Mothers Against Mothers Who Join Mothers Against Anything

Child Whoring by Moms with Hacked Minds – Inserting Mental Illness Codes.


“We are tired of being told that the solution to gun violence is more guns. We are tired of massacres like Orlando and Sandy Hook. And we are tired of tweets and prayers that do nothing to stop the bloodshed. Today, we are here to continue the movement that began on the House floor last week. We are sitting in to demand action. It is time for a vote to keep guns away from dangerous terror suspects, a vote to require background checks on all gun sales, a vote to stop gun trafficking, a vote to lift the ban on gun violence research, a vote on common sense. It’s time for gun violence to end.” – Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney

By Stephanie Sledge for Veterans Today

The most dangerous growing organization in America right now is Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. It is an organization designed to collect broken mothers into accepting the deception and lies of recent alleged school shootings and no-common sense gun-control, while assimilating their children into an appointed “victim” classification that requires the fear of weapons. The organization is clearly pushing Communism and sends a message to other recruit(able) mothers that the government needs total control over our weapons in the name of public safety – for the children of course. The organization uses the children, while promoting the disarmament of the nation, while collecting young children into a dangerous unstable mind-set, which promotes hate, fear, and lawlessness to the American way of living.

Glamor Girls who child whore:

This organization has over 80,000 members and 80 Chapters all over America. There are also many other similar disarming organizations that lure Americans using “victims” as a way to make money, spread more disinformation, while assimilating into a particular class of mental illness which accepts, promotes, and expedites the loss of America’s Constitution & Bill of Rights. ALL IN THE NAME OF SAFETY.

In this continued massive psychological operation to disarm Americans, the word “safety” has been chosen as a target to “erase” the mind of the natural definition of “self-protection” under the Second Amendment to inserting a new definition of ‘safety’ which the mind replaces self-protection to government approved and authorized protection. A way to rewrite the Second Amendment with ease and comfort.

It is Communism’s secret back door into disarming a heavily armed nation. Continuations of this psychological mind-hacking “experiment” using school shootings and other false-flags as a way to convoke more growth for communist security, expose the children to mental abuse, and collect the mothers and fathers into settling for a disarmed nation as America’s new and acceptable future.

Mothers that join groups that HATE the American way of living and use the children to promote government having control over who can own a weapon are true examples of conditioned programming at work. It is an operation which easily controls the masses of people who are unable to think about the effects of the operation at hand. Just ask around and you will discover most mothers are for disarming the nation if they think the children will be safe.

This particular organization has its own deep ties into the recent school shootings. Just put a sad story (real or a faked false-flag) and watch these mind-hacked mothers go running to the nearest “victim” organization embedded in their communities. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is just that type of slimy and deceptive organization using the children to enslave the nation – most without even knowing they are participating in such lawlessness and immoral agenda. It’s not for the Children, it’s for the slimes who want to murder all of America while continuing to endorse a bigger police-state and medical establishment, which gives power and rise to mental-illness/gun-control agenda. Total control over American’s thoughts and actions. Eventually, seeing the First Amendment slip away into America’s past as well.

Dumbed-down mothers that are teaching and supporting their children to promote living in a communist society (which is destroying America) need to be condemned and confronted for their help in the ruination of this country. Their support in destroying what America’s Forefathers fought and died for in the name of real safety and security.

Real, strong-hearted American loving women and mothers need to stand up against those wanting to turn every child into a victim and do what they can to promote more government rules, regulations, codes, and laws, while trampling over American’s Constitution & Bill of Rights.

Mothers who turn their children into victims and who have been collected into these groups come from most likely liberal families and promote the public schools in efforts to support disarming the Nation while also helping criminalizing the right to freedom of speech.  These mothers want the nation to mourn the loss of everything which involves a ‘child’s’ death including various organizations such as Mother’s Against Anything. Just fill in the blank, Mother’s against ____________, and suddenly, a new victim’s organization is created and more mothers flock to cry they are victims for more government control and legislation – which is terrorism in disguise.

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Do you see or hear of any organizations which are promoting the truth that There is No Such Thing as a Gun Free Zone and the hundreds of people being murdered in cities like “Chicago” where they banned all weapons? Where are the mothers for telling the truth? An armed society is a polite society. Right now, the Parkland students kicked off the “Road to Change” tour in Chicago. Gabrielle Giffords is voicing her ignorance by preaching, “Vote, vote, vote, let the youth lead,” then exploits the number of gun deaths in Chicago when Chicago has been disarmed and no guns are allowed. This is proof right here disarming a city only makes crime and terrorism worse. Chicago used to be one of the loveliest cities to visit.

