Devastating: Blackwater, Convicted Pedophiles, Colluded on Trump’s Rigged Election

Criminal insanity in it's purest form...the truth behind the infamous Trump Tower meeting


The Intercept lays it all out.  See how the Deep State’s boy, Trump, overthrew the US.

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  1. Short term memory loss, much?
    Check out minute marker 0:32 “Saudi Arabia has been a very great friend . . . ”
    YIKES! With “very great friends” like them . . . who needs enemies?!? Seriously
    Wasn’t it SAUDI ARABIA nationals who “flew” the planes into the WTC and murdered civilians?
    Since when did we kiss and make up?
    Since when did The House of Sand and Fraud pay for the DEATHS/MURDERS of the civilians who showed up to work on 9/11?
    And isn’t Saudi the nation that is Wahhabi . . . all the things that right-wing pundits love to toss out about “Muslim” nations, and how they hate Arabs because OUR courts will all turn into Wahhabi Sharia law?
    The irony: ONLY the House of Sand and Fraud has Wahhabi Sharia . . . they just label all Islamic nations with that brush stroke, and IDIOTS on both sides of the zion trough lap it up
    OMIGOSH — This nation is very sick: suffering with short term memory loss secondary to Stockholm Syndrome.
    Talk about moving the line in the sand goal posts! WOW.
    So all the Humpty Trumpty voters . . . you picked him, and his sock puppet masters THANK YOU!

    • Oh . . . and COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.
      I call it the Wife Beater Syndrome. The U.S. of A. refuses to accept that we are being bitch slapped — going on 100 years now. Our involvement in WWI and WWII . . .
      “OH, but I love him . . .” the idiot woman says, walking around with 2 black eyes, a busted lip, hairline fractures, a broken wrist, bruised ribs . . . not believing that she is a victim of abuse.
      Until one day . . . the light bulb comes on, in what little sanity she has left, and she realizes her husband has been kicking her ass,taking her money, keeping her living in FEAR, ANXIETY . . . afraid of her own shadow (government).
      She swears to GOD . . . next time that SOB lifts his hand against me, it will be the LAST THING HE EVER DOES!
      And true to form, he raises his hand . . . and that old cast iron frying pan knocks him upside the head.
      And no one blames her.
      He had it coming!

  2. Scahill does good work here, but it is impossible for me to not add Britain to that list. Their efforts to demonize Russia, implicate them, before the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke. They are in a Gordian knot with Israel.
    Brizraels dependence on foreign wealth and American muscle far far exceeds our real needs for foreign resources. They have to keep us by their side, or the house of cards falls. We must be careful with our empathy, that it does not blind us to long standing “issues” that perhaps our nursing is only exacerbating. It won’t heal if you keep picking at it..

  3. An excellent report from Scahill.
    Too bad nothing will be done. America is lost.
    tRump was the final nail in America’s coffin.
    The paid media whores and presstitutes would never dare report anything such as this. They know who signs their paychecks.

  4. I thought you said Jeremy Schiller was a disinformation agent??? Kenyan and British subject Soetoro overthrew the USA much more blatantly. Go back to your mansions, you sellout.

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