that want to cook you aren’t fairy tales. Be smart children. Be smart parents. Kick that witch into her own oven.

  9. It is even much worse than what is being read here.

    According to research there are 25 million practicing satanists in the US — Sessions is no doubt one of them — disguising his true intentions behind Bible speak.

    The satanists are at the root of all the corrupt evil groups that include Zionist Jews and “‘Gentiles.”

    In some of their rituals babies are skinned alive.

    Humanity is now an unlimited resource and free for all for their diabolically evil and debauched ways / system.

    The question now remains, who or what will stop them?

    Gordon, you hit the nail right on there in your article as my own intuition was telling me. I will also forward you the detailed information received on the prevalence of Satanism in America.

    Please write on it—it is unacceptable what they are doing to the children here and abroad–let alone all the adults.

    They’ve also said they’ve got a guillotine ready for the rest of us. The author recommends Americans to NEVER GIVE UP THEIR FIREARMS–under any circumstances now that we know..

    Interested to hear your solution to this diabolical scourge that has befallen our nation and world.

    • mind You when Islamophobia hit the USA the ” Church of Satan ” made big donations to the Damaged Islamic Mosques to pay for their Repairs…………… In the USA the ” Church of Satan ” is an established and a well Supported group ….. Satanists in the USA are comfortable and Thriving …….

    • That would be one out of 13 Americans practicing satanism, since there is no way, that is happening, a definition of satanist would be required. But , most pedophile rings involve white christian republicans,.
      In a normal population of a town of 2 or 3000 people, one or two active pedophiles is expected
      But if we go by your numbers, then every family, with 13 members has at least one practicing satanist..
      I don’t shink sho. Now, for me, a Capitalist dogma, mixed with torture and death and cannabalism qualifies as satanist, and that is Catholicism and all of it’s protestant branches. Many more than 25 million, but certainly not all pedophiles. Pedo’s seek trust of adults, first and foremost.

  10. the biggest sign of Pedophilia in the USA is the Formation of ” Boy’s Town ” where the Orphans are raised in accordance to the stated needs of the State but NOT in accordance to the Child’s natural needs ……. it’s the ” Boy’s Town ” that Produces Homosexual Warriors for America’s Wars out of Unfortunate Orphans …… Shut down ALL ” Boy’s Town ” s and save Children from inherent Evil of the Jews ……

  11. Sandusky and Penn State, followed other revelations about Judges being paid for, sending underage boys and girls to lengthy stays in Pennsylvania child prisons, where guys like Sandusky , and other funding “charities”, could then, ‘help them” by taking them for weekend outings and parading them around at ‘charity’ fundraisers
    Clergy was involved also. West Texas and the border is a hunting ground for the most coveted prize. Children that can be taken, and not missed. This has been going on for a long time. Women can be found in the rivers or ditches, and nobody knows if they had children or not. The National Guard should be deployed to west Texas. But not for the immigrants. Well funded companies taking these children need oversight. It is a feeding ground. Just another reason Jade Helm freaked out Texans.

  12. Nothing surprises me anymore. Nothing.
    America’s downfall is nearly complete. Its government now so corrupted that allows elite pedo gangs to rape and torture children for their own twisted and sick pleasures.
    Anyone who continues to vote is only aiding and abetting this.
    Jethro Sessions can only be described as an ignorant, red necked, bible thumping, back woods moron. I would however, say there are probably a great many who live in backwoods areas with more common sense and decency than Sessions.
    So when will Mueller begin the prosecutions of these people?

    • Well it appears that children cannot be accounted for and that is unacceptable. There is a chain of custody to be examined. We need to take a real hard look at whomever blocks or stonewalls this investigation. A real hard look.

    • You see Mr. Haller, I was right. Do you remember your comment about my post with regard to this issue? Well, I do. Shame on you.

    • You were casting a pretty wide net. Each child needs to be followed up on, on their own merit. Your previous posts contained wild accusations defended by Ad. Hominum attacks. Not exactly well received if I recall. After all, for the childrens sake, a well thoughtout investigation is needed. Federalist Judges be damned.

    • You seem like a nice enough person with good intentions so I will explain myself further. When you make blanket statements accusing peoples of child trafficing and organ theft with no specific evidence you cast doubt and create plausible deniability for the perpetrators. Think about how much information is available to the editors of VT that they have to sit on, waiting for comformation so that they can publish. The pedophiles thrive on doubt and disbelief. How many parishioners were fooled by pedophile priests; how many voters are fooled by pedophile politicians. That is why I personally feel that you have to deal with facts and not create a cloud of uncertainty. I thought your previous posts, although well meant, were vague and slanderous. Especially giving ammunition to a group more than capable of defending heinous acts committed by insane criminals.

    • This is America . . .
      It’s been going on for a long time, with little glimpses of it here and there. “Stranger Danger” was THE MOST ridiculous PSA campaign EVAH. “Strangers” very rarely commit crimes against children. Abuse is 95% done by a family member, close friend, teacher/principal/coach, Sandusky’s of the world, neighbor, clergy — Ask the Rev. Jesse Jackson. His mother was 15 when she gave birth to him. The 31 year old married neighbor was his dad. Happy Fathers Day!!

    • I’ve grown to think that the Family is the singular most important thing in fighting the Deepstate. Destruction of the Family is the Deepstates biggest weapon in enslaving the world. Not all men are perverted pedophiles. Those that are should be removed from society. Ms. B, I’ve always kind of downplayed the Hallmark holidays, except of course Mothers Day, (which if you ignore it, causes loved ones to became upset, so why not be a good son). I am having a happy fathers day. Thank you.
      I have noticed in your comments that you frequently champion those unable to defend themselves as well as attack the insane criminals that think they can act with impunity. I find that very admirable. Have a beautiful day.

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