Zionist Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and the gun-hating gang are constantly antagonizing and mentally abusing Americans with their radical leftist agenda. These women are examples of broken collected women. Women that think they are doing good for the children but are actually child whoring the nation’s youth while disregarding the future of their own families and the future of our Great Republic.

Child Whoring political figureheads like Hillary Clinton and Gabrielle Giffords are in the forefront collecting these vulnerable, liberal, and broken women. Just recently, former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over gun-control and politics. Diane Feinstein, another Zionist anti-American mentally ill political figure, can’t wait to slither her way into a disarmed nation as she preaches the same slew of nonsense over and over again. Collecting those mothers who are brainwashed and programmed to regurgitate the “for our children” nonsense.

“Today, all across New York, all across the country, Americans are sitting in and standing up because we are tired of watching as each day 89 people die from gun violence,” said Congresswoman Maloney.‎ “We are tired of being told that the solution to gun violence is more guns. We are tired of massacres like Orlando and Sandy Hook. And we are tired of tweets and prayers that do nothing to stop the bloodshed. Today, we are here to continue the movement that began on the House floor last week. We are sitting in to demand action. It is time for a vote to keep guns away from dangerous terror suspects, a vote to require background checks on all gun sales, a vote to stop gun trafficking, a vote to lift the ban on gun violence research, a vote on common sense. It’s time for gun violence to end.”

“Just one week after the historic sit-in on the House floor, today leaders in Congress will hold yet another historic event to urge our elected officials in the U.S. House of Representatives to hold a vote on bipartisan legislation that protects the rights of law-abiding Americans, keeps guns out of the wrong hands, and saves lives,” said former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Co-Founder of the gun violence prevention organization Americans for Responsible Solutions. “I want to thank Congresswoman Maloney for helping lead the fight against our nation’s gun violence crisis. Speaking is difficult for me. But I haven’t been silenced. And neither should the American people. Their Representatives must vote to make our communities safer.” 

Gabrielle Giffords, another dual-Israeli citizen, wants to tell Americans how we are supposed to live our lives by pretending to be a second amendment lover but yet shows up in every false-flag since 2011 to push more gun-control which includes eliminating all semi-automatic weapons and accessories. Leaving only Americans with the basic single shot weapon (that’s if you pass all the mental health tests) to even own a weapon. Not to mention all the legislation these slithering snakes have in hiding including mandatory gun insurance and other lawless ransom demands. Meanwhile, as these dual-citizen child whoring women are pushing the Communist take-over of Americans, they have a dual status which will help them escape back to their Israeli Borg Hive, as America prepares its genocide.

These Jewish based organizations are constructed and designed to destroy the American family and the American way of living…

Jack Mullen does a stupendous job explaining how these Moms are controlled through “Hacked Minds Mobilized to Disarm Americans.

To facilitate this Zionist Organization’s goals (call it ‘EveryTown’), sub groups are organized using psychological operations tailored to the targeted minds. Tactics used to collect actors-members involve emotion and thought misdirection, the careful use of weaponized memes, targeting vulnerable and weak minds. One such group is  “Moms Demand Action,” an organization funded by Bloomberg via “EveryTown.” Note: Bloomberg alone has spent dozens of millions in the past decade to destabilize America and change the American form of government including taking down the Constitution. Spending which includes funding of political left candidates and more recently millions spent by on behalf of “EveryTown”.

“Working with vulnerable minds and highly advanced (cost, no object) weaponized mind propaganda which packages generalized deception; this organization animates foot soldiers that carry out the plans and operations of the primary subversive political group.”

Between Michael Bloomberg, Gabrielle Giffords, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Maloney, and several other anti-American dangerous Communist promoting political and business oriented figureheads, disarming the nation has been a strategically, well thought-out criminal and lawless plan – against We the People of the United States of America. Please do not claim when it all comes crumbling down that you were not warned. Ignorance is not an excuse…

Here are some more examples of Despicable Women who are Child Whoring and Disarming the Nation. They call themselves Glamorous, but they are really Child exploiting, anti-American Hollywood brainwashed individuals who do not deserve to be called Women. It is time real WOMEN in this country stand up to the Barbie doll, hacked-minded lawless anti-American, victim promoting, child whoring glamor girls who promote the ruination of America.

