The Passing of a Warmonger and Ethnic Cleanser

What was driving Krauthammer’s political ideology is 1) ancestor worship, 2) Zionism, and finally the Talmud, which essentially provides the diabolical foundation of the Khazarian Mafia, a cult system which continues to drag much of the world to submission through covert operations.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Charles Krauthammer, one of the warmongers at the Washington Post, has passed away. He was sixty-eight. CNN called him a “legendary conservative intellectual.” But what was this man known for? Intellectual pursuit? Of course not. Keep in mind that any intellectual pursuit cannot exist without the moral law.

Krauthammer declared back in 2004:

We will support democracy everywhere, but we will commit blood and treasure only in places where there is a strategic necessity—meaning, places central to the larger war against the existential enemy, the enemy that poses a global mortal threat to freedom.”

What Krauthammer failed to tell his audience here was that he was not advocating a kind of democracy based on the moral law and political order. He was essentially articulating the Talmudic ideology, which basically says that Jews like Krauthammer are special and that other people are, in the words of the late Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, “donkeys.” Krauthammer testified:

“I grew up in a Modern Orthodox home. I went to Jewish day school right through high school, so half of my day was spent speaking Hebrew from age six to 16. I studied thousands of hours of Talmud.

“My father thought I didn’t get enough Talmud at school, so I took the extra Talmud class at school and he had a rabbi come to the house three nights a week.”

At McGill University, Krauthammer was introduced to the writings of Maimonides through Rabbi David Hartman. Krauthammer again confessed:

“That had a big influence on me in the sense that I was going away from my Jewish upbringing, thinking of it as narrow and parochial, and when I was introduced to Maimonides, it was just sort of at the highest level of world philosophy, Aristotelian philosophy applied to Judaism.”[1]

There is more to Krauthammer than meets the eye and ear: “I once described to a friend my Jewishness—I said, I’m a Jewish Shinto. I believe in ancestor worship. That’s the heart of my Judaism.”[2] When he was asked, “What about your connections to Israel?,” Krauthammer did not hesitate to say:

“As you see in my writing, it’s very strong. That would be a third example of my connection to Jewish history. I’ve always been a Zionist, and I believe with utter conviction in the justice of the cause, which makes my writing about it clear and direct. [Defending Zionism] is pretty much out of fashion these days. But to me it’s extremely important, in and of itself as a just cause and also in the context of America and how it looks at itself as, among other things, a champion for freedom around the world.”[3]

There you have it. What was driving Krauthammer’s political ideology is 1) ancestor worship, 2) Zionism, and finally the Talmud, which essentially provides the diabolical foundation of the Khazarian Mafia, a cult system which continues to drag much of the world to submission through covert operations.

If Krauthammer was a “legendary intellectual,” then the so-called “conservative” party is in a sorry state of affair.

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  1. I like Michael Hoffman’s definition of Talmudic Judaism: “the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit.” If you have ever look into what’s actually in the Talmud, you would know exactly why these people are insane.

  2. The basis of Zionism, and the continued protection it receives from non-Jews is alleged historical context of the Old Testament and the following support of that notion in the New Testament with the heritage of the only son of God himself born from a Virgin, was a Hebrew. A Jewish Man. Thus, all christians are 90 % into the Zionist agenda. It’s their book. There simply couldn’t be a better support system for Zionism than Christianity. In fact, it is the only one. If you are an American Christian, your belief by definition supports the claim. If this is not the claim, then when will the Old Testament be cut from the book ? If you say the son of God is a Jew, and I say bullshit, who supports Zionism more ? I do not even agree Genesis is a Hebrew book. Nor Numbers or Exodus for that matter. These are Catholic deals with Judaism. Quite transparent.

  3. Toby: Spot on! I was particularly impressed on the first video by Steve Pieczenik which is very apt to today and the Iran situation which Israel is manipulating in the only way it knows how – menace aforethought:


    I attempt to premise answers to the best of my knowledge on a given subject. Where I know nothing, I do some research and then if confident in my sources make a stab at a response. Occasionally I lose it and fire off a response from sheer impulse and aggravation. As regards the demise of Krauthammer of whom I knew little apart from him being a regular on TV spouting his views. He comes under the umbrella of the dire sect – the Synagogue of Satan whose latest creed of the latest two millenia is more screed than ‘credo’ – The Talmud. It is printed in two versions – one for the Goyim all sane and full of rabbinic ‘takes’ on Scripture. However, version 2 contains a warlock’s brew of anti-Goyim rantings that reach dveikus with Satan right into the pits of the ninth circle of Hell. (Where, it just so happens according to the Talmud Jesus of the Christians lies boiling, damned for all eternity in a pot of excrement.) If there is a law for anti-semitism well I can only say the Talmud should have these ‘Carnival Barkers’ rounded up for their day in court. What I say is not anti-Jewish or anti-Israel but the TRUTH that should be shouted from the rooftops. I am not saying either that the Talmud should be burned, but logic dictates it needs a serious edit. The Talmud actually has its Satanic Verses needs to be exposed again and again for what it is and what it is, is evil – THE EVIL OF THE WORLD.

  5. I would suggest that the term/description “Palestinian Jew[s] be used in place of “Israel” until the Palestinians are treated fairly and equitably.
    The Jews are occupying Palestine as a result of terrorism and ethnic cleansing. why cater to their demands /wishes…

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