Erik Prince faces Prison in Mueller Probe (ABC News video/suppressed)

Blackwater "founder" may be accused of setting up entire election operation...for Russia or some other country???


The ABC News story above has been put on the Google/Fakebook “kill” list and removed from YouTube including ABC’s own website.

The operation VT alleges went on, one Mueller is, we believe, investigating, is that behind the Russia story is a bigger story – one of neocon insiders carefully cultivating Russians through meetings and making big promises.

As Russia responded, the real Kosher Nostra move against the election, mirroring the fix from 2000, went into operation with massive resources at precinct level across the US using Federalist Society thugs, law firms, detective agencies and Israel’s army of hasbara controlled through AIPAC, the ADL and other organized crime groups.

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  1. Mr. Odell,

    Very excellent observation’s on how the system really works however, as I am old and retired and at times good folk rise up within the system and do what’s right no mater the cost as the oath of service is a serious matter we’ll just call me a dumb ass for belief in such things.

    Remember Tip O Neil and his motto of all politics is local?

    The war has indeed come home as I plan on a big fight whilst I can put my boots on!


  2. He’s a paycheck potential. I would say loyalty influence is minimal, backlash influence for speaking out is much higher. Kinda like a ice cream sandwich with lima beans and hot sauce in the middle. Pretty decent at first but then , ew, wtf. oh. whoa. mmmm, should I tell the next guy,… um, nnn, nah. And the guy who sold it to you is looking at you with a look that says, don’t you say nuthin. Some guys only know that life, and others are down with the dominionism. not exactly protestors of anything.whatever feeds em keeps em. It’s an easy profile to stock with.

  3. The same guy that was FBI director during the 911 cover up now seems to be fighting the good fight???

  4. Mr. Odell,

    My sympathies for your dear family as they have been victimized by this cult as that blogger Anna Banana has courage and more courage than our dear Federal law enforcement as she shames them for their inaction and failure to uphold their oaths!

    She is one of my favorite bloggers and I refer to her efforts as our little war against Amway and the best parts are when an “Ambot” comments with “Amspeak” and then the real ridicule commences with her biting wit and sarcasm as it’s both sad yet instructive to see how brainwashed these “Ambots” really are and sad to say most Americans are “Ambots” now!


    • “Ambot” as a term is interchangeable with “Evangelibot” or “Foxbot” as they studied how to brainwash Amway salespeople and saw how wildly successful the endeavor was and simply applied the principles to the evangelical church and saw how great that worked and then on to talk radio and then to the ultimate form of the Art the grand dad of em all Fox News!

      Now they moved to the ‘net with targeted messages via social media and AI censored content as I tip my hat to them!


    • And the fruition of the dots,… Amway, Russia, West Bank settlements funding, blackwater , Trump ,…Federalist society silence being mostly Catholic but ok with dominionist policy as that keeps the doctrine of discovery afloat,. current wars ,opium , tax free everything, SCOTUS, and DOMINIONISM
      In that light 9/11 was an acceptable sacrifice for the greater good, Armegeddon.
      It is wacko capitalism mixed with false history, and wacko dystopian government. Welcome to today.
      Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are made to work together to rewrite history and control humanity.
      They are working together even on this site. They find common enemy in historical truth. None of it is their book. Stay tuned.

  5. Mr. Odell,

    This link is for giggles only as our dear justice department is afraid of Amway yet this dear blogger has been waging her personal war against them for years as she has courage as Amway has an Army of lawyers to come after bloggers who do not toe the line!

    Ridicule and Sarcasm and a few “F” bomb’s sent to what she refers to Amway sales people as “Ambots” !

    You will of course find her amusing as did I!


    • A bunch of my family joined that cult and got soaked. It is a toxic mixture of Dominionist aggression, chemical pollution, cult-like gatherings promoting loyalty and false hope, and it led to this,.. we see now the dots connecting…We can mark it down as another confirmation of a conspiracy theory which actually turned out to be worse than suspected. !!! These guys are global dominionists working subversively in several countries,.. and Russia is their new base. And how much Amway Devos money has been non-taxable as it is laundered through religion ? The case for taxing religious money of all types is a slam dunk no brainer.

  6. “Federalist Society members have generally chosen not to criticize President Donald Trump; Politico described the Federalist Society membership as “elite, conservative lawyers who have generally chosen to give Trump a pass on his breaches of long-cherished legal norms and traditions in exchange for the gift of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch”.
    “Federalist Society executive vice president Leonard Leo said “What President Trump has done with judicial selection and appointments is probably at the very center of his legacy, and may well be his greatest accomplishments thus far.” And watching the confirmation hearings for some of these judicial selections, is like a bad episode of the gong show, where every contestant is worse then the previous. Yet they win !!!!!

  7. Undoubtedly accurate, though shallow, coverage. Nader, a known pedophile is not behind bars because of what he knows and, is willing to tell. It’seems a sordid world they live in. Just the way they like it.

  8. Mr. Duff,

    So, when will the US Gov shut down the money spiget which is that god awful Amway corporation?

    As that abomination has scammed millions out of their money and now we see what that money is used for as can one say traitor and domestic enemy?


    • published 2009 – “Some have called it a pyramid scheme, a pioneer of multilevel marketing, a cult. Over the years, its founders became a major funding source of the conservative movement. Now, after nearly a decade of concentrating on its overseas operations—including Russia, China, and India—which have become the backbone of its bottom line, Amway (now operating as Amway Global) is spending millions of dollars on television commercials, and on print ads in newspapers, magazines, and online, laying the groundwork for a return to the Motherland.” “” In April 2005, Rolling Stone reported that Amway CEO and co-founder Richard DeVos was connected with the dominionist political movement in the United States, and that DeVos had given more than $5 million to the late D. James Kennedy’s Coral Ridge Ministries.”

    • “Masquerading as a Christian-oriented family enterprise, Amway leaders have made billions by selling a phony version of the American Dream, while bilking thousands of ordinary American dreamers out of their hard-earned life savings. The wealth of the founders has supported the nearly 30+ year conservative makeover of American society through millions of dollars in donations to the creation and development of right-wing institutions and causes.”
      A very clear case, of a con game funded and supported by religion to subvert our government with Dominionist Policy as it’s guiding force. And people call me a hater for speaking out about these things.

    • Johnny , Like Steve Robertson says, the Santa Claus moment is the moment you understand something you think is true, is not. There was no Jesus, No Abraham, No Noah, No Moses. The people who want guidance are looking for the meaning of things. What does it mean. Religion, killed the guys who know and burned most of the writings, and the ones that are left are subverted and made into false historical documents. I work with Christians and Jews and Muslims all the time. I tell them all the same thing, depending on their ability. If I tell you the blunt truth, I know you won’t do stupid stuff. And to be presumptuous about accomplishment is your own projection. Maybe I’m just a guy who has something to say, and am not married to the outcome. The religion is the subversion. It is False. That does not mean God does not exist. Grow up a little. The priests I have talked to agree with me. They just keep doing what they do.

    • Here’s a truth bomb for Khalid and Johnny, if you guys seek spiritual connection and education, then visit a black neighborhood and go listen to the blues. That will teach you more than a stupid church and marching around acting pious. Amway is a direct product of christianity and capitalism. So is Trump, and so are the wars in the world. Show me the real christians . That’s not asking so much.

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