Moms Demand Action Nonsense:



Glamor Girls who Child Whore




  1. Hey look – a photo of Malala – isn’t that the girl that stood up and took a hit from the Taliban for sticking up for kids? How come we don’t hear her champion for those kids in Syria, Yemen and other places –in the MSM ? Maybe because the Brits put her into one of their Universities. The US/UK have mastered the art of using people – for their own goals. Moms too !

  2. The thing that is not being talked about is the line being crossed, when safety for the children, meets school shootings and gun rights. If we keep the gun laws as they are, and the schools continue being shot up, then folks are going to scream for fences and guards. That’s a dilemma because it pushes compulsory education mandated by government into a “detention of our children mandated by government”. So, sometimes we have bad choices. If I see a country that calls itself free, but children are detained by government mandate for the majority of the year, under guard and fence, without the ability to come and go freely, then we have crossed a line, where bailing someone out of prison, becomes a very similar process to taking your child out of class in the middle of the day. So, keep in mind, that fencing off schools is not an option. Maybe folks should consider, we have a violent culture, and we can do better. Unfettered access to our children when not in our care is non-negotiable.

  3. Champagne cork injuries and deaths are pretty high on stats. Spikes at new years. Where’s the war on champagne corks? /s

  4. So when an armed government agent(cop) shoots a child carrying a plastic gun, that was justified?
    Just how many Americans murdered by these out of control goon thugs with badges were in the process of committing a crime?
    “I feared for my life” is always the lame assed excuse given by steroid laden trigger happy cops with twitching trigger fingers.
    So for the hundreds of innocent people, men, women and children needlessly murdered by drugged out cops, either on steroids or the drug of power, they were all justified?

  5. It’s good to keep the right to bear arms. It’s bad to give those arms to idiots with poor control of emotions.
    It is absolutely ridiculous to think a handful of rifles or shotguns are a legitimate check or balance to keep a people safe from a government with rockets helicopters and drones.
    This is where I like to say, If they wanted you dead, you have plenty of examples to prove to yourselves, it would have happened by now. It’s stupid. It’s like believing in malevolent proctologists from another galaxy, that are holding off their experiments for right now, because you have a 38.
    Can we do better ? Or is this the best we can do ? If you say the latter, I call bullshit.

    • Even if all out civil war were to be waging hardcore tomorrow, there are plenty of folks, I would not hand a gun to. This is the way it has always been, even when it was bow and arrow.

    • Another silly post by a keyboard jockey. With an ignorant driven hate for Ibrahamic religion.
      Let us see what happens when people hand in their guns. Bolshevick Russia, Germany and Somalia. Oh yes Somalia and I was living their at the time. When the Russian backed coup killed the Democratically elected president, the first think the Revolutionary council did was to care deeply about the safety of the people. The only gun killing the country had in 8 years was the killing of the victim of the coup.
      So to insure the safety of the people from gun violence, they imposed a deadline for turning in all guns. The very next thing they did was to kill all the clergy, the moral base of a peaceful society. Those clergy were tribal elders who amongst themselves resolved conflicts between tribes without setting a foot in court.
      So they took the guns away, killed religion and imposed horrendous taxes that stifled any enterprise.
      Here you go Odell you something you had no clue about.
      As far as a police state with gunships and tanks, look carefully and for Pete’s sake read about Afghanistan and that was an occupation.
      America is too vast and too well armed (30% of gun owners will never hand their guns in, FBI secret report) that can be 50 million people.

    • David Odell… your are ignorant of the stats and facts, as usual, so here are the stats. As we gun owners say: load your brain before you shoot your post.
      It is true that the US has the highest gun ownership per capita, 90 guns per 100 residents. However, this does not complete the picture. Let us look at the leading number one nation in number of murders per capita (MPC). If you guessed Murika, you are wrong. It is gun controlled Honduras with a MPC of 90/100k. The US came in not in the top ten, not even the top 100, it is the 111th out of 218 nations With a MPC of 4.5/100k. However, that is a skewed number when you think of Detroit with a MPC of 56/100k, New Orleans 54/100k; then St Louis, New York and Baltimore all around 35/100k; and Chicago 18.5/100k. Every one of these high rates of MPC are in gun controlled areas. Is the opposite true? yes. Plano, Texas, the gun nut capitol of the world, with a few guns in every house, it has a murder rate of 0.4 /100K. If the US had a MPC rate like Plano, we would be the 216th nation out of 218. Maybe these mothers can keep their kids from playing violent video games, watch violent Follywood movies, do what they can with their kids before blaming everything for badly raised kids except themselves.

      PS. I answered your silly and ignorant post about Islam and usury in the article “Exclusive: Khazarian Mafia has Gone Mad, …”
      Read and learn, ignorance is darkness.

    • You guys have adopted the Jewish argument you speak against constantly. If I point out ridiculous claims and atrocities of religion, I must be a hater. because only hate could be the reason for calling out liars.
      Myopia. It is the fuel for the broken record. I am a gun owner btw. I have a concealed carry in NY,,.. the thing that gets me is you guys come up with all kinds of stats, but what would you rather do ? Erect razor wire fences and post guards around our schools, or maybe, keep guns away from maniacs ? Gee, that’s a tough one.

    • So you’re saying a ‘real woman’ is one that thinks it’s a good idea for her children to be brought up in a society overrun with guns and gun-toting morons? There’s a reason why the US has by far the highest rate of gun violence in the world and why over 15,000 people were killed by gunshots in 2017 alone and it’s all the guns in circulation. Anyone and everyone can easily get hold of one and I know I wouldn’t want my children growing up surrounded by guns in a violent society where there is a constant worry they may get shot, even in their schools.

    • The US population is @327,000,000
      15,000 is 0.0045871559633027525%

      You know who gets made dead more than that? More people are killed each day by medical errors, and yet, I don’t see anyone get all up in arms about that.

      Huh, wonder why?

      Oh, right medical cable is very strong. Doctors are gods . . . blah, blah, blah.

      1,000 Patients per day die from PREVENTABLE medical errors . . . that’s at least 365,000 PER YEAR — a little more than Ian’s “15,000 people were killed by gunshots in 2017 alone . . . ” comment. While true dat . . . 1,000 Patients PER DAY isn’t even a bleep on anyone’s radar. Because there is NO AGENDA for that type of death.

      Statistically, it’s still rather low with the total population being what it is. 0.11162079510703363% of the population die per year from preventable medical errors.

      I’d tell these Moms to stop promoting FEAR, and learn how to enjoy life. Stop working on the crusade to keep your child “safe” . . . . . . . . Statistically . . . they are!

    • P.S, U.S. Traffic accident deaths contribute to 40,200+ deaths per year.
      Mainly from under-21 drinking and driving, texting with the majority dying from excessive speed, not wearing seat belts, driving too fast and too close in bad weather.

      I think they need to ban cars AND keep them out of our schools!

    • Ian, we know that some of these school shootings are faked. Some are not. That we do not know what really happened as the news in America is tightly controlled. It is also known that the kids who are involved in these shootings have been on a steady diet of antidepressants and for teens this is a dangerous mix.
      What we do know is this: There is a group of people who want Americans disarmed and they will do anything and everything to achieve that goal. When that happens, America will become a dictatorship, whether communist or fascist, it won’t matter. Liberty will die and so will many Americans.
      The Second Amendment was created for guarding against tyranny and restoring liberty . That’s why we own guns. Because sooner or later it will come to that.
      It is sad that so many innocent die by guns, yet so many more die from auto accidents, even more from prescription drugs and misdiagnosis. How many people do doctors kill every year?
      Last year, 50,000 Americans died from opioids.
      More than 800 died from being shot by cops.

    • I don’t agree at all, America will never be a civilised nation while it clings onto gun ownership so tightly. No other advanced, rich nation in the world has anything like as many guns, in fact, the US has over 25x as many guns per citizen as any other nation. That is just pure insanity, guns do nothing at all to keep you free, the notion you would become a dictatorship without them is laughable. All the arguments pro-gunners come up with are pretty laughable too, all this bunk about cars and drugs also killing people, that is in no way, shape or form, a valid argument for having all those guns. On average, nearly 1,300 children are killed in the US every year by guns, another 6,000 or so are wounded and need hospitalisation; no other civilised nation on Earth would accept this kind of slaughter, only Americans because they have been utterly brainwashed by Hollywood and all those John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies into thinking gun are cool, guns make you free, real men carry and use guns, etc etc. It’s all bullshit and the rest of the world thinks Americans are incredibly dumb for continuing to think having a heavily armed populace is a good idea. There is no wild frontier anymore, no marauding ‘Injuns’ to circle the wagons and fight off, the Royal Navy isn’t going to land redcoats and burn Washington, so you’re just living in fantasyland, clinging onto your guns like a baby and it’s pacifier. If the federal government decided to remove your freedoms, then all the guns wouldn’t make a shit of difference, not in today’s world where a drone can stick a smart bomb up your arse without you ever knowing you had been targeted.

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